Title Powerful B2B Content
Subtitle Using Brand Journalism to Create Compelling and Authentic Storytelling
Author Gay Flashman
ISBN 9781789660999
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No of pages 248
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Publishing year 2020
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About the book


“A richly illustrated guide to how businesses can create their own media brands.”

Mark Jones, Head of Digital Content, World Economic Forum


“This book is a comprehensive review of how B2B brands can build the most important aspect of sales and marketing today: trust.”

Robert Rose, Founder, The Content Advisory


“An in-depth examination of how B2B brands can build trusted relationships in today’s volatile information environment.”

Arun Sudhaman, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, The Holmes Report


“Rich in examples, frameworks and models, this book provides hands-on analysis exploring the careful balance between creating compelling digital content that actively engages audiences throughout the customer journey and brand positioning that is authentic. A top read for brand experts and business leaders alike.”

Christine Diamente, Head of Brand, Nokia


“What constitutes a good story? How can compelling content be created not just once, but continually and indefinitely? And how, in the era of fake news, can brands engender and earn trust of their audiences? This book tells you how, both with practical advice and scores of real world examples. It’s a must for the B2B content marketer.”

Rebecca Lieb, analyst and author of Content: The Atomic Particle of Marketing


Guarantee your content marketing engages customers, builds trust and converts more, with this unique guide to using brand journalism to enhance B2B content, written by the former television news journalist for the BBC, Sky and ITN, Gay Flashman.

Global audiences are sceptical about advertising content, banner ads and promotional messaging at the best of times. In the B2B space, building an authentic brand is even harder because buying decisions are more complicated and take much longer. Building brand trust and credibility requires time and effort.

Addressing these changes, Powerful B2B Content will help readers understand the importance of building a brand narrative and demonstrates how successful organizations can create brand journalism that has influence and impact.

Using the rigour of journalistic practices to construct content that is developed and crafted with a journalist’s sensibility, this book will help any B2B company to ensure its stories are engaging and eye-catching, so they can develop trust and attract the attention of the right audiences.


Building on many years’ experience in award-winning newsrooms, Gay Flashman explains:

- What makes a great story?

- What audiences want to hear;

- And shows the most effective ways to deliver it

By demonstrating how to create focused content that is tailored to a B2B audience, this book will help any b2b marketers or communicators to listen, observe and understand their customer’s goals, to deliver an experience customers know they can trust.


Key features at a glance:

  • Explains why brand storytelling and journalistic skills are key to developing content tailored specifically to B2B clients
  • Demonstrates how to develop trusting and long-standing relationships with customers, connections and potential clients
  • Shows how to engage with B2B consumers at multiple stages in the sales funnel and understand how customers are responding to specific messages
  • Features case studies such as Adobe, Aviva, Dell DMC, Fujitsu, General Electric, GSK and Sap


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About the author



Chapter 1. Why use brand journalism as part of your content marketing mix? Making your brand a contender • A crisis of trust • The opportunity: brand purpose • The complex path to a sale • Finding ways to connect • The rise of brand purpose • Notes

Chapter 2. A newsroom approach: defining brand journalism for the B2B marketer Brand journalism: a definition • How to create brand journalism • Approaches to story creation • Notes

Chapter 3. Building your storytelling strategy Creating your approach • Define your goals and outcomes • Map your audience • Agree your style and tone • Find your rhythm • Develop a commissioning process • Notes

Chapter 4. Finding the narrative: telling the stories that matter Sourcing stories with impact • Which stories should your organization create? • Finding stories that resonate • Planet: Researching the conversation ecosystem • Purpose: Leading with your values • People: Demonstrating your human side • Process: Researching your business or industry environment • Product: Your business making a difference • Don’t forget ‘the brand’ • Notes

Chapter 5. Story mining: uncovering your powerful brand journalism Establishing your process • Building a range of story types • Sense-checking with an editorial board • Know your rivals • Notes

Chapter 6. Choosing your format: audience needs and the power of text Planning your approach • How to start writing great content • Choosing the right approach • Arresting the scroll with your content • Notes

Chapter 7. Choosing your format: developing visual, video and audio content Video delivering brand journalism • Short-form social videos • Interview video • Live video coverage • Using imagery for your complex storytelling • Audio: the rise of podcasting • Notes

Chapter 8. Content hubs: finding a home for your stories Taking the blog to the next level • The standalone brand name • Find the right stories • Create a clear structure • Notes

Chapter 9. Distribution and amplification: growing loyal audiences Optimize organic distribution • Integrate search • Max out on social media • Build with paid distribution • Other paid strategies • Other paid approaches • Notes

Chapter 10. Thought leadership: insight from your people Establish your vision and outcomes • Developing your talent pool • Employees hold the key • Thought leadership inspiration • Content success factors • Ideation and creation support • Notes

Chapter 11. Measuring impact: building a metrics framework Investing for the long term • Measurement throughout the customer journey • Stretching the value • Notes

Chapter 12. Bringing your newsroom to life Finding the smarts • Outsourcing of content • The perfect team • Reflecting the newsroom structure • Notes


About the Author:

Gay Flashman is a former television and news journalist for BBC, ITN and Sky and and was Managing Editor of Channel 5 News and Channel 4 News, where she was responsible for all Channel 4 and More 4 News programme output. She is the founder of Formative Content, a corporate digital content specialist, where she works with clients such as Nestle, Tata, BlackRock and the World Economic Forum.

Target Audience:

A top read for brand experts and business leaders alike. It’s a must for the B2B content marketer.

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