Title 101 Careers in Social Work, 3/e
Author Jessica A. Ritter, Ann Obermann, Kristin Lindsay Danhoff
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This engaging guide addresses the extraordinary breadth of the social work profession and the diverse career paths available. Updated and expanded, the third edition includes 15 vivid new profiles of social workers who describe the rewards and challenges of their distinct roles. It presents “Social Justice Spotlights” highlighting important social and political issues relevant to different practice domains. The new edition also delivers current data on employment opportunities and salaries from the Department of Labor and provides links to new resources—books, essays, films, and websites—that enable readers to explore specific career paths in greater depth. It dispels common myths about the social work profession and demonstrates why social work is a smart choice for those seeking a career of service that requires creativity, critical thinking, compassion, and a passion for social justice.

Illuminating current trends in social work education and practice, the book describes more than 100 specific careers—traditional and nontraditional—available to social workers, including best features, challenges, required core competencies and skills, educational and licensing requirements, and personal narratives. The book also covers how to fund one’s education and provides job-hunting tools and websites. Additional features include, for each career, a discussion of benefits and challenges, job outlook, and salary information. Questionnaires and self-assessment checklists provide additional material to help readers choose a social work career tailored to their unique talents, interests, and passions.


New to the Third Edition:

  • Fifteen new personal narratives describing the benefits and challenges of different social work arenas
  • “Social Justice Spotlight” for each field of social work practice
  • New data on employment opportunities and salaries from the Department of Labor and other sources
  • New resources for additional career exploration

Key Features:

  • Describes more than 100 distinct career paths available to social workers
  • Addresses pros and cons of each career including personal narratives
  • Covers educational and licensing requirements, employment opportunities and salaries
  • Includes job-hunting tools and websites
  • Provides self-assessment questionnaires and checklists to help readers assess which jobs would be a good fit based on their skills and passions




Part I: The Profession Of Social Work

Chapter 1:  What Is Social Work? • Chapter Overview • Separating the Facts from the Fiction • Top Nine Myths about the Social Work Profession • How Is Social Work Different from Other Related Professions/Disciplines? • How Did Social Work Begin? • What Is the Future Outlook for Social Workers? • A Brief History of the Social Work Profession in the United States

Chapter 2: Got Social Work? • Chapter Overview • Is Social Work for You? • Benefits of a Career in Social Work • Challenges of a Career in Social Work • The Social Work Oath • An Invitation to You

Chapter 3: Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Education and Licensure for Social Workers • Chapter Overview • What Steps Are Involved in Becoming a Professional Social Worker? • What Degree Do I Need to Become a Social Worker? • What Are the Prerequisites for Being Accepted to a Social Work Program? • Who Qualifies as a Social Worker? • What Is the Purpose of Licensing? • What Do I Need to Know about Social Work Licensing? • Is Licensing Really Necessary for the Social Work Profession? • Do All Social Work Jobs Require Getting a License? • If I Am Licensed in One State, Will I Be Able to Use This License in a Different State If I Relocate for a Job? • What Are the Differences between a License, a Certification, and a Credential? • After Graduation from My University’s Social Work Program, Will I Be Able to Obtain a License? • Where Can I Learn More about the Requirements for Social Work Education,  Supervision, and Licensing? • Continuing Education • Postscript


Chapter 4. Careers in Child Welfare • Chapter Overview • Child Protection Caseworker • Social Worker Spotlight: Jessica A. Ritter, Children’s Protective Services Caseworker • Intake Worker • CPS Investigator • Family Preservation Caseworker • Substitute Care Caseworker • Foster Care and Adoption Caseworker • CPS Supervisors and Directors • Careers with Private or Nonprofit Agencies • Careers in Child Welfare Research • Careers with the Government • Child Welfare Advocate • Adoption Social Worker • Social Worker Spotlight: Kate Trujillo, Adoption Social Worker • Foster Care Social Worker • Best Practice: Home Visiting Programs • Social Justice Spotlight: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Chapter 5. School-Based Social Work • Chapter Overview • School Social Worker • Social Worker Spotlight: Annie J. Keeney, School Social Worker • After-School Program Coordinators • Day-Care or School Readiness Program Worker • Special Education Social Service Worker • Social Worker on a College Campus • Social Worker Spotlight: Lara Bruce, Child Welfare Stipend Coordinator • Social Justice Spotlight: Inequity in Our Public Schools

