Title Correct Your Common Errors
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About the book


Correct Your Common Errors is a book on competitive General English designed and developed to support, supplement and boost the preparation plan of the young aspirants who are motivated to achieve their career goals by cracking different competitive examinations held every year.

Error Detection, as the patterns and trends for tests conducted by IBPS, SSC, CDS/NDA, RRB, etc, suggest, is a key segment of the question papers on General English for almost all major competitive examinations held throughout the country. With a view to honing and broadening your understanding of the grammatical structures of English language, we have formulated a step-by-step approach. This will enable you to detect a given error and improve upon your error detection skill with confidence and promptness.

Salient features of the book

  • Detailed and comprehensive content highlighting different topics in sync with the syllabi for various competitive exams such as those conducted by IBPS, SSC, CDS/NDA, RRB, etc.
  • Competition-oriented conceptualisation of different topics with proper guidelines and neatly presented rules of grammar, sentence improvement and error detection
  • Adequate number of examples in each chapter with emphasis on their relevance to the latest pattern of examinations that the  aspirants are likely to take
  • Simple, graspable and intelligible style of presentation
  • Detailed coverage of concepts, tricks, success tips and strategies for various exams
  • Practice set in each chapter containing questions reflecting the latest trends and the possibility of their recurrence
  • Additional practice sets and practice sheets with answer keys and thorough explanations to offer the aspirants fresh insights into how they can take on the challenge with confidence and determination to succeed


Part I

Chapter 1: Nouns

Types of Nouns: Common • Proper • Collective • Abstract • Compound • Noun Numbers • Noun Genders • Noun Cases • Functions of Nouns • Homophones • Practise to Perfect

Chapter 2: Pronouns-

Types of Pronouns: Personal Pronouns • Reflexive Pronouns • Possessive Pronouns • Demonstrative Pronouns • Relative Pronouns • Interrogative Pronouns • Indefinite Pronouns • Distributive Pronouns • Reciprocal Pronouns • Practise to Perfect

Chapter 3: Adjectives

Types of Adjectives: Adjectives of Quality • Adjectives of Quantity • Possessive Adjectives • Demonstrative Adjectives • Adjectives of Number • Degrees of Comparison • Adjective Clauses and Phrases • Position of Adjectives • Correct Usage: Some Special Cases • Premodifiers and Postmodifiers with Adjectives • The order of Adjectives in a Series • Practise to Perfect

Chapter 4: Verbs
Auxiliary Verbs: Contraction • Subject-Verb Agreement • Finite Verbs • Transitive and Intransitive Verbs: Direct and Indirect Objects • Modal Verbs • Infinitives, Gerunds and Participles • Linking Verbs and Action Verbs • Strong and Weak Verbs • Correct Usage of Some Special Verbs • Tenses • Practise to Perfect

Chapter 5: Adverbs
Adverbs as Derivatives of Adjectives • Types of Adverbs: Adverbs of Manner • Adverbs of Time • Adverbs of Place • Adverbs of Frequency • Adverbs of Degree • Position of Adverbs • Degrees of Comparison • Some Special Types of Adverbs • Practise to Perfect

Chapter 6: Prepositions
Types of Prepositions: Preposition of Place • Preposition of Direction • Preposition of Time • Words Followed by Prepositions • Prepositions and Conjunctions • Idiomatic Expressions with Prepositions • Practise to Perfect

Chapter 7: Conjunctions
Some Common Conjunctions and Their Uses • Types of Conjunctions • Coordinating Conjunctions • Subordinating Conjunctions • Correlative Conjunctions • Conjunctive Adverbs • Rules for Correct Usage of Conjunctions • Practise to Perfect

Chapter 8: Articles
Indefinite Articles ‘A’ and ‘An’ • Definite Article ‘The’ • Omission of Articles • Practise to Perfect

Punctuation Basics
500 Incorrect and Correct Sentences

Part II

ERROR DETECTION - Type I: Practice Sets 1-20
ERROR DETECTION - Type II: Practice Sets 1-10
SENTENCE IMPROVEMENT - Type I: Practice Sets 1-10
SENTENCE IMPROVEMENT - Type II: Practice Sets 1-5
PRACTICE SHEETS: Practice Sheets 1-5

Target Audience:

This book is useful for candidates appearing in competitive exams.



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