Title The Wonder of Water
Subtitle Lived Experience, Policy, and Practice
Author Ingrid Leman Stefanovic
ISBN 9781487524036
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Publishing year 2020
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“ The thought-provoking and scholarly chapters of The Wonder of Water reframe how we think about water. This interdisciplinary collection examines the developing field of water ethics, with ideas about realigning human relationships with water and the natural landscape.”

—Rachel Jagareski, Foreword Reviews, January/February, 2020


“Contributors demonstrate how a more comprehensive, engaged knowledge of and responsibility for water can guide water restoration and propel sustainable environmental and landscape design and policy.”

—David Seamon, Department of Architecture, Kansas State University


“Using water as a lens for explicating the complexity of environmental experience, The Wonder of Water goes further than any other book in demonstrating how phenomenological methods might inform environmental management.”

—Ted Relph, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto


The Wonder of Water deploys an explicitly phenomenological approach to water, making links between environmental case studies, policy, and personal experience.”

—Michael Smith, Department of Philosophy, Queen’s University


Facing droughts, floods, and water security challenges, society is increasingly forced to develop new policies and practices to cope with the impacts of climate change. From taken-for-granted values and perceptions to embodied, existential modes of engaging our world, human perspectives impact decision-making and behavior.

The Wonder of Water explores how human experience – from embodied cultural paradigms to value systems and personal biases – impacts decisions around water. In many ways, the volume expands on the growing field of water ethics to include questions around environmental aesthetics, psychology, and ontology. And yet this book is not simply for philosophers. On the contrary, a specific aim is to explore how more informed philosophical dialogue will lead to more insightful public policies and practices.

Case studies describe specific architectural and planning decisions, fisheries policies, urban ecological restorations and more. The overarching phenomenological perspective, however, means that these discussions emerge within a sensibility toward the foundational significance of human embodiment, culture, language, worldviews, and, ultimately, moral attunement to place.


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Part One: The Lived Experience of Water


Chapter 1. Water Gaia: Towards a Scientific Phenomenology of Water (STEPHAN HARDING, SCHUMACHER COLLEGE)

Chapter 2. Flow Motions and Kinethic Responsiveness (STEPHEN J. SMITH, SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY)

Chapter 3. Creaturely Migrations on a Breathing Planet (DAVID ABRAM, AUTHOR AND CULTURAL ECOLOGIST)

Chapter 4. When Salmon Are Deemed Superfluous: Reflecting on a Struggle of Stories (MARTIN LEE MUELLER, RUDOLF STEINER UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, OSLO)

Part Two: Water and Place


Chapter 6. Engaging the Water Monster of Amsterdam: Meandering Towards a Fair Urban Riversphere (IRENE J. KLAVER, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS)

Chapter 7. Water and the City: Towards an Ethos of fluid Urbanism (INGRID LEMAN STEFANOVIC, SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY)

Chapter 8. What We’re Talking about When We’re Talking about Water: Race, Imperial Politics, and Ruination in Flint, Michigan (SARAH J. KING, GRAND RAPIDS UNIVERSITY)

Part Three: Rethinking Water Policy, Practice, and Ethics

Chapter 9. The Bonding Properties of Water Community, Urban River Restoration, and Non-human Agency (BRYAN E. BANNON, MERRIMACK COLLEGE)

Chapter 10. Standing Rock: Water Protectors in a Time of Failed Policy (TRISH GLAZEBROOK, WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY, and JEFF GESSAS, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS)

Chapter 11. Phenomenology, Water Policy, and the Conception of the Polis (HENRY DICKS, UNIVERSITE JEAN MOULIN, FRANCE)

Chapter 12. Towards a Complexity Ethics: Understanding and Action on Behalf of Life-World Well-Being (ROBERT MUGERAUER, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON)

Part Four: Closing Reflections

Conclusion — Looking Forward: From Poetics to Praxis (INGRID LEMAN STEFANOVIC, SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY)

The Lure of Water: Four Poems (DILYS LEMAN, TORONTO)

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About the Editor:

Ingrid Leman Stefanovic is Dean of the Faculty of Environment and professor in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University. She is also a professor emerita in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

Target Audience:

People interested in environmental studies and water resource development/water ethics.

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