Chapter 6. Social Work With Older Adults • Chapter Overview • Social Work with Older Adults • Adult Protective Services Caseworker • Social Worker Spotlight: Lori Delagrammatikas, Adult Protective Services Caseworker • Social Work in Adult Day Centers • Residential Care Case Manager • Careers in Psychogeriatrics • Social Work in Hospitals and Other Healthcare Settings • Social Worker Spotlight: Sheryl Bruno, Social Work Supervisor • Hospice Social Worker • Social Worker Spotlight: Mary Jane O’Rourke, Hospice and Palliative Care of Washington County • Home Health Social Worker • Geriatric Case Manager • Social Worker Spotlight: Simon Paquette, Medical Social Worker • Careers in Research and Policy • Careers with the Government • Social Justice Spotlight: Death with Dignity Act (“Physician Aid-In-Dying”)

 Chapter 7. Social Work in Healthcare • Chapter Overview • Social Work in Healthcare • Social Work in Hospitals and Other Medical Settings • Social Worker Spotlight: Angie Joyce, Medical Social Worker • Emergency Department Social Worker • Hospice Social Worker • Director of Social Work • Public Health Social Worker • Social Worker Spotlight: Erica Solway, Doctoral Student in Medical Sociology • Social Work with Individuals with Disabilities • Rehabilitation Social Worker (Including Veterans) • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or “ObamaCare” • Patient Navigator/Patient Advocate • Healthcare Policy Specialist • Social Justice Spotlight: Healthcare Access

Chapter 8. Social Work in Mental Health and Addiction • Chapter Overview • Clinical Social Worker • Social Worker Spotlight: Sue Matorin, Treatment Coordinator • Social Work with Groups • Social Worker Spotlight: David Blair, Denver Family Therapy Center Owner and Clinician • Social Work and Substance Abuse Intervention • Social Worker Spotlight: Adam Tannenbaum, Clinical and Program Supervisor • Employee Assistance Worker • Military Social Worker • Social Worker Spotlight: Ashley O’Connor, Social Work with Veterans • Mental Health Advocacy • Social Justice Spotlight: Incarceration of Those with Mental Illness and Addiction

Chapter 9. Careers in Crisis Intervention • Chapter Overview • Careers in Disaster and Emergency Management • Social Worker Spotlight: Brian Rivers, Case Manager/Volunteer Coordinator • Suicide Prevention • Interpersonal Violence Counselor • Sexual Assault Counselor • Policy Advocate • Social Worker Spotlight: Cindy Southworth, National Network to End Domestic Violence • Social Justice Spotlight: Natural Disasters, Race, and Poverty

Chapter 10. Careers in Criminal Justice and the Legal Arena • Chapter Overview • Social Worker Spotlight: Lyn K. Slater, Interdisciplinary Center for Family and Child Advocacy • Probation Officer (Adult or Juvenile Justice System) • Parole Officer • Correctional or Detention Officer • Correctional Treatment Specialist • Juvenile Justice Counselor • Social Worker Spotlight: Julie Dawson, Detention-Based Mental Health Clinician • Gang Prevention Counselor • Family Court Social Worker • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Jails, Prisons, Detention Facilities) • Victim Services Specialist • Social Worker Spotlight: Brandy Macaluso, Crime Victim Practitioner • Mediation and Conflict Resolution • Careers in Restorative Justice • Social Worker Spotlight: Marilyn Peterson Armour, Researcher • Careers in Forensic Social Work • Custody Evaluator • Mental Health Evaluator • Social Worker Spotlight: Guadalupe Vargas, Problem Solving Courts • Mitigation Specialist • Social Worker Spotlight: Alison Cusick, Intern, Office of the Public Defender • Forensic Social Work in Juvenile Justice • Social Worker Spotlight: Joel T. Andrade, Boston College Graduate School of Social Work • Social Justice Spotlight: Mass Incarceration: Race and Class Disparities

