Title Queer Natures, Queer Mythologies
Author Sam See
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“In these bold, original essays written against a slew of hardened academic orthodoxies, Sam See shows his work to have been radically ahead of its time. Recovering an underexamined mode of queer aesthetics grounded in nature and myth running through the heart of modernism, See’s incisive readings of Darwin, Wilde, Woolf, Hughes, Eliot, Hemingway, and others are nothing less than field-changing. Thank you, Chris Looby and Michael North, and also the writers of the insightful companion essays, for this eagerly-awaited collection of works by a brilliant and fearless critic: one willing to revisit categories in which so many of us were taught to feel ashamed of showing interest, in order to bring sex back into the aesthetic and the aesthetic back into sex.”

Sianne Ngai, University of Chicago

“Sam See’s stunningly original and profoundly generative essays urge us to recognize the queerness of nature and the critical role of myth making in queer community formation. Brilliant, supple, deeply learned, and wide-ranging, the essays bear witness to the powerful mind and generous spirit we lost far too soon.”

George Chauncey, DeWitt Clinton Professor of History, Columbia University


Queer Natures, Queer Mythologies collects in two parts the scholarly work—both published and unpublished—that Sam See had completed as of his death in 2013.

In Part I, in a thorough reading of Darwin, See argues that nature is constantly and aimlessly variable, and that nature itself might be considered queer. In Part II, See proposes that, understood as queer in this way, nature might be made the foundational myth for the building of queer communities.

With essays by Scott Herring, Heather Love, and Wendy Moffat.




Part I: Queer Natures

Charles Darwin, Queer Theorist

The Comedy of Nature: Darwinian Feminism in Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts

Art for Science’s Sake: Wilde in Whitman’s Wilderness

Exfoliating Modernist Realism: Carpenter, Darwin, and Forster

“Spectacles in Color”: The Primitive Drag of Langston Hughes

Epilogue: The Myth of Nature


Part II: Queer Mythologies

Fast Books Read Slow: The Shapes of Speed in Manhattan Transfer and

Making Modernism New: Queer Mythology in The Young and Evil

American Failurism: Hart Crane’s The Bridge and Kenneth Burke’s Paradox of Purity

The Cruelty of Breeding: Queer Time in



The Ancients and the Queer Moderns (Scott Herring)

Contrary / Sexual / Feeling (Heather Love)

Late Sam See (Wendy Moffat)



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About the Author:

Sam See was a scholar of Modernist literature and sexuality studies and Assistant Professor of English at Yale University.

Target Audience:

People interested in gender studies and literary studies.


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