Title Emerging Technologies for Nurses
Subtitle Implications for Practice
Author Whende M. Carroll
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Learn and innovate with the latest technologies in nursing and healthcare!

The first text of its kind in nursing, this book provides up-to-date information on innovative, smart technologies that nurses can use in clinical and nonclinical settings to keep up with the changing face of healthcare.

This compelling guide will provide you with information about exciting areas of technology that have great potential to improve patient care. Subjects include big data, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented realities, connected technologies, and precision health. There is also discusson of the shift of healthcare delivery into the community, with an outlook on improving outcomes and enhancing practice.

Each chapter focuses on developing competency in current and future real-world applications of emerging technologies. Early chapters describe how to utilize new tools, processes, models, and products to serve the quadruple aim of better managing populations, decreasing costs, and enhancing both the patient’s and the clinician’s experience. The culture of innovation coincides with the ever-changing politics of healthcare in later chapters, which then evolves into the entrepreneurial opportunities for nurses.

This text is an essential introduction for all practicing nurses, nurse leaders, and nurses teaching health information technology or informatics courses.

Key Features:

  • Written by nurses for nurses
  • The latest information on emerging health information technology and associated nursing implications
  • Compelling cases show the dramatic effect of innovations on value-based care
  • Learn how applying novel technologies can improve patient care



Foreword (Joyce Sensmeier, MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, FAAN)




Chapter 1. Emerging Technologies and Healthcare Innovation (Whende M. Carroll) • Chapter Objectives • Introduction • Nursing and Emerging Technology • Definitions of Emerging Technology • Ambiguity: An Essential Factor in Emerging Technologies • Innovation, Disruption, and Hype • Innovation • Disruption • Disruptive Innovators • Innovation and Hype • Healthcare as a Technology Industry • Partnering for Healthcare Innovation • Healthcare Innovation Centers Advancing Emerging Technologies • Conscientious Innovation • U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Taking Steps to Protect Patient Risk With Medical Device Innovation • Health Disparities and Emerging Technology • Nurses: Catalysts in Emerging Technology Development • A Call to Action for Nurse Innovation • The Power to Transform Care • Conclusion • Glossary • Thought-Provoking Questions • References • Additional Resources

Chapter 2. Nursing Value and Big Data (Whende M. Carroll) • Chapter Objectives • Introduction • Value-Based Care • Nurses Impact Value-Based Care • The Importance of Nursing Value in New Models of Care • Measuring Nursing Value • New Nurse Roles Support Value and Emerging Technology • Big Data • Big Data in Healthcare • Nurses and Big Data • Opportunities • Adoption and Application of Data-Driven Emerging Technologies • Conclusion • Glossary • Thought-Provoking Questions • References

Chapter 3. Artificial Intelligence (Whende M. Carroll) Chapter Objectives • Introduction • Definition of AI • History of AI • History of AI in Healthcare • AI’s Promise in Healthcare • What AI Is • What AI Is Not • AI Considerations • Policy and Ethics • Bias and Equity • Regulation and Governance • AI and Nursing • AI and Support of Patient-Centeredness and Safety in Nursing Practice • AI, Critical Thinking, and the Nursing Process • Predictive Analytics • Predictive Analytics’ Purpose • The Value of Predictive Data and Analysis • Machine Learning • The ML Process • Natural Language Processing • AI—A Deeper Understanding • Conclusion • Glossary • Thought-Provoking Questions • References • Additional Resources

Chapter 4. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality (Barbara Ficarra) • Chapter Objectives • Introduction • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality: Definitions • Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality in Healthcare: • Yesterday and Today • Healthcare Landscape • Therapeutic Use of VR/AR/MR: Focus on the Pediatric Population • Immersive Technology for Reducing Anxiety and Pain • The Redesign of Nursing, Medical, and Patient Education With Immersive Technologies • Educational Redesign: Changing the Culture • Simulation • Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality in Nursing Education • Patient Education • Benefits to Medical Education • Expanding the Nurse’s Role With the Use of VR/AR/MR • Conclusion • Glossary • Thought-Provoking Questions • References • Additional Resources

