Title Russia and Central Asia
Subtitle Coexistence, Conquest, Convergence
Author Shoshana Keller
ISBN 9781487594343
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Publishing year 2020
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"Shoshana Keller offers students an accessible and engaging account of the historical relationship between Russia and the peoples of Central Asia. The text is enlivened by the author’s deep knowledge of Central Asian history and command of local languages."

Sarah Cameron, University of Maryland


"Russia and Central Asia breaks ground for its relative fullness in treating the modern history of Russian-Central Asian interaction in all of its violent, productive, and cross-culturally intermingling ways. Such a book has been badly needed for decades by both scholars and students wanting to teach and learn about the Russian-Central Asian nexus that continues to constitute many aspects of the respective countries" cross-border relations in terms of politics, economics, and social relations. This well-written and accessible book will be the standard bearer for many years to come."

—Russell Zanca, Northeastern Illinois University


Russia and Central Asia provides an overview of the relationship between two dynamic regions, highlighting the ways in which Russia and Central Asia have influenced and been influenced by Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This readable synthesis, covering early coexistence in the seventeenth century to the present day, seeks to encourage new ways of thinking about how the modern world developed.

Shoshana Keller focuses on the five major "Stans": Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. Cultural and social history are interwoven with the military narrative to provide a sense of the people, their religion, and their practices – all of which were severely tested under Stalin.

The text includes a glossary as well as images and maps that help to highlight 500 years of changes, bringing Central Asia into the general narrative of Russian and world history and introducing a fresh perspective on colonialism and modernity.



A Note on Spelling

Place Names  


Chapter 1. Early Coexistence

Chapter 2. The Balance of Power Shifts

Chapter 3. Conquest

Chapter 4. Imperial Rule

Chapter 5. Revolutions 

Chapter 6. Founding Soviet Central Asia 

Chapter 7. Breaking and Building - The Stalin Era 

Chapter 8. Stability and Growth

Chapter 9. From Reform to Independence 





About the Author:

Shoshana Keller is a professor in the Department of History at Hamilton College.

Target Audience:

People interested in history.

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