Title Lowe’s Transport Manager’s and Operator’s Handbook 2020, 50/e (Brexit Updates)
Author David Lowe, Clive Pidgeon
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Ensure the safe and legal operation of your fleet by staying up to date with the latest rules governing road transport operators in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Now in its 50th edition, Lowe’s Transport Manager’s and Operator’s Handbook 2020 is the most comprehensive guide available to the operational rules and guidelines governing the UK, Ireland and the EU’s road transport operators. This best-selling handbook is an essential reference and explores in detail the most pressing issues in today’s road transport industry. It includes details on professional competence, insurance, international transport of animals, dangerous and perishable goods, international haulage and customs procedures. This manual includes guidance for drivers in the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe, along with the rules and penalties governing these regions.

Lowe’s Transport Manager’s and Operator’s Handbook 2020 is the essential reference source for any transport manager, fleet operator, owner-driver haulier or student involved in the transport industry. This new edition has been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect the latest developments, covering changes to EU drivers’ hours, HM Customs, tachograph rules for AETR rules and intermodal freight material.


Key features at a glance:

  • Provides essential information on professional competence, technical standards and goods vehicle operations.
  • Offers a definitive one-stop reference source for the haulage industry.
  • New to this edition: revised to reflect changes such as international transport of animals, dangerous and perishable goods, international haulage and customs procedures.
  • New to this edition: Brexit policy changes related to operator licensing for international operations, insurance and the international transport of animals.


Biographical Notes


Preface to the 50th Edition


Chapter 1: Goods Vehicle Operator Licensing Administration of Licensing System • The Vehicle Operator Licensing System (VOL) • ‘O’ Licences Not for Sale • Exemptions from ‘O’ Licensing • The Vehicle User • Rental of Vehicles • Hire and Contract Hire • Leasing • Restricted and Standard ‘O” Licences • Requirements for ‘O’ Licensing • Licence Application • The TC’s Considerations • Additional Vehicles • Licence Variation • Transfer of Vehicles • Notification of Changes • Subsidiary Companies • Temporary Derogation • Production of ‘O’ Licences • TCs’ Powers of Review • Current Situation • Penalties against ‘O” Licences • The Upper Transport Tribunal • Northern Ireland Licensing • Use of Light Goods Vehicles • Foreign Vehicles in the UK • Impounding of Trucks

Chapter 2: Professional Competence Who May Become Professionally Competent? • Proof of Professional Competence • Classes of Competence • Examinations (from March 2012) • Transfer of Qualifications • Good Repute • The Driver CPC • Minimum Training and Qualification Requirements

Chapter 3: Goods Vehicle Drivers’ Hours and Working Time “EU and AETR Driving and Rest Time Rules • Enforcement and Penalties • Reporting of Illegal Operations • Which Rules Apply? • “European Union and AETR Rules • British Domestic Rules • “Mixed EU/AETR and British Driving • AETR Rules • Working Time • The Road Transport Directive • The National Minimum Wage • Self-Employment • Tax Relief on Driver Allowances

Chapter 4: Goods Vehicle Drivers’ Records Exemptions from Written Record Keeping • Record Books

Chapter 5: Tachographs - Fitment and Use Requirements Legal Requirements for Analogue Tachographs • Exemptions • Employers’ Responsibilities • Drivers’ Responsibilities • Tachograph Calibration, Sealing and Inspection • Tachograph Breakdown • Use of Analogue Tachographs • The Analogue Tachograph Instrument • Chart Analysis • Offences (all Tachographs) • Production of Records (all Tachographs} • Digital Tachographs • Typical Digital Equipment • Production of Digital Records • Fourth Generation Smart Tachographs • Anti-Fraud Measures

Chapter 6: Driver Licensing and Licence Penalties Driver Licensing • Driving Licences • Vehicle Categories/Groups for Driver Licensing • Application for Licences and Vocational Entitlements • Medical Requirements for Vocational Entitlements • Licence Fees and Validity • Production of Driving Licences • International Driving Permits • Exchange of Driving Licences • Driving Licence Penalty Points and Disqualification

Chapter 7: Driver Testing and Training Driving Tests • ‘Trailblazer’ LGV Driver Apprenticeships • Driver Training • Transport Training

Chapter 8: Vehicle Registration, HGV Road User Levy, Excise Duty and Trade Licences Vehicle Registration • HGV Road User Levy • Vehicle Excise Licences • Trade Licences • Recovery Vehicles • Rebated Heavy Oil (Red Diesel) • Oil Storage

