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“New, fresh, provocative, and often helpful. Almost every one of these essays either opens up an area that has received little attention or asks readers to look again at some accepted truism and to find it not-so-true.”

—Margaret D. Stetz, Department of English, Georgetown University


Opening with an introduction by Joseph Bristow and featuring thirteen original essays that examine Wilde"s achievements as an aesthete, critic, dramatist, novelist, and poet, this provocative and ground-breaking volume ushers the field of Oscar Wilde studies into the twenty-first century. The contributors focus on three neglected areas of Wilde criticism - textual editing, the production and dissemination of Wilde"s dramas, and the situating of Wilde"s writings in cultural, political and social contexts - and cast fresh light on topics that include Wilde"s early dramatic criticism, his engagement with socialist thought, his groundbreaking editorship of The Woman"s World, and the relation of his plays to late-Victorian feminism and homosexual blackmail.

Wilde Writings brings together research by established and emergent scholars, some of whom draw on unpublished archival material, and all of whom have something fresh to say about Wilde. The collection provides new interventions into urgent critical debates about Wilde and effeminacy, masochism, and Christian theology, and draws attention to significant problems in the textual edition of Wilde"s divergent canon of writing, his debt to the "aesthetic" fiction of the popular novelist Ouida, and the transmission of his drama in twentieth-century China.

Published by the University of Toronto Press in association with the UCLA Center for Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Studies and the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.


List of Illustrations

Preface and Acknowledgments

Introduction (Joseph Bristow)


Part I: Wilde Writings

Chapter 1.  Wilde"s World:  Oscar Wilde and Theatrical Journalism  in the 1880s (John Stokes)

Chapter 2.  "The Soul of Man under Socialism": A (Con)Textual History (Josephine M. Guy)

Chapter 3.  Love-Letter, Spiritual Autobiography, or Prison Writing?  Identity and Value in De Profundis (Ian Small)

Chapter 4.  Wilde"s Exquisite Pain (Ellis Hanson)


PART II:  Wilde Stages

Chapter 5.  Wilde Man: Masculinity, Feminism, and A Woman of No Importance (Kerry Powell)

Chapter 6.  Wilde, and How to Be Modern: or, Bags of Red Gold (Peter Raby)

Chapter 7.  Master Wood"s Profession:  Wilde and the Subculture of Homosexual Blackmail in the Victorian Theatre  (Lawrence Senelix)


Part III: Wilde Contexts

Chapter 8.  Wilde"s The Woman"s World and the Culture of Aesthetic Philanthropy (Diana Maltz)

Chapter 9.  The Origins of the Aesthetic Novel: Ouida,  Wilde and the Popular Romance (Talia Schaffer)

Chapter 10.  Oscar Wilde, New Women, and the Rhetoric of Effeminacy (Lisa Hamilton)

Chapter 11. Oscar Wilde and Jesus Christ (Stephen Arata)


Part IV: Wilde Legacies

Chapter 12. Oscar Wilde"s Legacies to Clarion and New Age Socialist  Aestheticism (Ann Ardis)

Chapter 13. Salomé in China: The Aesthetic Art of Dying (Xiaoyi Zhou)


Notes on the Contributors


About the Editor:

Joseph Bristow is a professor in the Department of English at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Target Audience:

People interested in literary studies.

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