Title Iran Reframed
Subtitle Anxieties of Power in the Islamic Republic
Author Narges Bajoghli
ISBN 9781503610293
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No of pages 176
Book size 140 x 216 mm
Publishing year 2019
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“In this beautifully written and extraordinarily rich book, Narges Bajoghli demonstrates a deep anxiety within the Iranian regime about how to transmit the ideology of the Revolution forty years on. With Iran Reframed, we come to understand the contradictions and frustrations behind the regime’s justifications of its past, present, and imagined future.”

Sherine F. Hamdy, author of Our Bodies Belong to God: Organ Transplants, Islam, and the Struggle for Human Dignity in Egypt


Iran Reframed is incomparable. A must-read on Iran’s media landscape and paramount for anyone who wants to understand Iran as it really is. Gripping and provocative.”

Negar Mottahedeh, author of Whisper Tapes: Kate Millett in Iran


Iran Reframed offers marvelously original insight into one of the world’s most misunderstood countries. Narges Bajoghli reflects on the success and failure of revolutions, the meaning of ideology, youth and aging, and the ways politics seeks to address deep human longings.”

Stephen Kinzer, author of All the Shah’s Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror


An inside look at what it means to be pro-regime in Iran, and the debates around the future of the Islamic Republic.

More than half of Iran’s citizens were not alive at the time of the 1979 Revolution. Now entering its fifth decade in power, the Iranian regime faces the paradox of any successful revolution: how to transmit the commitments of its political project to the next generation. New media ventures supported by the Islamic Republic attempt to win the hearts and minds of younger Iranians. Yet members of this new generation—whether dissidents or fundamentalists—are increasingly skeptical of these efforts.

Iran Reframed offers unprecedented access to those who wield power in Iran as they debate and define the future of the Republic. Over ten years, Narges Bajoghli met with men in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Ansar Hezbollah, and Basij paramilitary organizations to investigate how their media producers developed strategies to court Iranian youth. Readers come to know these men—what the regime means to them and their anxieties about the future of their revolutionary project. Contestation over how to define the regime underlies all their efforts to communicate with the public. This book offers a multilayered story about what it means to be pro-regime in the Islamic Republic, challenging everything we think we know about Iran and revolution.





Chapter 1. Generational Changes

Chapter 2. Cracks in the Official Story

Chapter 3. Insiders, Outsiders, and Belonging

Chapter 4. New Strategies

Chapter 5. Producing Nationalism







About the Author:

Narges Bajoghli is Assistant Professor of Middle East Studies at the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. She has written for the New York Times Magazine, the Guardian, and the Washington Post, and has appeared as a commentator on NPR, PBS, and the BBC. She is the director of the documentary The Skin That Burns, screened at The Hague, Hiroshima, Jaipur, and film festivals throughout the United States.

Target Audience:

People interested in the political aspects of the motion picture industry in Iran.


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