Title Minds Alive
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Author Patricia Demers, Toni Samek
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"Minds Alive combats sentimentality as a metric and a rhetorical stance for valuing libraries and fighting for their futures. Specific articles deliberately aim to help library leaders provide a context for advocacy, while others provide case studies for fostering change and innovation at libraries and archives."

—Laura R. Braunstein, Digital Humanities Librarian, Co-Lead, Digital by Dartmouth Library, Dartmouth College


"Minds Alive will bring up to speed anyone wishing to know what’s happening to libraries, archives, and their professions in our digital age."

—Peter F. McNally, Professor Emeritus, School of Information Studies, McGill University


"Minds Alive has significance beyond the field for disciplines that rely on libraries and archives including humanities, history of the book, and digital humanities."

—Spencer D. C. Keralis, Digital Humanities Librarian, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Minds Alive explores the enduring role and intrinsic value of libraries, archives, and public institutions in the digital age. Featuring international contributors, this volume delves into libraries and archives as institutions and institutional partners, the professional responsibilities of librarians and archivists, and the ways in which librarians and archivists continue to respond to the networked age, digital culture, and digitization.

The endless possibilities and robust importance of libraries and archives are at the heart of this optimistic collection. Topics include transformations in the networked digital age; Indigenous issues and challenges in custodianship, ownership, and access; the importance of the harmonization of memory institutions today; and the overarching significance of libraries and archives in the public sphere. Libraries and archives – at once public institutions providing both communal and private havens of discovery – are being repurposed and transformed in intercultural contexts. Only by keeping pace with users’ changing needs can they continue to provide the richest resources for an informed citizenry.



List of Illustrations

Foreword (Tami Oliphant and Ali Shiri)



Introduction (Patricia Demers and Toni Samek)


Part I: Enduring Values

Chapter 1. Libraries - Why Bother? (Alice Crawford)

Chapter 2. Academic Library Spaces, Digital Culture, and Communities (Guylaine Beaudry)

Chapter 3. The Public Library"s Enduring Importance (Marc Kosciejew)


Part II: Public Literacy and Private Oases

Chapter 4. Loss of the Social, Return of the Private: Acknowledging Public Failure in the Age of Boudoir Surplus (Mario Hibert)

Chapter 5. Re-establishing Values, Constructing New Missions: The Value of the Modern Library in the Development of Digital and Information Literacy in Public Life (Konstantina Martzoukou)


Part III: Transformations and Resistance

Chapter 6. Libraries" Shifting Roles and Responsibilities in the Networked Age (Michael W. Carroll)

Chapter 7. The Interface of the Digital Library: The Perseus Digital Library as a Case Study (Geoffrey Rockwell, Sarah Vela, Lisa M. Cerrato, Mihaela Ilovan, Stan Ruecker, Perseus Digital Library, and The Inke Research Group)

Chapter 8. Wanderbibliotheken: Travelling Books and DIY Libraries (Carolyn Guertin)


Part IV: Disciplinary and Institutional Partnerships

Chapter 9. Is Professionalism Still an Acceptable Goal for Archivists in the Global Digital Society? (Richard J. Cox)

Chapter 10. Digital Research with All Our Senses: How the Archivist, the Historian, and the Librarian Can Work Together on the New Frontier (Nigel Raab)

Chapter 11. The Critical, yet Often Misunderstood, Functions of a Library and Archives in a Museum Setting (Brendan F.R. Edwards)


Part V: Curation and Commons

Chapter 12. Beyond Place: Data Curation Possibilities for Post-custodial Archives and Libraries (Seamus Ross)

Chapter 13. "The X-Files": The Truth Is in the Archives, but Access Is Restricted (Frank J. Tough)


Works Cited



About the Editors:

Patricia Demers is a distinguished university professor in the Department of English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta.

Toni Samek is a professor and chair at the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta.


Target Audience:

Useful for librarians and archivists.

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