Title Myths of Social Media
Subtitle Dismiss the Misconceptions and Use Social Media Effectively in Business
Author Michelle Carvill, Ian MacRae
ISBN 9780749498719
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Publishing year 2020
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“An easily digestible journey through the world of social media, providing truly valuable insight for businesses and plenty of food for thought - highly recommended.”

Gemma Butler, Marketing Director, Chartered Institute of Marketing


“A well-researched and transparent look at an opaque medium that should answer most of your social media questions, and plenty you haven’t thought of yet. Hits the myths of social media squarely on the jaw. A knockout in-depth reference guide and playbook.”

John Dodds, Senior member, The Sharp End LLC


“Don’t be fooled - it is definitely not purely for social media beginners. Well researched and busts the myths while giving a very honest and balanced view. This will help any company or professional get the most from social media by demystifying all of the misconceptions. The modern-day manual for using social media across your business!”

Ollie Sharpe, VP of Revenue at SalesLoft. Ex LinkedIn Senior Leader


“Even though I am pretty seasoned with social media, I took away new information. It offers a great blend of practical implications from engaging external and internal audiences as well as legalities. Very informative and useful.”

Janice Kaffer, President and CEO, Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare


“While I thought I know my way around in social media, this book taught me I was wrong. I would recommend this book to any individual or company who is interested in current forms of social media, to learn the power and the pitfalls for its businesses, the individuals and how they are interrelated. It simply is the one-stop book to read.”

Will Jacobs, COO, SVP Global Operational Excellence and Engineering, Firmenich


“This is a readable, relevant and racy book which could not be more timely. It is also a very important book because it addresses and answers many crucial questions about social media. Reading it certainly put me straight on a number of issues and I am grateful to the authors for doing so.”

Professor Adrian Furnham, Norwegian Business School


“This book is a must read for anyone struggling with how, when, what, when and why to use social media in business and in your personal life too. It’s full of facts and details and resources, with lots of humour throughout. It’s practical, and easy-to-read. You could finish it and come away with lots of tips and tools. The section about protecting your personal data should be a must-read for everyone who uses social media.”

Heather Stewart, Owner, Sage Transitions


“This book is a timely reminder that that our social media use and presence need to make sense and we need to take stock often and make sure that they work toward giving us an edge and not harming present and future opportunities.”

Asen Velinov, California Attorney at Law & International Conusel, Co-Effort Law Firm

“Countering all the folklore and misconceptions that surround social media isn’t an easy task but Myths of Social Media illuminates all the essential dos, donts and considerations to help anyone up their game. A great read.”

Elizabeth J Floyd, Chartered Marketer, Director - Strategically Tactically


“Offers compelling arguments that effectively debunk the view amongst some business leaders that social platforms on the workplace are always a dampener of productivity.”

Heleana Blackwell, Co-founder, The New Work


Everyone knows that social media is free, millennials are all adept social media experts, that businesses always have to be available 24/7 and ultimately none of it really matters, as the digital space is full of fake news and online messaging is seen as inauthentic. Don’t they?

The use of social media as a business tool is dominated by falsehoods, fictions and fabrications. In Myths of Social Media, digital consultant Michelle Carvill and workplace psychologist Ian MacRae dismiss many of the most keenly-held misconceptions and instead, present the reality of social media best practice. Using helpful and instructive, sometimes entertaining and occasionally eye-watering examples of what you should and should not do, Myths of Social Media debunks the most commonly held myths and shows you how to use social media effectively for work and at work.

Key features at a glance:

  • Banishes 40 of the most commonly held myths and fictions about the use of social media as a business tool
  • Helps readers understand the very real commercial benefits - and costs - of social media
  • Is packed with instructive and entertaining examples and case studies of what should and shouldn’t be done with social media


