Title Cambridge IGCSE™ Mandarin Chinese, 2/e
Author Yan Burch
ISBN 9781510484979
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Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2020
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Provide guidance, exercises and examples in all four key skills, with speaking, listening, reading and writing integrated into every chapter; updated to support the revised Cambridge IGCSETM Mandarin Chinese (0547) syllabus.

  • Improve comprehension and delivery of language with all four key skills comprehensively covered throughout with icons to identify when each skill should be used and practised.
  • Enhance speaking skills with Pinyin (phonetics) that aid correct pronunciation.
  • Aid understanding with vocabulary and grammar boxes that offer clear explanations and example sentences.
  • Build skills with exercises arranged progressively from simple, to complex and comprehensive.
  • Provide additional practice with the accompanying Workbook, perfect as a course companion or homework book for use throughout the course.
  • Engage, challenge and motivate you student with interactive resources from our partner Languagenut*, for more information visit www.hoddereducation.co.uk/languagenut



Unit 1: Personal and social life

Chapter 1: Myself and my family • Chapter 2: Family and pets • Chapter 3: Hobbies • Chapter 4: Weekends • Chapter 5: Summer holidays • Chapter 6: Our house


Unit 2: Routine and health

Chapter 7: School routine • Chapter 8: School campus • Chapter 9: Student life • Chapter 10: School subjects • Chapter 11: Eating and drinking • Chapter 12: Health and fitness


Unit 3: The world around us

Chapter 13: The place where I live • Chapter 14: Finding the way • Chapter 15: Spare time • Chapter 16: Protecting the environment • Chapter 17: Travel • Chapter 18: Festivals


Unit 4: Further education and the world of work

Chapter 19: Further education • Chapter 20: Working as a volunteer • Chapter 21: Leisure • Chapter 22: Planning the future • Chapter 23: The most satisfying job • Chapter 24: It is beautiful outside



Target Audience:

This book is suitable for learners with an elementary knowledge of Chinese or those that have studied Chinese for one to two years. It can be used as a supplementary resource for independent study or as a classroom text book for students taking the Cambridge IGCSETM Mandarin Chinese course.


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