Chapter 5. The Internet of Things (Thomas R. Clancy) • Chapter Objectives • Introduction • The Evolution of Automation • How Information Grows • Linear Versus Exponential Growth in Information • Combinatorial Innovation and Crossover • Machines, Platforms, and the Crowd • Machines • Platforms • The Crowd • Conclusion • Glossary • Thought-Provoking Questions • References • Additional Resource

Chapter 6. Precision Health and Genomics (Kathleen A. McCormick)  • Chapter Objectives • Introduction • Precision Health • Basics of Gene Structures: Like Reading Book • Current-Day Understanding of the Basics • Basic Definitions • Two Nursing Standards Relevant to Precision Health • Nursing’s History of Engagement in Genetics/Genomics • Throughout the Continuum of Care • Preconception and Prenatal Healthcare • Newborn Screening • Understanding Health Risks and Susceptibility for Disease and Therapy Response • Screening and Diagnosis • Prognosis and Therapeutic Decisions • Monitoring Disease Progression and Symptom Management • The Role of Nursing in Precision Health • Pharmacogenomics • Pharmacogenomics and Nursing Documentation • Nursing to Support Genomics With Emphasis on Symptom Management • and Pharmacogenomics • Nursing’s Role in Medication Administration and Documentation • Evaluation of Medication Adverse Reactions • Linking Genomics and Bioinformatics • Unique Needs for Security • Implementation Using Digital Tools and Promoting Integration of Genomics and Pharmacogenomics Guidelines Into the EHR • The Need for the Integrated EHR • Algorithms and Computer-Based Decision Support • The Need for Mobile Devices Linked to Secure Databases • Bioinformatics to Support Discovery of Genetics to Cell Functions • Moving to AI, ML, Big Data Clouds, and Robotics • Challenges • Reimbursement to Assure Access to Personalized Health and Clinical Implementation • Educating Nurses With Enough Clinical Knowledge and Expertise  in the Era of Precision Health • Ethical and Legal Challenges • The Challenge of Nursing Culture • Nursing to Support Genomics in the Future • Conclusion • Glossary • Thought-Provoking Questions • References • Additional Resources • Nursing Competency Resources

Chapter 7. The Future of Emerging Technologies and Nursing (Whende M. Carroll) • Chapter Objectives • Introduction • Smart Computing in Care Settings for Connection, Security, and Proximity • Ambient Intelligence • Distributed Ledger Technology/Blockchain • Edge Computing • Emerging Technologies for the Community • The Learning Health System • Community-Focused Technology • Consumerism, Experience, and the Sharing Economy • The Rise of Healthcare Consumerism • Focus on Experience • Furthering the Sharing Economy • Emerging Technologies and the Future of Nursing • High Tech and High Touch • The Fully Digitalized Nurse • Nursing Informatics Advancing Emerging Technologies • Nurse Scientists: Skilling Up the Nursing Workforce for Data Analytics • Nurse Innovators: The Next Tech Entrepreneurs • Conclusion • Glossary • Thought-Provoking Questions • References



About the Editor:

Whende M. Carroll, MSN, RN-BC, is an informatics specialist with over 20 years of experience in nursing, as well as the dynamic universe of health information technology. As a nurse technologist, Whende has founded Nurse Evolution, a cause-based nursing community established to educate all nurses on how to expertly use technology, data, and innovation strategies for optimizing nursing care delivery for the health of people and populations. Whende has served as an advisor to healthcare organizations, with a focus on maintaining the nursing workforce, adopting precision intelligence, optimizing clinical practice and outcomes, transforming the patient experience, enhancing efficiencies, and fostering clinician well-being. She is currently senior editor at the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI), for which she regularly writes about Big Data-enabled emerging technologies.

Target Audience:

Useful for all practicing nurses, nurse leaders, and nurses teaching health information technology or informatics courses.



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