Chapter 9: Insurance (Vehicles and Goods in Transit) and Conditions of Carriage Motor Vehicle Insurance • Fleet Insurance • Additional Insurance Cover • Goods in Transit Insurance • Conditions of Carriage • Security

Chapter 10: Road Traffic Law Speed Limits • Lighting-Up Time • Stopping, Loading and Unloading • Tramways • Motorway Driving • Hazard Warning Flashers • Temporary Obstruction Actions • Lights During Daytime • Parking • Lorry Road User Charging • Lorry Routes and Controls • London Safer Lorry Scheme • Bus Lanes • High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes • Level Crossings • Level and Tram Crossings • Weight-Restricted Roads and Bridges • Owner Liability • Fixed Penalties • Civil Enforcement Officers • Pedestrian Crossings • Builders’ Skips • Abandoned Motor Vehicles • Retention and Disposal of Seized Vehicles • Wheel Clamps • Overloaded Vehicles • Road Traffic Accident Procedure • Road Humps - Traffic Calming • Sale of Unroadworthy Vehicles • Seat Belts • Stowaways • Use of Radios and Telephones in Vehicles • Traffic and Weather Reports • Smuggling

Chapter 11: Goods Vehicle Dimensions and Weights Definitions • Length • Width • Height • Authorized Weight Regulations • ISO Container Dimensions and Weights • Weight Offences

Chapter 12: Construction and Use of Vehicles Definitions of Vehicles • International Vehicle Classifications • Constructional and Maintenance Requirements • Use of Vehicles • Trailer and Semi-Trailer Coupling and Uncoupling • Type Approval • Vehicles Covered • Responsibility for Compliance • Responsibility for Type Approval • The Standards Checked • Arrangements for First Licensing of Vehicles • Alteration to Vehicles

Chapter 13: Vehicle Lighting and Marking Obligatory Lights • Side Marker Lamps • End-Outline Marker Lamps • Lighting Switches • Visibility of Lights and Reflectors • Lights on Projecting Loads • Direction Indicators • Optional Lamps • ‘Warming Beacons • Swivelling Spotlights (Work Lamps) • Rear Retro-Reflectors • Side Retro-Reflectors • Front Retro-Reflectors • Vehicle Markings

Chapter 14: Goods Vehicle Plating, Annual Testing and Vehicle Inspections Annual Testing • Plating of Goods Vehicles and Trailers • Enforcement Checks on Vehicles • Inspection Notices and Prohibitions • Light Vehicles Testing • Northern Ireland Certification of Vehicles

Chapter 15: Light Vehicle (MoT) Testing Vehicle Classes • The Test • Production of Test Certificates • Vehicle Defect Rectification Schemes

Chapter 16: Vehicle Maintenance and Maintenance Records Maintenance Advice • The Choice: To Repair or Contract Out • Maintenance Contracts • In-House Repairs • Vehicle Inspections • Vehicle Servicing • Cleaning of Vehicles • Enforcement of Maintenance Standards • Maintenance Records • Driver Reports of Vehicle Faults • Defect Repair Sheets • Inspection Reports • Service Records • Planning Charts • Vehicle History Files

Chapter 17: Safety - Vehicle, Loads and at Work C&U Requirements • The Safety of Loads on Vehicles • Distribution of Loads • Road Safety • Safety Reports • Health and Safety at Work • The COSHH Regulations 2002 (as Amended) • The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) 2013 • Electric Storage Batteries • Risk Management • Fire Safety • First Aid • Work-Based Safety Signs • Vehicle Reversing • Safe Tipping • Sheeting of Loads • Safe Parking • Work at Height • Noise at Work • Forklift Truck Safety • Freight Container Safety Regulations • Operation of Lorry Loaders • Safety in Dock Premises

Chapter 18: Loads - General, Livestock, Food, etc Length and Width of Loads • Carriage of Livestock • Food • Sand and Ballast Loads • Landfill Tax • Solid Fuel Loads • Container Carrying • Fly-Tipping

Chapter 19: Loads - Abnormal and Projecting Abnormal Indivisible Loads • Special Types Vehicles • Internet Notifications for Abnormal Loads (ESDAL) • Escorts for AILs • High Loads • Projecting Loads • Lighting on Projecting and Long Loads

Chapter 20: Loads - Dangerous, Explosive and Waste Legislation Summary • UK Carriage by Road Regulations • The ADR Convention • Definition and Classification of Dangerous Goods • Responsibilities • Exemptions • Transport Information and Documentation • Information to be Displayed on Containers, Tanks and Vehicles • Emergency Procedures • Security Provisions • Enforcement • Carriage of Explosives • Radioactive Substances • Driver Training • Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSAs) • Controlled and Hazardous Waste • Packaging Waste