Chapter 11. Careers in International Social Work and Human Rights • Chapter Overview • U.S.-Based Immigrant, Refugee, and Asylee Resettlement Worker • Social Worker Spotlight: Marleine Bastien, Founder, Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami/Haitian Women of Miami • Social Worker Spotlight: Shaina Ward, International Rescue Committee’s New Jersey Office for Refugees • Immigration Policy Advocate • Disaster Relief Worker • Social Worker Spotlight: Susan Kosche Vallem, Professor and Chair • Human Rights Worker • International Development Worker • Careers with the United Nations • Social Worker Spotlight: Purnima Mane, Deputy Executive Director (Program) • Social Justice Spotlight: The Dream Act

Chapter 12 Careers in Poverty and Homelessness • Chapter Overview • Social Work Careers in the Field of Poverty • Income Assistance Caseworker/Employment Counselor • Social Work Careers in the Field of Homelessness • Poverty and Homelessness Research • Poverty and Housing Advocate • Social Worker Spotlight: Kristin Noel Ludwig, Mckinney-Vento Student Advocate, Community Action • Social Justice Spotlight: Criminalization of Homelessness

Chapter13. Careers in Advocacy and the Political Arena • Chapter Overview • Lobbyist • Campaign Manager • Social Worker Spotlight: Patty Valera, Constituent Services Representative • Legislative Aide • Field Organizer • Social Worker Spotlight: Elizabeth Alex, Lead Organizer/Manager • Policy Analyst/Researcher • Advocacy Organization • Legislator or Public Official • Social Worker Spotlight: Representative Elliott Naishtat, Attorney;  Texas State Legislator from 1991 to 2017 • Social Justice Spotlight: Political Social Work

Chapter 14. Careers in Community Practice • Chapter Overview • Community Planner • Social Worker Spotlight: Odis Dolton, Assistant Director for Finance • Community Developer • Social Worker Spotlight: Amy Krings-Barnes, Community Police Partnering Center • Community Organizer • Social Worker Spotlight: Trina Scordo, Senior Organizer • Social Work in Urban Communities • Urban Social Worker Spotlight: Tracy Harris, Family Service Case Manager • Entrepreneurial Social Worker Spotlight: Johnnie Fielding, Cofounder, Leading by Example • Rural Social Worker • Social Justice Spotlight: Affordable Housing and Housing Discrimination

Chapter 15. Leadership in Human Service Organizations • Chapter Overview • Administrator • Social Worker Spotlight: Jean F. East, Social Worker, Leader, and Professor Emerita • Executive Director • Social Worker Spotlight: Laura Elmore Smith, Executive Director • Program Manager • Social Worker Spotlight: Mary Kiernan-Stern, Director of Social Work • Clinical Supervisor • Organizational Consultant • Public and Media Relations • Volunteer Services Director • Fundraiser • Social Worker Spotlight: April Kerwin, Director of Stewardship and Planned Giving • Grant Writer • Social Justice Spotlight: Leadership and Gender

Chapter16. Careers in Research and Academia • Chapter Overview • Social Work Researcher or Evaluator • Social Worker Spotlight: Kristin Lindsay Danhoff, Assistant Professor • Social Work Professor • Social Worker Spotlight: Jessica A. Ritter, Professor of Social Work • Adjunct Faculty/Lecturer • Field Education Faculty • Social Worker Spotlight: Karina A. Benabe, Clinical Field Faculty • Director of Special Programs • Social Worker Spotlight: Helen R. Holmquist-Johnson, Director of Human-Animal Bond in Colorado at Colorado State University • Program Director/Department Chair/Dean • Social Justice Spotlight: Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education

Chapter 17. Out-of-the-Box Social Work Careers • Chapter Overview • Dual Degrees • Novelist/Journalist • Social Worker Spotlight: Anne Driscoll, Journalist, Author • Documentary Filmmaker • Social Worker Spotlight: Murali D. Nair, Professor of Social Work and Documentary Filmmaker • Artist • Corporate Consultant • Careers in Human Resources • Social Worker Spotlight: Elaine Charpentier Philippi, Program Manager • Careers in Mediation and Conflict Resolution • Ombudsman • Self-Employment/Consulting Careers • Social Worker Spotlight: Richard B. Joelson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker • Animal-Assisted Social Work • Social Entrepreneur • Human Trafficking • Attorney

Part III:  Where Do We Go from Here?

