Title Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Canada
Author Jez Littlewood, Lorne L. Dawson, Sara K. Thompson
ISBN 9781487521707
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"Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Canada addresses a timely, indeed pressing, set of issues on the public agenda: terrorism and the debate over the appropriate response of states to the threats posed by violent non-state actors. It does so in the Canadian context, filling in the background of terrorist activities in and against Canada and offering guidance in setting the public agenda for counterterrorist responses. With exemplary scholarship, this collection will be of interest not only to specialists but to a wider audience currently engaged with the day-to-day issues of terrorism that dominate the media and to all those concerned with the political issues raised by terrorist threats."

—Reg Whitaker, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, York University, and Adjunct Professor of Political Science, University of Victoria


"Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Canada uses a multidisciplinary framework and provides insight from multiple directions on the topic at hand. The collection adds to our understanding of terrorism and counterterrorism in Canada, contributing to ongoing public discourse."

—Steve Hewitt, Department of History, University of Birmingham



Through close analysis of the Canadian context, Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Canada provides an advanced introduction to the challenges and social consequences presented by terrorism today. Featuring contributions from both established and emerging scholars, it tackles key issues within this fraught area and does so from multiple disciplinary perspectives, using historical, quantitative, and qualitative lenses of analyses to reach novel and much-needed insights.

Throughout the volume, the editors and contributors cover topics such as the foreign fighter problem, far-right extremism, the role of the internet in fostering global violence, and the media’s role in framing the discourse on terrorism in Canada. Also included are essays that look at the struggles to develop specific counter-terrorism policies and practices in the face of these threats.

In addition to offering a detailed primer for scholars, policymakers, and concerned citizens, Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Canada confronts the social and legal consequences of mounting securitization for marginalized communities.


List of Figures and Tables


Chapter 1. Introduction (Jez Littlewood, Sara Thompson, and Lorne Dawson)


Part One: Terrorism

Chapter 2. A Survey of Terrorism in Canada: 1960-2015 (Nicole Tishler, Marie Ouellet, and Joshua Kilberg)

Chapter 3. Canadian Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq, 2012-16 (Lorne Dawson and Amarnath Amarasingam)

Chapter 4. Breaking Free: A Socio-Historical Analysis of the Canadian Freemen-on-the-Land Movement (David C. Hofmann)

Chapter 5. Jihadism in the Digital Era: The Canadian Context and Responses (Maxime Bérubé and Benjamin Ducol)


Part Two: Security and Counterterrorism

Chapter 6. Counterterrorism Security Planning in Canada: From Imperialism to International Terrorism (Dominique Clément)

Chapter 7. Deterrence or Blowback? The Consequences of Canadian Intervention in Afghanistan (Erica Chenoweth and Laura Dugan)

Chapter 8. The Social Structure of Extremist Websites (Martin Bouchard, Garth Davies, Richard Frank, Edith Wu, and Kila Joffres)

Chapter 9. Terrorist Resourcing: Much More Than Money (John M. Schmidt)


Part Three: Society, Terrorism, and Counterterrorism

Chapter 10. Parliamentarians and Intelligence Accountability (Susan Decker)

Chapter 11. Who"s a Terrorist? What"s Terrorism? Comparative Media Representations of Lone-Actor Violence in Canada (Barbara Perry and Ryan Scrivens)

Chapter 12. National Security: Exclusion and Isolation among Muslims in Canada (Patti Tamara Lenard and Baljit Nagra)

Chapter 13. When "Soft Security" Is Smart: On the Importance of Building Strong Community-Police Relationships in the Context of National Security (Sara K. Thompson and Sandra Bucerius)

Chapter14. Conclusion (Jez Littlewood, Sara Thompson, and Lorne Dawson)




About the Editors:

Jez Littlewood is an assistant professor in the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University.

Lorne Dawson is a professor in the Department of Sociology and Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo.

Sara K. Thompson is an associate professor in the Department of Criminology at Ryerson University.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in criminology, politics and terrorism issues.


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