Title Charismatic Leadership
Subtitle The Skills You Can Learn to Motivate High Performance in Others
Author Kevin Murray
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We say that someone has charisma when they can attract, inspire and influence people through their personal qualities. We think that this is a special power some fortunate individuals have that makes them able to affect and influence others at a deep emotional level, to communicate effectively with them and make interpersonal connections. But very few of us understand what charisma really is. It is not widely-applauded magnetism or shallow charm. Rather, it’s the deep-rooted powerful charisma that helps people deliver incredible results. This charisma is a learnable skill. It’s the result of developing specific behaviours, which are proven to improve not only how people feel about you, but which will help others change their own behaviours and achieve success.

Charismatic Leadership will show you how to be a powerful influencer with your peers, your colleagues and your customers. You’ll learn why charisma is a vital asset in any organization, understand its essential components, find out how to grow your charismatic presence and discover why you need the companion skills of coaching, problem-solving and empathy. Using charisma effectively helps everyone perform at a high level. This book will show you how.


Key features at a glance:

  • Teaches the business benefits of charismatic leadership - how customers, shareholders and employees all enjoy the fruits of positive charisma
  • Explains the anatomy of charisma - what neuroscientists and psychologists say about it and why it’s a learnable skill
  • Offers readers a personal ‘charisma checklist’, detailing the skills that enable charisma and how to measure their own charisma proficiencies
  • Deals with the ‘dark side’ of charisma and advises how to keep narcissism and personal agendas in check
  • Illustrates the essential components of charisma including authenticity, passion, curiosity, communication, humility and respect


Part One: An introduction to charismatic leadership

Chapter 1. Why you need charisma... and what this book will teach you You have the wrong idea about charisma • Defining charisma • Different kinds of charisma • The traits and skills of charismatic leadership • What you can learn from this book

Chapter 2. The five traits of charismatic leaders The skills of charismatic leadership • Integrating skills


Part Two: Authenticity

Chapter 3. How to be a great manager... by managing who you are being The trust gap

Chapter 4. Authenticity skill 1: Practise honesty and integrity Honesty wins respect

Chapter 5. Authenticity skill 2: Have and live a personal mission The conviction to prosecute an agenda

Chapter 6. Authenticity skill 3: Be more visible, and be visibly committed Visible leadership • How can I help?

Chapter 7. Authenticity skill 4: Be more self-aware Developing self-awareness

Chapter 8. Authenticity skill 5: Exercise your humility Charismatic leaders listen more than they speak


Part Three: Personal power

Chapter 9. How to have a more powerful presence Defining power

Chapter 10. Powerful skill 1: Display a leadership mindset Adopt the right leadership mindset • Certainty has a powerful positive effect on our brains

Chapter 11. Powerful skill 2: Be positive and optimistic • Charismatic leaders give others confidence Optimism requires wisdom • Being more optimistic

Chapter 12. Powerful skill 3: Be energetic and passionate Passion doesn’t have to be boisterous • Maintain your own energy levels

Chapter 13. Powerful skill 4: Be assertive Stand up for your convictions, respectfully • Encourage civility, at all times

Chapter 14. Powerful skill 5: Look and sound the part No escape from scrutiny • Take control of your body language


Part Four: Warmth

Chapter 15. How you make people feel determines how they perform Think about your impact on others • Be affective to be effective

Chapter 16. warmth skill 1: Be more engaging Think of your employees as guests • Use their name and pay a compliment

Chapter 17. Warmth skill 2: Be a better, more attentive and empathetic listener The listening contract • The direct link between empathy and commercial success • Poor listening cuts a leader adrift

Chapter 18. Warmth skill 3: Be more respectful Never fail to be respectful: encourage respect

Chapter 19. Warmth skill 4: Be more appreciative Praise triggers neurochemicals that enable creativity • Praise the unsung heroes

Chapter 20. Warmth skill 5: Be more inclusive Employees with choice buy in to change • Innovation is better with diverse teams


Part Five: Drive

Chapter 21. How a cause can power your charisma A dream not a nightmare • Leaders are compelling when they have a cause • Agents of change looking for trouble

Chapter 22. Drive skill 1: Develop and articulate a compelling cause A purpose vs a vision statement • Purpose inspires customer-caring staff • Does your purpose inspire customers?

Chapter 23. Drive skill 2: Bring customers into every team meeting and decision Charismatic leaders just love customers • Tell customer stories all the time

Chapter 24. Drive skill 3: Align everyone’s goals to a common vision Charismatic leaders give autonomy to staff • Values are more powerful than rules

Chapter 25. Drive skill 4: Deliver autonomy through a freedom framework How boundaries give freedom • Spend time inspiring confidence in your team • Praise more to be seen as charismatic

Chapter 26. Drive skill 5: Develop a culture of continuous improvement Broadcast every good idea • Be visibly excited about good ideas


Part Six: Persuasiveness

Chapter 27. How charismatic leaders connect and persuade Charisma can change the mood in a room • `We’ instead of ‘you’ • Great leadership requires the ability to persuade

Chapter 28. Persuasiveness skill 1: Understand and connect with audiences better What emotional state is your audience in? • Persuasive communication is a process • Understand how they are reacting, or you have not communicated

Chapter 29. Persuasiveness skill 2: Have courageous conversations that enable change Person-to-person conversations • Conversations start before you enter the room • Don’t take it personally • Guide conversations, with care not to shut down people • Turn up more often

Chapter 30. Persuasiveness skill 3: Take a stand with a powerful point of view A powerful point of view is liberating • How to frame a point of view

Chapter 31. Persuasiveness skill 4: Tell stories that change everything A moment of inspiration • Great stories are under our noses • What’s the format for a good story? • Let people come to your message

Chapter 32. Persuasiveness skill 5: Be a good speaker on stage How to prepare for a talk


Part Seven: Understanding and measuring charisma

Chapter 33. The chemistry of charisma We all want to be recognized • The billion neurons in our brains • The biggest chemical hit is from danger • Change triggers the threat response • How charismatic leaders create positive behaviours • An exclusive focus on numbers shuts down the brain

Chapter 34. Why charisma is essential in a digital world Massive changes to society and work • A new kind of manager for a new age • Soft skills are a business imperative • Improving drive and motivation is essential to success

Chapter 35. The dark side of charisma Strong charismatics can dominate teams • Charisma alone is not enough • Bad managers kill companies • How to be the opposite of charismatic

Chapter 36. What’s the shape of your charisma? Some charismatic leaders can be demotivating or toxic • How different shapes have different effects • Well-balanced charisma • The business benefits of charisma • Which soft skills do employees most want from managers? • How the marking differed between managers and employees • How inspiring are managers?

Chapter 37. How to measure your own charisma and determine your shape Step 1: Complete the self questionnaire • Step 2: Plot your charisma shape • Step 3: Compare your shape with others • Step 4: Plot your employees’ marks • Step 5: Understand the gaps • Step 6: Get help • Your team has more potential than you imagine

Appendix: The tools


About the author


About the Author:

Kevin Murray is a business author and speaker with more than 45 years of leadership experience, based in the UK. He ran the UK’s biggest PR and communications group for 20 years, from where he also personally advised dozens of CEO’s from major global and national companies. Previously, he had been director of communications for British Airways, The Atomic Energy Authority and Bayer, the chemicals company. Kevin Murray is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute.

His four business books are all published by Kogan Page: The Language of Leaders; Communicate to Inspire; People with Purpose; Charismatic Leadership.

Target Audience:

This book will show you how to be a powerful influencer with your peers, your colleagues and your customers.

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