Title Viva Map Practice- Geography & History 7
Subtitle Revised Edition with Updated Maps
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About the book


Viva Map Practice is a series of map practice books designed and developed according to the latest CBSE guidelines. The books supplement the main coursebooks and aim to reinforce the geographical and historical concepts of the students. The series caters to the needs of the students with plenty of map-based exercises, map-making skills, practice tasks, diagrams and illustrations. In addition, the books contain information on major aspects covered in Geography and History taught at the school level. These books will do more than just supplement the main textbooks. They will also develop in students the ability to analyze, compare and contrast, which are integral to the study of Geography and History. In the series, all the facts are actually and accurately presented as per the sources and all the location specific facts have been incorporated on the basis of common coordinate system. The series aims to fulfil the needs of both teachers and students.


Key features of the series

  • The books are neatly divided into two key segments of Geography and History.
  • Each book contains broad, relevant and thoroughly informative content.
  • The map tasks are spread over two sections, with the first section containing useful information regarding the theme of the map, diagram or illustration.
  • The other section has complete maps, diagrams or illustrations on which the exercise is based.
  • Each given map is properly scaled, authenticated and approved by the Survey of India.
  • Additional information based on the theme is given in a boxed feature titled LEARN MORE.
  • Tables containing additional, interesting and useful information relating to some topics are given at the end of each book. 

Including the revised and updated maps of India as per the latest changes in the country’s internal boundaries following the enforcement of ‘The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019’ and ‘The Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu (Merger of Union Territories) Act, 2019.



Our Environment • Interior of Earth • Rock  Cycle • Volcanoes • Earthquakes • Major Landforms-1 • Major Landforms-2 • The World—The Ring of Fire • The World—Distribution of Volcanoes • The World—Seismic (Earthquake) Belts • India—Seismic Zones (Earthquake Prone Areas) • The Atmosphere • Pressure Belts •  The World —Planetary Winds (Permanent Winds) • Types of Rainfall • Local Winds: Land and Sea Breezes • The World—Major Seas, Lakes and Rivers • The World—Ocean Currents • The World— Natural Vegetation • The World— Major Rail Routes • Russia — The Trans-Siberian Railway • The World — Sea Routes (Waterways) • The World — Major Air Routes • Tropical Region: The Amazon Basin in South America • The Praries: Temperate Grasslands of North America • The Velds: Temperate Grasslands of South Africa • Subtropical Region—The Ganga-Brahmaputra Basin • Hot Desert —The Sahara in Africa • Cold Desert—Ladakh in lndia



Major Kingdoms-l (7th- 12th Centuries) • Major Kingdoms-ll (7th-12th Centuries) • Mahmud of Ghazni • Empire of Muhammad Ghori (AD 1175-1206) • Delhi Sultanate: Slave Dynasty • Delhi Sultanate: Khalji Dynasty • Alauddln Khalji’s Campaign Into South lndia • Delhi Sultanate: Muhammad bin Tughlaq • Delhi Sultanate: Lodi Empire (AD 1451 -1 526) • Late 14th and Early 16th Centuries • Mughal Empire under Babur and Humayun • Empire of Sher Shah • Mughal Empire under Akbar • Mughal Empire under Aurangzeb (AD 1658-1707) • Centres of Trade and Crafts • Location of MajorTribal Communities • The Bhakti Saints and their Regions • British Territories in the Mid 18th Century • Formation of States in the 18th Centuries • Expand your Learning Horizon

Target Audience:

Students of CBSE class 7.


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