Title Immigration and the Politics of Welfare Exclusion
Subtitle Selective Solidarity in Western Democracies
Author Edward A. Koning
ISBN 9781487523428
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"This is a first-rate piece of scholarship. Immigration and the Politics of Welfare Exclusion is well-written, well-researched, methodologically sound and, most importantly, original. It intersects and scrutinizes several important scholarly literatures regarding the politics of immigrant welfare exclusion and, more broadly, the politics of the domestic welfare state in Canada, Sweden, and the Netherlands in the aftermath of mass immigrant settlement over time."

—Anthony M. Messina, John R. Reitemeyer Professor of Political Science, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut

"Immigration and the Politics of Welfare Exclusion is an interesting contribution to the literature on immigrants’ social rights and is convincingly presented as an original and innovative contribution to the present state of research. The subject is extremely topical in contemporary Western democracies which, together with the comprehensible style and manner of analysis, is a promise that this book will be of use not only for scholars in the field, but also as a text book in various university courses in political science, sociology, and related areas."

—Karin Borevi, School of Social Sciences, Södertörn University, Stockholm



Why do some governments try to limit immigrants’ access to social benefits and entitlements while others do not? Through an in-depth study of Sweden, Canada, and the Netherlands, Immigration and the Politics of Welfare Exclusion maps the politics of immigrants’ social rights in Western democracies. To achieve this goal, Edward A. Koning analyzes policy documents, public opinion surveys, data on welfare use, parliamentary debates, and interviews with politicians and key players in the three countries.

Koning’s findings are three-fold. First, the politics of immigrant welfare exclusion have little to do with economic factors and are more about general opposition to immigration and multiculturalism. Second, proposals for exclusion are particularly likely to arise in a political climate that incentivizes politicians to appear "tough" on immigration. Finally, the success of anti-immigrant politicians in bringing about exclusionary reforms depends on the response of the political mainstream, and the extent to which immigrants’ rights are protected in national and international legal frameworks.

A timely investigation into an increasingly pressing subject, Immigration and the Politics of Welfare Exclusion will be essential reading for scholars and students of political science, comparative politics, and immigration studies.


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Chapter1. Theorizing Immigrant-Excluding Welfare Reforms • The Progressive’s Dilemma: Immigration versus the Welfare State? • Immigrant-Excluding Welfare Reforms (and Their Alternatives) • The Political Translation of Economic Facts • Forces of Continuity: Institutionalizing Immigrants’ Social Rights • Forces of Change: Contesting Immigrants’ Social Rights

Chapter 2. The Limits of Economic Explanations • Immigrant Welfare Use and Public Opinion • Immigrant Welfare Use and Support for Welfare Exclusion in Three Countries

Chapter 3. Sweden: Universalism, Even for Newcomers? • A Story of Gradual Inclusion • Framing Welfare Dependence as Utanförskap • Anti-Migrant Politics in the Margins, but for How Long?

Chapter 4. Canada: Stability in a Country of Immigrants • Continuation of the Canadian Model of Immigration and Welfare • Faulty Admission and ‘Bogus’ Claimants: Framing Immigrants’ Welfare Dependence • Political Battles at the Margins of the Canadian Model

Chapter 5. Netherlands: The Sudden Surge of Selective Solidarity • A Recent History of Immigrant-Excluding Welfare Reforms • From Taboo to Cliché: Increasing Concerns about Immigrants’ Welfare Dependence • Reaching the Boundaries of Exclusion

Chapter 6. Conclusions

Appendix Tables
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About the Author:

Edward A. Koning is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Guelph.

Target Audience:

People interested in political science, comparative politics, immigration studies and sociology.


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