Title Make Your Brain Work
Subtitle How to Maximize Your Efficiency, Productivity and Effectiveness
Author Amy Brann
ISBN 9781789660494
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 304
Book size 140 x 216 mm
Publishing year 2020
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About the book

“Anyone interested in understanding human behaviour should read this book! Amy Brann explains the theory of neuroscience and how it can be applied in personal and organisational contexts. Her knowledge, experience, warmth and pragmatism shine through on every page.”

Kim Morgan, Founder and CEO of Barefoot Coaching


“This book crams in so much! It’s packed with lots of practical applications, which Amy Brann brings to life. A great read.”

Maria Franzioni, Maria Franzoni Ltd Speaker Bureau


Make Your Brain Work is an engaging book that is simultaneously filled with insight and application. Amy Brann not only provides us with greater understanding on how the brain works but she also gives us useful tools on how to make the brain work for each of us.”

Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The New York Times and # 1 Wall Street Journal bestselling book, The Speed of Trust, and coauthor of Smart Trust [review for first edition]


“A timely and elegant reminder that the key to personal and organisational success begins with knowing one’s self: Amy Brann provides clear insight into the latest developments in neuroscience using accessible stories and examples which will resonate with all readers.”

Terry Hodgetts, Director, Centre for Executive Development, Aston Business School [review for first edition]


Make Your Brain Work was essential bedtime reading for a couple of nights, and I have found the concepts genuinely very interesting and thought provoking, and a challenging read. It really does become a manual for trying to better understand what influences and motivates others, and how these issues need to be better understood and harnessed. It is not often that the concept of overwhelm can be introduced into morning discussions of premiership football and office politics but it is now.”

Nick Green, Managing Partner of Squire Sanders Birmingham office [review for first edition]


Do you know how your brain functions? Do you sometimes feel like you’re fighting your own brain and habits in order to be productive at work? What if there was a way to work with your brain to become more efficient, effective and productive... and transform the way you operate? Make Your Brain Work is here to help. Author Amy Brann is fascinated by the application of brain science to business, and you don’t have to be an expert to understand - she explains the principles and latest insights in practical and easy-to-understand language, enabling you to understand the way you work, and form the helpful habits that will revolutionize your output.

With clear, in-context examples; hands-on tips; and focused case studies on how companies are doing things well and the pitfalls to avoid, this entertaining book will help you reduce the stress and overwhelm of poor time management, and help get you to that next professional level. Including brand-new content on developing resilience and creativity, and managing your work-life balance, now it’s even easier to Make Your Brain Work!

Key features at a glance:

  • Provides accelerated learning techniques, in a way that’s easy to grasp and follow immediately, to increase productivity in today’s time-pressured world
  • Based on insights from the latest scientific research, presented in an engaging easy-to-follow style, incorporating stories of characters everyone can relate to
  • Gives practical tips and action points in 15 critical areas that present challenges at work, from time management to meetings
  • New to this edition: Brand new content on developing resilience and creativity, and managing your work-life balance, as well as the most up to date research on neuroscience, and new examples of companies who are doing things well and pitfalls to avoid




Introduction • How to read this book • Meet the coach • Meet the professionals



Chapter 1: Can a marshmallow predict your success? Possibilities • Prioritization • Picturing your goal • Starting with the end in mind • Prefrontal cortex • Practical prioritization • New information • Multi or mono • Your plastic brain • Reassuringly flexible • Enriching your potential • Action

Chapter 2: Is your hippopotamus under attack? Stress: the classic culprit • Predictability and stress • Perhaps pounding the pavements is the answer • Negative connotations • Checking out of stress and into normality • Hippo attack • Mirror neurons • Possibilities • Lack of control • Stress busting • Focus • Action

Chapter 3: Learning how to influence what feels out of your control States, emotions and feelings • To know or not to know • Controlling our feelings • Controlling our emotions • Practically possible • New for Ben • Why anchoring is vital • About the cup • The importance of smell • Action

Chapter 4: The challenge of being everything to everyone Possibilities • Distractions • Benefits of braking • Getting stuck • Strategic planning • Getting unstuck • Decision making • Filtering incoming data • Emotional area • Action

Chapter 5: Is a busy brain a clever brain? The brain in action • In one ear, out the other • Full head • Enriching your environment • Knowledge into practice • A leopard can change its spots • A lot of hard work • Practically possible

Chapter 6: Getting results easily and with less effort The neuroscience behind habits • The reality of the chocolate habit • Reprogramming a habit • How a faulty circuit can be fixed • What is possible • Neuroplasticity and habits • `Damaged’ as a child • Neural Darwinism • Competitive plasticity • How you create new habits • Why bad habits sometimes return • Action



Chapter 7: Working and living in balance Work—life balance • Expectations: theirs and yours • Conflict • Causes of tiredness • Time versus energy • The importance of control • How the mind works optimally • Action

Chapter 8: Upgrading your life one step at a time What the brain has to do with getting stuff done • Brain areas of goal achievement • Getting specific • Real or imagined • The neuroscientist’s biggest kept secret • Motivation • Your state matters • Deserving a reward • Action

Chapter 9: The minefield of motivating people Motivating others • What motivates you • Some rewards motivate • Higher purpose • Power of expectations • Motivation zappers • Power of control • Power of certainty • Power of confidence • Mood and motivation

Chapter 10: The resilient brain - did you receive yours? Explore the short easy ways resilience can be built • Mental rehearsal • Can you increase your mental endurance? • Challenging perspectives

Chapter 11: What to do when everyone demands innovation Myth busting • Core components of creativity • Improvization • Cognitive flexibility • Mental workouts • Brain during creativity • Glorious sleep • Daydreaming • Play

Chapter 12: Appearing competent to others Insights • How to predispose yourself to having more insights • Why you forget • Real or fabricated • Episodic versus semantic • Brain areas • Working memory • Emotions and memory • Unconscious memories • Priming



Chapter 13: Leading with your brain switched on Leaders today • The synaptic circle • Confidence • Understanding status • Mirror neurons • Certainty • Celebration • Control • Connection • Contribution

Chapter 14: A culture of more than psychological safety Bold Jessie • Creating a culture of psychological safety yields an organizational environment in which employees can explore and express their full brain potential

Chapter 15: Managing people, managing brains Managing people — a brain perspective • Trust • Predictability and ambiguity • Fairness • Social reward • Neuromanagement • Feeling • Thinking • The evaluator • The conflict manager • Interpreting • Action • Reward


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About the Author:

Author, consultant and global speaker Amy Brann is the founder of Synaptic Potential, through which she works with companies including Warner Brothers, EY, Twinings, the NHS and Mondelez International, to help them better understand their teams, clients and organisations as a whole.

She is the author of Make Your Brain Work and Neuroscience for Coaches, published by Kogan Page.

Target Audience:

Anyone interested in understanding human behaviour should read this book. It explains the theory of neuroscience and how it can be applied in personal and organisational contexts.

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