Title Adapting the Energy Sector to Climate Change
Author International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
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This publication explores the diverse range of impacts on the energy sector resulting from gradual climate change and extreme weather events, and the potential ways to counter them. All elements of the supply chain are explored: resource base, extraction and transport of depletable energy sources, power generation, transmission and distribution. The publication includes three case studies which assess the energy sector vulnerability of Argentina, Pakistan and Slovenia.


Chapter 1. Introduction • Background • Objective • Scope • Structure • Summary

Chapter 2. Adaptation to Climate Change in the Paris Agreement

Chapter 3. Energy Relevant Changes in Climate and Weather • Introduction • Past and projected climate change • Gradual climate change • Mean annual surface temperature • Precipitation • Windiness • Cloudiness • Sea level rise • Large scale climate patterns • Extreme weather events • Temperature extremes • Precipitation extremes • Wind extremes • Sea level extremes • Summary

Chapter 4. Nuclear Power • Introduction • Resource extraction and transport • Power generation • Gradual climate change • Extreme weather events • Vulnerabilities of nuclear power to extreme weather in the past • Adaptation • Direct and indirect costs of not adapting • Probabilistic safety assessment • Basic adaptation options • Adaptation to heat and drought and implications for cooling • Summary

Chapter 5. Thermal Power • Introduction • Resource extraction and transport • Gradual climate change • Extreme weather events • Combinations of changing climate and extreme events • Power generation • Gradual climate change • Extreme weather events • Combinations of climate trends and weather events • Summary

Chapter 6. Renewable Energy Technologies • Introduction • Hydropower • Resource base • Power generation • Wind energy • Resource base • Power generation • Solar energy • Resource base • Power generation • Summary

Chapter 7. Electricity Transmission and Distribution • Introduction • Gradual climate change • Extreme weather events • Summary

Chapter 8. Adaptation to climate change in the Electricity system in Argentina • Introduction • Climate change and the electricity sector • Observed and expected climate change • Overview of the electricity sector • Climate related risks for the electricity sector • Case study: Adaptation to the impacts of climate change on hydropower plants • Summary

Chapter 9. Adaptation Options for Nuclear and Other Energy Infrastructure to Long Term Climate Change in Pakistan • Introduction • Energy and the environment in Pakistan • Energy and the electricity sector • Future energy supply options • Impacts of climate change on the energy system • Extreme weather events and future threats • Impacts on energy demand • Impacts on electricity generation technologies • Impacts of climate change on energy supply • Method and main assumptions • Reference energy system and supply scenarios • Adaptation in the energy system • Primary commercial energy supply mix and installed capacity for electricity generation • Electricity generation in alternative scenarios • Summary

Chapter 10. Adapting to Climate Change in the Energy System in Slovenia • Past and future climate in Slovenia • Observed climate change • Expected gradual climate change • Expected changes in extreme weather events • Electricity generation in Slovenia • Study method • Quantitative estimates • Case study  1: Risk assessment of ice storms in planning transmission lines • Case study 2: Risks of ice storms to wind turbines • Case study 3: Risks to hydropower plants on the Sava River due to heavy rainstorms • Risk analysis, uncertainties and future work • Summary



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This book is useful for people interested in evaluating climate related risks to the energy sector.

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