Title Introducing Communication
Subtitle Perspectives, Assumptions, and Implications
Author Amardo Rodriguez
ISBN 9781487524821
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"Amardo Rodriguez’s latest work continues to facilitate the filling of the gap in terms of what we think we know about the study and practice of communication, and about ourselves. He encourages us to go deeper by being both curious and courageous so that we may view communication more expansively and inclusively. Additionally, he explains how the questions we are willing to pose and to ponder can serve to reveal the superficial boundaries that frame our "discipline." Introducing Communication: Perspectives, Assumptions, and Implications is ultimately about interrogating what we think we know about communication, and our role in it. This book is essential reading for students, faculty, and/ or anyone interested in comprehending communication beyond its boundaries."

—Heather E. Harris, Professor of Communication at Stevenson University, Editor of Neo-Race Realities in the Obama Era by SUNY Press (2019)


"This book lays bare the essence of communication as contextually based, and is written in clear and cogently articulated terms that an undergraduate student can comprehend and the most sophisticated scholar can appreciate. Bravo to Professor Rodriguez for a beautifully written expository treatment of our field!"

—Ronald L. Jackson II, Past President of National Communication Association and author of The SAGE Encyclopedia of Identity



The study of communication deepens our understanding of the human condition, enlarges how we frame and resolve human problems and struggles, and allows us to appreciate the different perspectives that communication brings to the study of the human experience. Introducing Communication provides an overview of eight different communication perspectives and explores important concepts from around the world, highlighting the consequences and implications that come with diverse ways of defining, understanding, and studying communication. Featuring discussions on issues and challenges associated with mass globalization and new technologies, this smart and sophisticated text encourages students to reflect on how these consequences and implications come to bear on how we live and communicate. Introducing Communication is ideally suited for instructors who teach introductory communication courses and are seeking a text that is theoretically rigorous, intellectually expansive, and pedagogically elegant.


List of Figures


Outline: Different Perspectives in Communication Studies

Chapter One: Communication as Language and Symbols

Chapter Two: Communication as Message

Chapter Three: Communication as Media

Chapter Four: Communication as Meanings

Chapter Five: Communication as Narratives

Chapter Six: Communication as Performances

Chapter Seven: Communication as Relationships

Chapter Eight: Communication and Modes of Being

Chapter Nine: Communication as Discussion

Chapter Ten: Challenges Facing the Study and Practice of Communication


Appendix: Criticisms of Language Politics




About the Author:

Amardo Rodriguez is a Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith professor in the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies at Syracuse University.

Target Audience:

This book is essential reading for students, faculty, and/ or anyone interested in comprehending communication beyond its boundaries.


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