Title General Knowledge in a Nutshell
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Publishing year 2020
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About the book


  • A concise book of General Knowledge for all readers
  • Based on the latest NCERT pattern
  • A basic guide to the vast discipline of General Knowledge
  • Designed and developed to meet the requirements of all career aspirants
  • Containing a range of useful information on the various disciplines that General Knowledge comprises
  • A separate section on “Indian Art and Culture” covering different aspects of India’s rich creative legacy and multiple cultural streams along with contemporary art forms and trends in practice
  • A comprehensive section on “Current Affairs” divided into relevant segments highlighting important events that have happened recently
  • Handy for the aspirants in self-appraisal at different stages of their preparation
  • Completely based on authentic, reliable and updated sources of information
  • Compilation of properly selected, collated and verified facts and data 
  • Developed in a lucid style employing a thoroughly intelligible language and easy approach
  • Adds-on in the form of boxed features to lend variety and depth to the content


Chapter 1. History of India • ANCIENT PERIOD • The Stone Age • Indus Valley Civilisation • Vedic Period • The Age of Mahajanapadas • New Religions and Ideas • The Mauryas: India’s First Empire Builders • Successors of the Mauryas • Southern Kingdoms: The Sangam Age • Kingdoms of Foreign Origin • The Imperial Guptas and Other Major Kingdoms • New Kingdoms After the Guptas • MEDIEVAL PERIOD • Regional Powers in Early Medieval India • The Delhi Sultanate • Regional Kingdoms • Mughal Empire • Medieval Architecture • Popular Religious Movements • Regional Cultures • Later Mughals and New Political Entities • MODERN PERIOD • English East India Company (EEIC): Early Years • Administrative Set Up • Rural Life and Revenue Administration • Peasant and Tribal Revolts • Crafts and Industries in Colonial Period • The Revolt of 1857 Education and Reform • Pioneers of Social Reform and Change • Transport Communication and Growth • Arts and Architecture in British India • Independence Movement • India After Independence

Chapter 2. World History • Ancient World (From Antiquity to 500 CE) • Middle Ages • Modern World • What Does ‘Modernity’ Signify? • Russian Revolution of 1917

Chapter 3. Geography of India • India: Shape and Extent • India: Borders • Physical Features of India • Rivers of India • Climate of India • Natural Vegetation • Soils of India • Agriculture in India • Water Resources and Multipurpose River Valley Projects • Mineral Resources • Industries • Transport • Tribes

Chapter 4. World Geography. • The Universe • The Solar System • The Earth • Lithosphere • Hydrosphere • Atmosphere • Continents • Economic Geography • Miscellaneous

Chapter 5. Indian Constitution and Polity • Indian Constitution • Organs of Government • President of India • Vice Presidents of India • Prime Minister of India • Indian Parliament • Judiciary in India • State Governments: Structure, Roles and Responsibilities • Local Government • Election Commission of India • Political Parties in India

Chapter 6. Indian Economy Basics • Historical Background • Economy and Planning after Independence • Indian Economy and Reforms • Indian Economy: Key Sectors and Measurement • Demography and Human Resource • National Income • Poverty in India • Food Security • Employment • Tools of Development • Rural Development • Money and Banking • Government Budget

Chapter 7. Computer and Information Technology • Background • Computer Basics • Information Technology (IT)

Chapter 8. General Science • Physics • Chemistry • Biology

Chapter 9. Environment and Ecology • Ecology and Environment • Ecology • Environment • Types of Environment • Factors Responsible for Changing Human-Nature Relationships • Natural and Physical Component

Chapter 10. Sports and Games • Major Sporting Events • ICC World Twenty-20 • Grand Slam (Tennis) • Sports and Games: Key Facts

Chapter 11. Miscellaneous/Mixed Bag • Important Abbreviations • World Scenario: Organisations and Countries • First in the World • India: Our Country • Awards and Honours

Target Audience:

A handy, useful and dependable information treasure for everyone who wants to crack

SSC: CGL (Tier-I), DEO, MTS, CHSL, Income Tax Inspector, Central Excise Inspector, Assistant Grade & Auditor etc.

Bank: IBPS, RBI, SBI, UBI & NABARD (PO/MT, Clerk & Specialist Officer) etc.

Railway: ASM, Goods Guard, TC & CC etc.

Police Recruitment: CPO-SI, ITPF, CRPF, CISF, CBI, IB & Constable etc.

Other Exams: UPSC & State-PSC, NDA, CDS, MAT, LIC & GIC (AAO), Insurance Company, B.Ed. and All other Competitive Exams


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