Title Design Thinking in Schools
Subtitle A Leader’s Guide to Collaborating for Improvement
Author John B. Nash
ISBN 9781682534199
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Schools were not built for the adults who work there. They were built for the students and the communities they serve. John Nash provides a ‘how-to’ guide for using design thinking principles in our schools. When we understand and empathize with our end users, we are able to create and test possible solutions to any problem we face. If you follow the blueprint laid out by Nash, you will be able to meet the changing needs of the next generation of students.

Nick Polyak, superintendent, Leyden School District 212, Illinois


As the education sector continues to careen into a period of change of historical proportions, Design Thinking in Schools is perfectly timed for school leaders navigating turbulent waters. This accessible guide for school change keeps students and teachers at the center of the work to ensure deep, meaningful, sustainable, and long overdue shifts in traditional schooling.

Chad S. Ratliff, lab schools principal, Albemarle County Public Schools, Virginia


School innovation expert John B. Nash demonstrates how design thinking can be adapted successfully by busy school leaders seeking student-centered solutions to a range of challenges. Based on a decade of work teaching school leaders nationally and internationally, Design Thinking in Schools shows how leaders can adopt a design thinking mindset to uncover problems and harness the ideas and energy of students and other stakeholders to create unique, effective solutions within a single semester or school year.

The book is a step-by-step guide that offers critical guidance and field-tested tools for choosing design teams, developing prototypes, and selecting promising ideas to take to scale. It includes rich examples of educators at the elementary, middle, and high school level who have used design thinking to find creative solutions for improving student engagement, school climate, and parent-teacher conferences, among many other challenges. Nash illustrates how school leaders can use the design thinking process to access a range of student voices for a diversity of opinions and feedback on topics that better inform school change.

Lively and inspiring, Design Thinking in Schools is a critical resource for school leaders seeking to leverage the untapped wealth of knowledge and experience contained within their own buildings to make schools innovative places of learning.




Chapter 1. Kickoff • Choose a Design Team • Assess Your School Culture for Design Thinking • Create a Challenge • Potential Obstacles in the Kickoff Phase • How to Be Effective at the Kickoff Phase

Chapter 2. Need Finding • Empathetic Interviews • Shadow Safaris • User Photo Studies • Potential Obstacles During Need Finding

Chapter 3. Synthesis • Share Out • Create an Empathy Map • Develop a Character Composite • Write a Point-of-View Want Ad • Synthesis in Action • Challenges and Advice in the Synthesis Phase

Chapter 4. Brainstorming • Set the Tone • Choose a Viable “How Might We . . . ?” Question • Conduct a Brainstorm • Harvest the Brainstorm • Challenges and Advice in Brainstorming

Chapter 5. Prototyping • Preparing to Prototype • Storyboard Prototypes • Experiential Prototypes • “Fake It” Prototypes • What About Ideas You Didn’t Prototype? • Two Tools for Feedback on Any Prototype: Warms and Cools and Plus/Delta • Challenges and Advice in the Prototyping Phase

Chapter 6. Implementation • Identify the Implementation Team • Orient Yourself to the Pilot Program • Plan the Pilot • Create a Theory of Change • Reinvolve the Design Team • Challenges and Advice in the Implementation Phase

Chapter 7. Leaders as Designers • When Educators Are Exposed to Design Thinking • Design Thinkers Are Searchers, Not Planners • Are You a Planner? • How Do You Attain a Design Thinking Mind-set? • Does Design Thinking Work for Both Simple and Complex Challenges?

Appendix A: 40+ Ways to Get to Know Your Students

Appendix B: Empathetic Interview Exercise



About the Author


About the Author:

John B. Nash is an associate professor of educational leadership at the University of Kentucky, where he specializes in the design and prototyping of innovations in education and teaches a range of courses on design thinking, school technology leadership, and school reform.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for school leaders and educators.


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