 Chapter 18. Paying for Your Social Work Education • Chapter Overview • The Rising Costs of Higher Education • Should I Work While Earning My Degree in Social Work? • Federal Financial Aid • Loan Forgiveness Programs • Conducting a Scholarship Search • In Sum

Chapter 19. Job-Hunting Tips • Chapter Overview • Preparing for Your Future Career While You Are in School • Putting Your Resume Together • Cover Letters • Social Media • Searching for Jobs • Networking • Searching Online • Interviewing • Final Thoughts



About the Authors:

Jessica A. Ritter, PhD, MSSW, BSW, is a full professor of social work at the Metropolitan State University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Ritter has over 20 years of experience as a social worker. She earned a BSW, MSSW, and PhD in social work at the University of Texas at Austin. Her career as a social worker and academic has been dedicated to political advocacy, child welfare, and children’s rights. Over the course of her career, she has held a variety of positions at both the micro and macro levels—from working as a caseworker at Children’s Protective Services, to working in an administrative capacity in child welfare, to conducting research. Today, her passion includes teaching policy and macro-level social work courses with the goal of getting undergraduate social work students excited about social policy, demystifying the political process, increasing students’ levels of political efficacy, and inspiring students to be engaged politically. Dr. Ritter is a Fulbright scholar and is the author of two books— 101 Careers in Social Work and Social Work Policy Practice: Changing Our Community, Nation, and the World. Being a social work educator is one of the great joys of her life!

Ann Obermann, PhD, MSSW, BSW, LCSW, is an assistant professor of social work and online education coordinator at the Metropolitan State University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Obermann has been a practicing social worker for over 20 years, partnering with children, youth, and families in a variety of social work settings and roles. After receiving her BSW, Dr. Obermann worked as a residential and jobs counselor for youth experiencing homelessness, running groups, outreaching youth, and handing out clean socks. With her MSW in hand, Dr. Obermann worked with teenage girls and their families, running therapeutic groups, family therapy sessions, conducting mental health evaluations, and handing out clean socks, all which contributed to earning her LCSW. Through the years, Dr. Obermann has been a family therapist, foster parent trainer, supervisor of mental health therapists, adjunct professor, and program manager at a community mental health center. Currently, Dr. Obermann is enjoying working in higher education after receiving her PhD from the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work, with her research focusing on issues of access and equity in online education. She teaches philosophy of social work, generalist practice with groups, social work leadership, social work with children and adolescents, and working with families.

Kristin Lindsay Danhoff, PhD, MSW, BA, is an assistant professor in the Department of Social Work at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in psychology and her master’s in social work from the University of Nebraska–Omaha. Dr. Danhoff has over a decade of experience in the field of social work and has held direct service positions with state agencies, hospitals, and community- based nonprofits in Nebraska and Colorado. She has expertise in domestic/ interpersonal violence, child welfare, medical social work, and evaluation research. Today, her career as an academic focuses on program evaluation related to accreditation and grant-funded community projects. Dr. Danhoff’s scholarly pursuits focus largely on evaluation methodology, teaching across cultural strengths, contemplative pedagogy, and hidden beliefs in teaching perspectives. Her teaching passions follow her professional career focusing on both micro and macro systems—teaching generalist practice courses to support students’ confidence and ability in effectively engaging with client systems and research courses with the goal of simplifying and revealing the language, methods, and benefits of research to social work practitioners. Dr. Danhoff also serves on the Board of Directors for the Social Work Education Assessment Project (SWEAP).

Target Audience:

People pursuing Social Work and looking for career options in it.

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