Chapter 21: Fleet Car and Light Vehicle Operations Excise Duty • Insurance • Construction and Use Regulations • Safe Use of Mobile Phones, etc • Drivers’ Hours and Records • Speed Limits • Seat Belts • Fuel Consumption Tests • SAFED Training for Van Drivers • Daily Walkaround Checks for Van Drivers

Chapter 22: Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Fuel and Vehicle • Fuel Economy Aids • Fuel and Tyres • Fuel and the Driver • Fuel and Fleet Management • Fuel Economy Checklist • Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme • Freight Best Practice • Reducing Fuel Bills • Gas-Powered Heavy Trucks • Low-Sulphur Diesel • Biodiesel • Electricity and Other Options

Chapter 23: Mobile Communications and Information Technology in Transport Safety • Satellite-Based Communications Systems • Information Technology in Transport • HM Revenue & Customs • Computerization in Transport • Intelligent Transport Systems • Teleroute • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (2018) • Freedom of Information Act 2000

Chapter 24: Transport and the Environment Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) • Impact of Transport • Possible Solutions • Natural Gas Vehicles • Electric Vehicles • Dual Fuel and Other Vehicles • Reverse Logistics • Cooperative and 3PL Initiatives • Cabotage

Chapter 25: Business Management in Transport Quality Management • Quality Assessment and Accreditation • Establishing a Quality System • Quality Procedures Manual • Other Documentation • Training to Achieve Quality Standards • Monitoring of Quality Standards • Further Information • Debt Collection • Insolvency • The Competition Act

Chapter 26: International Haulage Transport Implications • Entry to the International Road Haulage Market • Community Licensing/Licences for the Community • Road Haulage Cabotage • Road Haulage Permits • International Carriage of Goods by Road - CMR • The TIR Convention • The ADR Agreement • Carnets de Passage en Douane • ATA Carnets • ‘De Suivi’ Document • Road Tolls • European Lorry Bans • Environmental Plaques on Heavy Lorries • Miscellaneous Requirements

Chapter 27: Intermodal Freight Transport Unit Loads and Loading Units • Bimodal Systems • Rolling Motorway Systems • Piggyback Transport • Rail Freight • Inland Waterways • Short-Sea Shipping • Containers • Swap Bodies

*Where reference is made to the EU, at the time of writing the rules and regulations referred to remain in force.

Appendices: Vehicle Operator Licensing System (VOL) Transport Trade Associations and Professional Bodies Other Organizations Connected with Transport and Transport Journals Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Weighbridges Authorities and Police Forces (for Notification of Abnormal Load Movements) UK Bridge, Tunnel and Toll Road Tolls Dimensions, Weights and Capacities for ISO Containers (Imperial and Metric Units) Permissible Maximum Vehicle Dimensions in Europe Permissible Maximum Vehicle Weights in Europe (Tonnes) Post-Brexit (General Requirements and Specific Options Summary)

Further Information


About the Authors:

David Lowe is a freelance writer well known in the road transport industry, particularly for his involvement with training for the professional competence examinations. Formerly he was an independent transport consultant and regular contributor to the transport press, and is the author of many transport books, including The Transport Manager’s and Operator’s Handbook, The Dangerous Goods Safety Manual, A Guide to the LGV Driving Licence, Driving Test and Theory Test, The European Bus and Coach Handbook, The European Road Freighting Handbook, and Goods Vehicle Costing and Pricing Handbook.

Mr Lowe’s previous experience includes:

Over 50 years’ experience in road haulage and own-account transport - at one time as an owner-driver haulier. From British Road Services trainee in 1952 to own-account fleet management in food distribution in 1966.

Staff writer on Commercial Motor from 1968 specialising in transport legislation, operational and management issues.

First edition of the highly successful Transport Manager’s Handbook, the so-called transport manager’s ‘bible’, published in 1970.

Freelance writer from 1972, contributing to most UK transport journals and many other publications including the Financial Times, Management Today, Logistics Focus and The Director.

Clive Pidgeon is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (FCILT) and served as Chair of the FTA Welsh Freight Council for four years while employed by the PO. He has worked not only in physical distribution but as a teacher, marker, examiner, examination database manager and author of technical publications for the CILT. He is also the author of A Study Guide for the Operator Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) in Road Freight 2020. He currently acts as a technical author, in various examination roles and provides distance learning support to students studying to gain transport and logistics qualifications.

Target Audience:

This book is an essential reference source for any transport manager, fleet operator, owner-driver haulier or student involved in the transport industry.

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