Title Fast Facts for Writing the DNP Project
Subtitle Effective Structure, Content, and Presentation
Author Thomas Christenbery
ISBN 9780826152022
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Publishing year 2021
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Write an exceptional, impactful DNP project paper!

This mentor-in-a-book will help nursing students develop a high-quality, well-organized DNP project paper by using the time-tested, proven IMRaD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion) format—the gold standard for scientific writing in health care. Far beyond the simple outlines and rubrics usually offered to DNP students, this book provides guidance on how to write a DNP Project that presents scholarly work in an effective way.

Written in concise “Fast Facts” format characterized by bulleted information and short paragraphs, this book delivers clear, step-by-step guidance to create each section of the DNP paper. To provide a consistent example of a well-crafted paper, this guide follows a specific clinical topic throughout to clearly demonstrate the paper’s development. It also discusses the foundational knowledge needed prior to writing the paper and presents a step-by-step guide for aligning EBP and QI projects to each IMRaD component.

This guide offers key insights into what faculty will expect for each content section and presents talking points for student/faculty discussions. Literature appraisal tables and synthesis tables are presented in the literature review section along with detailed rationale for optimal use.

Key Features:

  • Serves as the only DNP resource to embrace the time-tested IMRaD model
  • Describes the necessary components of DNP Project presentation, including dissemination
  • Delivers clear, step-by-step guidance to complete the DNP Project
  • Book chapters progress through the development of a DNP paper
  • Provides faculty tips so instructors can help students produce quality scholarly work




Chapter 1. Quality and Impact of a DNP Project Paper

Chapter 2. Structuring a DNP Project Paper

Chapter 3. IMRaD: Introduction Content Areas for a DNP Project Paper

Chapter 4. IMRaD: Methods Content Areas for a DNP Project Paper

Chapter 5. IMRaD: Results Content for a DNP Project Paper

Chapter 6. IMRaD: Discussion Content for a DNP Project Paper

Chapter 7. Completing the DNP Project Paper


Target Audience:

The book is for students of doctor of nursing practice (DNP).


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