Title Influencers & Revolutionaries
Subtitle How Innovative Trailblazers, Trends & Catalysts Are Transforming Business
Author Sean Pillot de Chenecey
ISBN 9780749498689
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Publishing year 2020
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“Don’t try to hide from the future - it will be here sooner than you think. And when it arrives, you’d better be prepared! Start by reading Influencers & Revolutionaries. And then shape your future.”

Carsten Beck, Director of Research, The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies


Influencers & Revolutionaries covers a life where progress depends on good business becoming a real way of operating and not just a PR strategy. It will serve not just business people but also policymakers and activists.”

Thomas Coombes, Head of Brand, Amnesty International


Sean Pillot de Chenecey’s previous publication examined the phenomenon of the post-truth world. His compelling new book analyses its consequences. Marketers, retailers, innovators, communicators, engineers, travellers, urban planners, venture capitalists and entertainers will all be inspired by this thought-provoking and immensely readable book.”

Julian Boulding, President, The Network One


“This book is thought-provoking and refreshing. It highlights critical catalysts, specifically the climate crisis, which remain little understood at the most senior levels of industry sectors facing disruption.”

Joanna Catalano, President, Dentsu Aegis Network, Asia Pacific


Sean Pillot de Chenecey has rescued the concepts of innovation and disruption from becoming meaningless jargon and empty clichés. Influencers & Revolutionaries provides an in-depth understanding of the dynamics transforming businesses globally and across sectors. This book is indispensable.”

Michael Cohen, President, Michael Cohen Group, NYC


“This book provides a critical compass for innovation in a period of profoundly needed ecological transformation. Sean Pillot de Chenecey weaves compelling examples of innovation across a wide range of sectors to powerfully demonstrate how socio-ecological concerns and innovation can be fundamentally aligned. A must-read for anybody who wants to be part of the solution generation in the decade to come.”

Carole Collet, Professor for Sustainable Futures, Central Saint Martins UAL


“The genesis of many great start-ups is the desire to challenge the status quo. Sean Pillot de Chenecey’s new book helps you understand the power of disruption to change the world. It should be standard reading for all aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Scott Goodson, Founder and Chairman, Strawberry Frog


“A smart read for tumultuous times. Sean Pillot de Chenecey deftly navigates today’s new business climate and its disruptive trends, with insights and tangible solutions. Amazingly timely.”

Lucie Greene, Founder, Light Years


“Influencers & Revolutionaries is full of signposts to possible futures in tourism, health, fashion, entertainment, transport and more. Sean Pillot de Chenecey’s is a singular voice in the often-contradictory worlds of innovation, marketing and consumption; and his refreshing forthright prose is the next best thing to hearing him give a speech.”

Ben Hughes, Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology


“Companies have arguably never faced such urgency in being able to change as fast as the culture they operate in. Sean Pillot de Chenecey’s book is an inspirational and, most importantly, useful map to why and how change is occurring in the world and how businesses are responding - and need to respond. It’s a call to arms.”

Gareth Kay, Founding Partner, Chapter


The environmental crisis, disruptive technologies, unforeseen competitors and unpredictable consumers are deeply challenging issues keeping business leaders awake at night. Influencers & Revolutionaries describes the emerging movements and future niches of growth that will impact international markets and industries; including the homes, workplaces and cities of tomorrow.

People are looking for alternatives and demanding a better way of doing business. Their demands mean that ethical, flexible, sustainable, collaborative and radical business strategies are required.

Influencers & Revolutionaries charts inspiring innovation models created by visionary business leaders and brand teams. Illuminating the dynamic global trends shaping businesses across industries, Sean Pillot de Chenecey highlights the transformation of product, service and strategic development, as we move to a circular and more ethical economy. Featuring a new innovation manifesto, this book is a guidebook covering important topics including:


- Trend research, forecasting and scenario planning

- Classic innovation theory vs current leading-edge thinking

- New consumption patterns and fragmented niches of growth

- Dynamic cross-category innovation from legacy brands and start-ups

- Challenging convention via catalytic leadership and next-generation practises

- How agile organizations leverage cultural and social trends to anticipate change

- Utilizing business innovation to tackle social, cultural and environmental problems


Strategists, marketers and developers need a playbook that informs and explains how they can create the next big thing. This book is for them.


