Title Digital HR Strategy
Subtitle Achieving Sustainable Transformation in the Digital Age
Author Soumyasanto Sen
ISBN 9781789661224
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Publishing year 2020
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“Soumya has done a masterful job weaving together the emerging digital agenda for business and HR. This is an outstanding compendium of thinking and action.”

Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Partner, The RBL Group


“A comprehensive and useful book that shows any organization how to understand the vast impact of digital business on all aspects of work, organizations, and HR.”

Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst


“I thoroughly enjoyed his book and will be using it as a basis of how to embrace the digital reality of today and the future.”

Steve Browne, SHRM-SCP, Vice President of Human Resources, LaRosa’s, Inc., author of HR on Purpose


“Any business leader, learner or HR professional with an interest in the ways digital transformation intersects with human capabilities will benefit from this compelling book.”

Ester Martinez, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, People Matters


“Work, workers and workplaces are all evolving from the analogue world to the digital. The HR function will need to lead the transformation, but to do that it needs to transform itself. Digital HR Strategy outlines the possibilities.”

Abhijit Bhaduri, Digital transformation coach, author of The Digital Tsunami, host of the podcast Dreamers & Unicorns by PeopleStrong


“Digital is a wonderful opportunity for HR to make a difference - to the business, to the workforce and to the function itself. I am sure that this book will be read and read again by HR leaders seeking to make a difference in their organizations.”

David Green, writer, speaker and consultant on people analytics and the future of work, and Executive Director at Insight222


“Soumya is a thought-leader in HR technology - this is a first-rate book.”

Gautam Ghosh, HR Thought Leader and Influencer, Ex Director, Talent Branding, Flipkart


“A welcome guide to HR’s long-needed transformation to become a strategic engine for success through humans. He asks the right questions and proposes an excellent blend of ideas, methods and tools.”

Frode Hvaring, Chair, Digital Leadership Lab, Geneva Business School


“Delivers a blueprint for implementing new principles of digital HRM in practice and offers a great opportunity to completely rethink the HR function.”

Kai Reinhardt, Professor for Business Administration, Organizational Behavior and HR, HTW Berlin


“The area of digital transformation is fraught with misconceptions and failed attempts to apply a 20th century mindset to modern organizations. Soumya attempts to unravel this and provides a useful guidebook for HR practitioners and organization builders.”

Andrew Spence, Workforce Strategist, Glass Bead Consulting


“In his book Soumyasanto guides us through the basic as well as more advanced elements of digital HR. HR and business leaders can learn a lot from his structured approach.”

Tom Haak, Director HR Trend Institute


“A must-read as we enter this new digital age in organizational design and human experience.”

Marc Coleman, Founder & CEO UNLEASH


“Soumyasanto is perhaps one of the industry’s most thorough and well-researched thinkers advancing the HR discipline. His extraordinarily comprehensive book is the best preparation to navigate your own digital transformation.”

Jeff Wellstead, VP of People Operations, ONI


“Gives amazing clarity and guidance on how to design your digital HR strategy that is sustainable in this VUCA world.”

Bala Asirvatham, Founder and Managing Partner, FutureXeed


“Soumyasanto’s book is a very important and timely publication on how to drive digital HR transformation and equip HR leaders and practitioners to prepare organization for the future.”

Mihaly Nagy, Founder & CEO, The HR Congress


We are living in an uncertain world that is rapidly changing with an overload of information and a continual rise of technologies. Automation, the gig economy, digital platforms and other innovations are changing the fundamental nature of work and are having a significant impact on the workforce, workplace and the HR function. Digital HR Strategy is crucial reading for all HR practitioners and leaders wanting to ensure that their organization adapts to this changing and increasingly competitive environment by creating a strategic approach for sustainable transformation which goes beyond conventional digital HR propositions. Featuring case studies from organizations including Airbnb and PepsiCo, it covers areas such as the importance of cultural change and creating a human-centric employee experience, leveraging value propositions, and harnessing data insights and analytics to improve performance.

