Title Get a Life!
Subtitle Creating a Successful Work-Life Balance
Author Rick Hughes
ISBN 9781789662009
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Publishing year 2020
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“Rick Hughes’ years of experience as a psychological counsellor have given him deep insights into what matters to people and what makes for a fulfilling life, both at work and home. This book provides us with access to these insights in an easily digestible and relatable way. He emphasizes the importance of good relationships and communication and provides multiple case studies based in his experience. I can highly recommend this as a read that will help you reflect and put into practice some simple things that will improve your work-life harmony.”

David Roomes, Chief Medical Officer, Rolls-Royce


“As a workplace wellbeing practitioner this is a fantastic book to help guide thinking and practical tools to manage workplace pressures. As an employee this has tips and ideas to enable us all to develop skills to perform at our best both at home and at work and better navigate the ever-complex world of work. A superb book for individuals and organisations alike.”

Dr Judith Grant, Director of Health & Wellbeing, MACE group


“I’m delighted to fully endorse this well written book on a very important topic - our work life balance. Rick Hughes has expertly accessed this topic with humour, insight and useful calls to action. His case studies provide the reader with a rich seam of experience which magnifies and illustrates the key messages of the book. If the reader is looking for a book which is highly practical, superbly written and reaches the part that others can’t reach, then search no further!”

Andrew Kinder, Professional Head of Mental Health Services, Optima Health


“It is great to see a publication that explores such an interesting and engaging topic as work-life balance - one might even call it ‘brave’ as this area is so personal and diverse, with a variety of meanings depending on where we are in our life. I think the content is well structured, engaging and practical and so I think all readers will benefit from this book.”

Dr Shaun Davis, Global Director Compliance & Sustainability, Royal Mail Group - Honorary Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham


Is work taking over your life? Is your life interfering with your success at work? Work-life balance is ever-evolving and can be hard to find and maintain, especially as your career develops and circumstances change. Get A Life! is a highly practical handbook to help you do just that.

Written by experienced coach, counsellor and wellbeing consultant Rick Hughes, this book covers everything from assessing your own needs, delegation and workload management and the myths of perfectionism, to managing and investing in relationships at work and at home, considering professional and personal development, and creativity and self-worth. With a wealth of advice, case studies and useful action plans founded in over 25 years of real-world experience, Get A Life! will help you find the balance that works for you, now.

Key features at a glance:

  • Helps you take control, whether work is taking over your life, or your life is interfering in your professional success
  • Is thorough and comprehensive, addressing a wide range of work-life aspects including mental health and wellbeing; workload management and delegation; relationships at home and at work; mindset and mindfulness; job satisfaction; approach to working hours; networking; and professional and personal development
  • Features case studies from diverse people and situations and practical action plans and exercises to help you manage your own work-life balance successfully, and apply the advice to your own circumstances and outlook


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Chapter 1. Personal development Rest and relaxation • Mindfulness and living in the moment • Acceptance and commitment • Personal creativity • Adventure and excitement • Stages in life, changes and life events • Emotional intelligence • Spirituality, religion, belief and faith • `Get a Life’ needs audit scaling system: personal development

Chapter 2. People Me, my partner and romance • Demands and needs of children • Friends • Family • Pets and animals • Contribution to community • Relationships at work • Networking and your dream team • `Get a Life’ needs audit scaling system: people • Endnotes

Chapter 3. Professional issues Purpose and meaning at work • Being politically astute • Mentoring and guidance • Professional development • Quest for knowledge • Adapting to a new role or job • Managing change • Reality of perfectionism • `Get a Life’ needs audit scaling system: professional issues

Chapter 4. Productivity and performance Time management • Delegation • Working hours • Job satisfaction • Personal efficiency • Managing ambition • `Get a Life’ needs audit scaling system: productivity and performance • Endnotes

Chapter 5. Psychological and physical wellbeing Stress management • Positive thinking • Calmness from anxiety and worry • Become resilient by facing your fears • Happiness • Mental health and wellbeing • Physical health and wellbeing • Exercise • Nutrition/diet • Sleep • `Get a Life’ needs audit scaling system: psychological and physical wellbeing • Endnotes

Chapter 6. Practical factors Home and physical environment • Working from home • Running your own business • Money and finances • Information technology and communications • Social media management • `Get a Life’ needs audit scaling system: practical factors

Chapter 7. Pulling it all together Summary of chapters • Scoring your work—life balance • Making your work—life balance • Summary of chapter sections • Improving your work—life balance



About the Author:

Rick Hughes (MBACP, MPhil, DipC, DipM) is Head of Service for the University of Aberdeen Counselling Service and former Lead Advisor: Workplace for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. He has been a Wellbeing Consultant, Workplace Counsellor, Coach, Employee Support trouble-shooter and writer for over 25 years, providing support, counsel or guidance for thousands of individuals, and worked with clients such as the Royal Mail Group, the Bank of Scotland, British Airways, BT, and Aviva.

Target Audience:

This book is a must-read for individuals and organisations alike looking for work-life balance. A superb book for individuals and organisations alike.

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