Title Crime and Criminality
Subtitle Social, Psychological, and Neurobiological Explanations
Author Ehor Boyanowsky
ISBN 9781487523893
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Publishing year 2020
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“Ehor Boyanowsky has provided something to which every criminology or criminal justice student should be exposed: a summary of empirical approaches to the study of human behavior that truly is based in synthesis. The days of single-variable explanations for antisocial or violent behaviors are well behind us, and the field—as well as our students—will benefit from the approach taken in Boyanowsky’s book. The breadth and depth of coverage in the text is impressive and true to Boyanowsky’s admirable wit, and the writing style makes for an easygoing read. I highly recommend this book for students of human behavior and those interested in understanding antisocial conduct from a multidisciplinary perspective.”

—Joseph L. Nedelec, School of Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati


“Engaging and applicable, Crime and Criminality will appeal to a wide array of students. Particularly excellent is its use of case studies, which will prompt discussion in a classroom environment and can be accompanied by audiovisual material and news stories related to current events pertaining to crime and justice in society. Crime and Criminality is a massive asset and a phenomenal teaching tool in the classroom.”

—Daniel Alati, Department of Sociology, MacEwan University


“Understanding criminality means understanding how perpetrators think. This book is a highly readable contribution to that end.”

—Don Dutton, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia


This informative and entertaining book, peppered with personal anecdotes, and rich in case studies, adopts an eclectic approach to studying the causes of crime. Rather than rely on one theoretical position, Boyanowsky opts to borrow from a variety of theories to arrive at the most effective answer. As a result, even seasoned veterans will learn from this book.

Crime and Criminality employs case studies, both notorious and lesser known, to bring theories to life, and to offer insight into vital contemporary topics like domestic violence, child pornography, genocide, the effect of climate change on crime, and the evolution of cybercrime. Entertaining, and accessible, and comparative in scope, this text is ideal for students and general readers interested in understanding the varied causes of crime. Instructor supports in the form of PowerPoint slides as well as introductions, and summaries for each chapter make this an ideal text for criminology courses.


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Chapter One: What Is a Crime, What Is Not?

Chapter Two: A Multidimensional Model of Crime

Chapter Three: Explanations of Criminality

Chapter Four: Psychopathy: Dionysius and the Antihero in Society

Chapter Five: How Criminality Develops

Chapter Six: The Cognitive and Neurological Bases of Criminality

Chapter Seven: Social Criminogenic Factors

Chapter Eight: Sociopolitical Criminogenic Factors

Chapter Nine: Violence in and of the Family

Chapter Ten: Climate, Aggression, and Crime: Effects of Temperature on Humans and Human Reactions to Environmental Threat

Chapter Eleven: Hazardous Waste and Organized or Corporate Crime

Chapter Twelve: Cybercrime: Advancing Technology in Aggression, War, and Crime




About the Author:

Ehor Boyanowsky is a retired professor in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University.

Target Audience:

It is an ideal text for criminology/criminal justice courses and students of human behaviour.


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