Key features at a glance:

  • Explains how to stay ahead of the competition by understanding key business and innovation trends and movements
  • Shows the importance of adapting to the never normal world and being agile in response to constant business shifts
  • Teaches readers how to transform the way that they do business while remaining true to their core values
  • Part of the Inspire series, which offers insightful analyses of the new, VUCA world of business, from digital transformation to the age of artificial intelligence




Chapter 1: Classic innovation theory and current leading-edge thinking • Defining innovation and the innovative organization • Building a culture of innovation • Summary

Chapter 2: The disruptors disrupted. What next for adland? • The attack of the consultancies, and future agency roles • Brand purpose or ‘toxic pomposity? • The rebels • Influencer marketing and false authenticity • Charlatans and rogue managers • Summary

Chapter 3: The future of retail and the future home • The consumer and the environment • Ethics and innovation • Environmentalism meets fashion and luxury • Crocodiles and supply chains • Luxury brands and the ultimate luxury store • The future home and the Internet of Things • The kitchen of the future • Entertainment • Summary

Chapter 4: How the food and drink industries leverage catalytic trends • Radical restaurants and truth machines • From local foraging to global traditions • We have to change what we eat and drink • From impossible foods to experience dining to snackification • From Public Enemy No 1 to customized sustainable design • Smart packaging and holistic thinking • Summary

Chapter 5: The wellness economy meets the lifestyle industry • Health is everything • Trust and transparency • Algorithmic interpretations and personal control • Product and service innovation – back to the future • Mental health, and combating anxiety • Play and community • Communicating a health message • The D-word • Summary

Chapter 6: Smart cities, the IoT and connected living • Urban tensions • Empathy and inclusion • The rise and rise of secondary cities • Security • Environmentalism: ‘tell the truth, and act like it’s real’ • Megacities and smart cities • Mobility ‘connected, shared and self-driving’ • Summary

Chapter 7: Intelligent and sustainable: a new era of tourism and mobility • Homogenized travel and ‘social media similarity’ • Cruise ships and Tesla ships • Hotels: cultural hubs, smart rooms and community integration • Business not as usual, and sci-fi futures • Airlines, airships, air taxis and spacecraft • The life, death and rebirth of the automobile • Autonomous vehicles, connected cars, electrification and shared mobility • Sharing, insurance and the ‘Third Transportation Revolution’ • Trains and ‘the fifth mode of transport’ • Summary

Chapter 8: The transformation of entertainment by technology, experiences and personalization • Play is a space where the past and future have no meaning • Gaming: next-generation consoles, cloud-based gaming wars, eSports and ethics • Sport: AR and VR full immersion experiences and cause-based campaigning • Television: the rise of the disruptors, mobile-based viewing and Smart TV • Radio: community engagement, audience appeal and social media • Film and video: how online viewing has transformed content consumption • Music: the transformation of immersive, engaging and rewarding experiences • Festivals: the rise and rise of tech powered niche audience events • Summary

Chapter 9: The future of work: goodbye to certainty and stability. Hello to Industry 4.0 • Defining the issue... • Meanwhile: artificial intelligence, language interfaces and augmented reality • Diversity, inclusion and cognitive diversity • Rateocracy: from ‘owning’ to ‘attraction’ • Generational issues: challenges and opportunities • Education and lifelong learning • Gender-specific • Emotional and empowering – the future workspace • Forget coworking, think proworking • Cultural planning and social action • Cultural clustering and the battle for authenticity • Brand purpose and a new social consciousness • The future work manifesto: ‘empowerment, flexibility, collaboration, empathy and autonomy’ • Summary

Chapter 10: Fintech and insurtech, and the battle of choice vs privacy • Capitalism under attack, and the need for greater accountability • The sun rises in the East... • Hypertargeting meets privacy... and Libra • Gambling and open banking • Bitcoin, smart contracts, neobanks and... Extinction Rebellion • Big brands fight back, and criminal networks see an opportunity • Insurtech and ‘Policy 2.0’ • Sharing, collaborating, pricing and not-for-profit • Summary

Summary: The Influencers and Revolutionaries Innovation Manifesto

References and further reading


About the Author:

Sean Pillot de Chenecey is a marketing expert, who for over twenty years has combined brand consultancy with ethnographic activity and trend research around the world. His clients have included Unilever, Swatch, Heineken, Diageo, General Motors, Beiersdorf, AXA, Vodafone, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Muller, GlaxoSmithKline, Visa, Granarolo and Starwood; and he’s collaborated with numerous advertising, branding, design, media and PR agencies. He is a university lecturer and has written for Admap, Brand Strategy, Contagious, Dazed and Marketing. A public speaker, he’s given speeches for over a decade in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North America.

Target Audience:

It should be standard reading for all aspiring entrepreneurs, strategists, marketers and developers. Marketers, retailers, innovators, communicators, engineers, travellers, urban planners, venture capitalists and entertainers will all be inspired by this thought-provoking and immensely readable book.

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