Title The New Strategist
Subtitle Shape your Organization and Stay Ahead of Change
Author Günter Müller-Stewens
ISBN 9781789661125
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The New Strategist not only provides the concepts and tools required for effective strategy making but also details the contexts, actors and competencies that animate the process. In this uniquely authoritative book, Müller-Stewens translates over 40 years of experience into an indispensable resource for anyone who aspires to become a true strategy professional.”

Steven Floyd, Isenberg Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts, USA


“An insightful and pragmatic guide to all strategic decision makers - a must-read for any entrepreneurial and hands-on strategist.”

Dr Max Kownatzki, Senior Vice President Network & Partnership Management Hub Airlines, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Germany


“This book is a rousing call to professionalism in strategy work. Müller-Stewens shows how a combination of analytical craftsmanship and moral sensibility will be crucial to strategy professionals as they lead their organizations into this challenging future.”

Richard Wittington, Professor of Strategic Management, Saïd Business School, UK


“Businesses now operate in a distinctively new competitive landscape that is rapidly changing and unpredictable due partly to disruptive technologies and chaotic political forces. Because of this unique context, the role of strategists has dramatically changed, making this highly insightful book both timely and critically important. It is a must read for all strategic leaders and strategic management scholars alike.”

Michael Hitt, University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University


Müller-Stewens sees the strategist as leading more than the core strategy development and execution processes. Instead, the strategist should be a member of a company’s leadership team which starts from deriving the purpose. This is the fundamental rule upon which the work of strategists needs to be built and animated by the strategic leader.”

Dr. Andreas Gocke, Managing Director and Senior Partner, The Boston Consulting Group


As organizations face an unprecedented rate of change, how should the role of the strategist adapt to address new challenges? Based on original research and consulting projects from the Institute of Management and Strategy, University of St. Gallen, The New Strategist is a practical guide which explains how to execute strategy, not just think about the theory. It examines day-to-day strategy work, explores the competences required by strategic leaders, and maps out the strategist’s tools of the trade, including processes, initiatives and discourse.

Using a rich and unique data set, this book looks at the roles of different strategists in an organization and emphasizes the importance of managers and strategy consultants as well as Chief Strategy Officers and other leaders. Crucially, The New Strategist focuses on the practice of strategy rather than the theory, answering key questions around how professional strategists should work and which methods and techniques they should draw upon. This timely and authoritative text will support and strengthen managers in fulfilling their strategic leadership responsibilities, allowing them to contribute to the professionalization of the field and ensure their role is suitable for the future of business.


Key features at a glance:

  • Explores how the role of strategist should adapt to face new challenges and drive the corporate agenda
  • Is based on original research from the prestigious Institute of Management and Strategy, University of St. Gallen
  • Focuses on the day-to-day practice of strategy and the practical implications of current challenges rather than the theory
  • Looks at various strategic roles, including managers, strategy consultants and Chief Strategy Officers
  • Allows strategists to reflect on and legitimate their own role



Chapter 1: Professionalizing strategists • A humanitarian philosophy for strategic decision-makers • What it means to be a ‘professional’ • The changing role of the strategist • Demands on strategists in the modern context • Conclusion: it is all about balance! • Endnotes

Chapter 2: The executive as strategist • Top strategists as ultimate decision-makers • Middle management’s linking function • Strategic consultants as suppliers of professional services • Conclusion: using the potential of professionalization • Endnotes

Chapter 3: Chief strategy officer • The CSO as right hand to the CEO • The CSO in at the centre of tension between stakeholder groups • Activities, skills and types of CSO • Conclusion: driving the strategic agenda • Endnotes

Chapter 4: Strategists at headquarters • Designing a strategy department • Measuring value added • Options for professionalization • Conclusion: transformation into a hub • Endnotes

Chapter 5: Strategists’ competencies (In collaboration with Sebastian Bekemeier and Timo Meynhardt) • On the way to a competency model • SLC Model to assess strategists • Guidance on carrying out assessments • Conclusion: a guiding principle but not a dogma • Endnotes

Chapter 6: A strategist’s tools • Methods in strategy work • Strategy processes: managing interaction • Strategic initiatives: accelerating change • Strategic discussions: the search for agreement • Conclusion: supporting a community approach • Endnotes

Chapter 7: Looking ahead • Strategy must be rethought • Placing the modern strategist as actor at the centre • Laying a normative basis • Providing a profile for the new strategist • Exploiting the potential of professionalization • Understanding one’s craft • Conclusion: strategists can improve our world • Endnotes


Appendix A1: Developing a measurement process to determine the value contribution by a central strategy department (Chapter 4)

Appendix A2: The development of the SLC Model to assess strategic competencies of a manager (Chapter 5)

Appendix A3: Templates for the SLC Model (Chapter 5)




About the Author:

Prof. Dr. Günter Müller-Stewens is Professor of Strategic Management and Director of the Institute of Management at the University of St. Gallen. He has authored multiple books, case studies, and articles in prestigious academic and practitioner-oriented journals. He is also former Acting Dean of the Business School at the University of St. Gallen and serves as the Academic Director of several Master Programs. He founded the journal M&A Review and is a member of multiple editorial boards, the advisory board of several firms, consultant and trainer to international companies, and a regular conference and meeting speaker.

Target Audience:

This book is a must read for all strategic leaders and strategic management scholars alike.

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