Digital HR Strategy also explores frameworks, strategies and opportunities for wellbeing initiatives, upskilling and reskilling workforces to respond to and establishing a culture of collaboration and innovation. Featuring tips, tools, and key questions to consider, it is an indispensable resource for all HR practitioners and leaders looking to build, develop and execute a digital HR strategy in order to achieve and sustain competitive advantage in this fast-changing digital age.


Key features at a glance:

  • Provides guidance on how to build a strategy that uses digital advancements and new technologies to make HR processes more efficient, improve individual performance and increase company profits
  • Explains how to use insights from data and analytics to improve employee engagement and wellbeing
  • Demonstrates how to recruit new staff and upskill existing employees so that the business has the expertise it needs to succeed in the digital age
  • Includes case studies from companies who have effectively implemented a digital HR strategy and are seeing the benefits from it including Airbnb and PepsiCo
  • Shows HR professionals how to adapt to the new elements of their roles created by digital transformation and new technologies


About the author



Part One: Revolution

Chapter 1: Growing the digital economy alongside disruptions Objectives • Overview of the digital economy and the new industrial age • Disruptions across industries and functions • Impact on future work models and the workforce • People are at the centre of the digital world • Summary • References

Chapter 2: The need for transformation and having the right mindset Objectives • The fast-changing uncertain world • What does transformation mean? • Growth mindsets in the digital age • Why we need to adapt or die • Summary • References

Chapter 3: The game changers: culture, data and strategy Objectives • Transformation starts with a change in culture • Towards a data-driven transformation with analytics • Positioning strategic HR in the business • Building a sustainable agile digital strategy for HR • Summary • References

Chapter 4: Creating value propositions that are fit for purpose Objectives • One size does not fit all • Considering the multidimensional operating models • Enabling sensible business efficiency and value • Achieving effective functional excellence • Summary • References


Part Two: Survival

Chapter 5: The demand for the human-centric experience Objectives • Forgetting the human in human resources • Focusing on inspiring employee moments and experiences • Designing future workplaces • Importance of relationships and wellbeing programmes • Summary • References

Chapter 6: Evolving the future of work, jobs and the workforce Objectives • The basis for the future of work and the need for adaptive working • The impact of the gig economy and the next generation in jobs • Preparing HR for the future of work, jobs and the workforce • Summary • References

Chapter 7: Ongoing augmentation, reskilling and collaboration Objectives • The rise of automation, artificial intelligence and augmentation • Reskilling imperative and solutions for organizations • The future of human and machine collaboration • Ethics, protection, risks and humanity • Summary • References


Part Three: Sustainability

Chapter 8: Recreating the organization as a living organism Objectives • Evolution of modern organizations and movements • Transforming an organization from a machine to a living system • Enabling a responsive and sustainable organization • Summary • References

Chapter 9: Driven by innovation and led by people Objectives • Unlocking new values with innovation • Leadership and diversity in this VUCA world • Establishing the innovation culture • Summary • References

Chapter 10: A sustainable evolution and a fairer society Objectives • Caring for sustainable development and creating a fairer society • Growing ecosystems and social capital • Community-driven learning in organizations • Summary • References



About the Author:

Soumyasanto Sen is the Founder and Future of Work Strategist at People Conscience, where he provides advice to communities dealing with digital transformation, the new world of work and HR strategy. He is an INSEAD alumni and currently also a HR IT Program Manager at large healthcare company. Prior to this, he was a Global HR IT Manager at one of the largest global automobile companies and a Senior Consultant at IBM Global Business Services. He is a regular conference speaker and commentator on all aspects of HR technology, digital transformation, people analytics and the future of work.

Target Audience:

Any business leader, learner or HR professional with an interest in the ways digital transformation intersects with human capabilities will benefit from this compelling book.

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