Chapter 1. Social media is a waste of time Introduction • People waste time at work • Weighing the benefit, risks and costs • Opting out of social media • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 2. Social media is free Introduction • When free isn’t really free • Insight and management—for a fee • The social media service industry • The cost of time • Misunderstood at board level • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 3. All social networks do the same thing Introduction • Twitter • LinkedIn • Facebook • WhatsApp • Snapchat • YouTube • Instagram • Changing behaviours and motivations • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 4. Social media can replace your business website Introduction • Reaching your audiences • Supplementary, not a replacement • The risks of relying on a third party • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 5. It’s not possible to measure social media ROI Introduction • Big Data well and truly exists • What you measure is contextual • Aligning social objectives with organizational goals • Dark social – measuring intangible ROI • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 6. Social media activity is purely a marketing function Introduction • External-facing social activity • Internal-facing social activity • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 7. Social media marketing is a dark art Introduction • Social media can he manipulated • Lessons for social media marketers • Ethical guidelines: a defence against the dark arts • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 8. Sharing more content is always better Introduction • Getting too personal • Loose lips sink ships • Brands oversharing • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 9. Social media cannot be done well in-house Introduction • In-house team or outsourced solution? • Conclusion • Note

Chapter 10. Social media is purely for broadcasting Introduction • The 80/20 ratio • Beyond broadcasting • Listening is gold • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 11. Social media replaces real-life networking Introduction • Both sides of the argument • Online and offline relationships • Parallels with business networking • Social selling • Moving from online to offline (without the awkwardness) • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 12. Social media means my business has to be available 24/7 Introduction • How your audience uses social media • What customers want • Response time is also key • Enter artificial intelligence • Setting clear expectations • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 13. Social media is no use for internal communications Introduction • The potential benefits • The challenges of internal social media • The role of leadership • Implementation - the practicalities • Engaging employees • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 14. Social media is full of #fakenews Introduction • Different types of fake news • The challenge for business • Evaluating information • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 15. It’s not worth responding to criticism on social media Introduction • Response times • Remember your customer base • Employee guidelines • Conclusion

Chapter 16. Social media is for posting pictures of your breakfast Introduction • Focus on the right audience • Finding the tight channels • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 17. Oversharing on social media can reveal trade secrets Introduction • Start with the end in mind • Keeping employees up to speed • Ensuring data security • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 18. People on social media will appreciate my tipsy humour Introduction • Your brain on alcohol • Alcohol-related posts can damage job prospects • Don’t bring your whole self to work • Don’t bring the spam to work • Recommendations for social media policy • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 19. Digital natives are all social media experts Introduction • The problem with age stereotypes • Personal use vs business aptitude • Separating the personal and workplace spheres • Social media policies and onboarding • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 20. Social media influencers are a new phenomenon Introduction • Ambiguous definitions • The rise of the social influencer • All publicity is good publicity • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 21. People have different personalities on social media Introduction • Can you measure personality? • Behaviour on social media • Assessing personality • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 22. Personal information on social media should not be used by businesses Introduction • Data collection for employee selection • Screening employees on social media • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 23. Social media is just for talking to customers Introduction • The rise and fall of Facebook • The risk of the blue tick demographic • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 24. Being active on social media lets me control my digital footprint Introduction • A case study: the author’s digital footprint • Very personal data • A full, but fragmented picture • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 25. Social networks will protect my data Introduction • Data protection tools and techniques • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 26. Social media is the best source of information Introduction • Finding trusted sources • A balanced diet of information • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 27. Social media isn’t that influential Introduction • Social media and consumer influence • The influencer marketing industry • Social media advertising • Building communities • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 28. Social media produces information bubbles Introduction • Do filter bubbles exist? • How filter bubbles are created • The business implications • Issues to consider • Conclusion • Notes



About the Authors:

Michelle Carvill is Founder of Carvill Creative - a social media marketing agency founded in 2002 whose clients include the BBC, Nuffield Health and Norbord. Passionate about the digital future she advises clients on Online Marketing Communication and Social Media Strategies and leads a team delivering practical social media planning and daily management.

She also works with different training organisations developing and delivering training courses around social media, digital marketing, content creation, blogging and online business, both in the UK and overseas, for businesses like PwC, LinkedIn, Air Products and the Association of Corporate Counsels.

Ian MacRae is a work psychologist, consultant, speaker, author and Managing Director of High Potential Psychology. He works with, and writes about, a wide range of topics relating to psychology and the workplace. He developed the High Potential Traits Inventory (HPTI), a personality assessment which has been translated into dozens of languages and used by over 50,000 people around the world. Myths of Social Media is his fifth book, he is co-author of Motivation and Performance and Myths of Work, also part of the Business Myths series.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for social media beginners and experts. This book is a must read for anyone struggling with how, when, what, when and why to use social media in business and in your personal life too.

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