Title Socialist and Post-Socialist Urbanisms
Subtitle Critical Reflections from a Global Perspective
Author Lisa B. W. Drummond, Douglas Young
ISBN 9781442632530
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"By bringing together a collection of essays on cities that are often overlooked in mainstream urban studies, this collection of essays addresses a timely topic that is under-researched and fills an important gap in the scholarly literature."

—Martin J. Murray, Professor Urban Planning, Taubman College, University of Michigan

"The collection’s academic value is compelling: I have not seen a volume of such scope, offering a truly broad global survey relevant to the question of socialist and post-socialist urbanisms."

—Heather DeHaan, Department of History, Binghamton University, State University of New York


Socialist cities have special qualities which endure in particular, subtle, and often under-theorized ways. This book engages with socialism on a global scale, as well as the variety of socialist urbanisms and post-socialist urbanisms, and the range of ways in which globalization intersects with changes in socialist and post-socialist cities.

Offering a unique international comparative focus, the book’s fourteen case studies from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa are grouped under three main themes: housing experiences and life trajectories, planning and architecture, and governance and social order. Featuring contributors from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and research foci, Socialist and Post-Socialist Urbanisms brings together a collection of essays on cities that are often overlooked in mainstream urban studies.


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Introduction: Socialist and Post-Socialist Urbanisms (Lisa B.W. Drummond and Douglas Young)


Part One: Housing Experiences and Life Trajectors

Chapter 1. From Socialist Moderns to the New Urban Poor: Gender and the Housing Question in Vinh City, Vietnam (Christina Schwenkel)

Chapter 2. From ABC to Post-Industrial Suburb - Living in a Vision (Bo Larson) Translated from Swedish by Aidan Allen

Chapter 3. The Rise and Fall of Collective Housing: Hanoi between Vision and Decision (Lisa B.W. Drummond and Nguyên Than Bình)

Chapter 4. Wrestling with the Soviet State: A Life History of Housing in Leningrad (Thomas Borên and Michael Gentile)


Part Two: Planning and Architecture: Designing Socialist and Post-Socialist Urbanisms

Chapter 5. In the Spaces between Buildings: The Cases of South City, Prague (Steven Logan)

Chapter 6. Reworking the Meanings of Urbanity in Post-Socialist Phnom Penh: Toward a Commodification of Urban Centrality (Gabriel Fauveaud)

Chapter 7. Planning for "Renaissance": Vanguard Urbanism in Addis Ababa (Jesse Mcclelland)

Chapter 8. Recuperate, Recycle, Reuse: Adaptive Solutions for the Socialist Architecture of Bucharest (Laura Visan)

Chapter 9. The Paradox of Preserving Modernism: Heritage Debates at Alexanderplatz, Berlin (Markus Kip and Douglas Young)


Part Three: The Governance and Social Order

Chapter 10. China"s "New" Socialist City: From Red Aesthetics to Standard Urban Governance (Carolyn Cartier)

Chapter 11. Property Relations and the Politics of the Suburban Living Place in the Post-Communist City: Transition Stories from Tirana, Albania (Marcela Mele and Andre E.G. Jonas)

Chapter 12. Urban Natures in Managua, Nicaragua (Laura Shillington)

Chapter 13. The Reshaping of Post-Socialist Ho Chi Minh City: Leisure Practices and Social Control (Marie Gibert and Emmanuelle Peyvel)

Chapter 14. Mapping Khujand: The Governance of Spatial Representations in Post-Socialist Tajikistan (Wladimir Sgibnev)


Conclusion (Douglas Young and Lisa B.W. Drummond)



About the Editors:

Lisa B. Welch Drummond is an associate professor in the Urban Studies Program in the Department of Social Science at York University.

Douglas Young is an associate professor in the Urban Studies Program in the Department of Social Science at York University.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in urban studies and globalization.


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