Title Point of Sale
Subtitle Analyzing Media Retail
Author Daniel Herbert, Derek Johnson
ISBN 9780813595528
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Publishing year 2020
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“Herbert, Johnson, and their authors valuably expand our understanding of media retail—a largely overlooked node of media circulation. The book offers an excellent range of cases, themes, and issues that both ground these processes historically and address adjustments introduced by digital distribution.”

Amanda Lotz, author of We Now Disrupt This Broadcast


“Attention media shoppers! Do not miss this truly original, eloquent argument for retail as an enduring, vital, and complex cultural space in entertainment’s digital age.”

Jennifer Holt, author of Empires of Entertainment


Point of Sale offers the first significant attempt to center media retail as a vital component in the study of popular culture. It brings together fifteen essays by top media scholars with their fingers on the pulse of both the changes that foreground retail in a digital age and the history that has made retail a fundamental part of the culture industries. The book reveals why retail matters as a site of transactional significance to industries as well as a crucial locus of meaning and interactional participation for consumers. In addition to examining how industries connect books, DVDs, video games, lifestyle products, toys, and more to consumers, it also interrogates the changes in media circulation driven by the collision of digital platforms with existing retail institutions. By grappling with the contexts in which we buy media, Point of Sale uncovers the underlying tensions that define the contemporary culture industries.


Introduction: Media Studies in the Retail Apocalypse (Derek Johnson and Daniel Herbert)


Part I: Retail and New Media Technologies

Chapter 1: Industrial Crossroads or Cross Purposes? Circuit City, DIVX, and the History of Multi-functional Media Retailers (Daniel Herbert)

Chapter 2: Amazon, Bookseller: Disruption and Continuity in Digital Capitalism (Emily West)

Chapter 3: The First Sale Doctrine and U.S. Media Retail (Gregory Steirer)

Chapter 4: Game Retail and Crowdfunding (Heikki Tyni and Olli Sotamaa)

Chapter 5: The App Store: Female Consumers, Shopping, and Digital Culture (Elizabeth Affuso)


Part II: Media and the Politics of Constructing Retail Space

Chapter 6: Shelf Flow: Spatial Logics, Product Categorizations, and Media Brands at Retail (Avi Santo)

Chapter 7: Get Your Cape On: Target’s Invitation to the DC Universe (Ethan Tussey and Meredith Bak)

Chapter 8: Shop, Makeover, Love: Transformative Paratexts and Aspirational Fandom for Female-Driven Franchises (Courtney Brannon Donoghue)

Chapter 9: Female Treble: Gender, Record Retail, and a Play for Space (Tim J. Anderson)

Chapter 10: “It’s Not Just Commerce, It’s Community”: Erotic Media and the Feminist Sex-Toy Store Revolution (Lynn Comella)


Part III: Practices and Participation in Media Retail Communities

Chapter 11: Comic Book Stores as Sites of Struggle (Benjamin Woo and Nasreen Rajani)

Chapter 12: From Dealer’s Room to Exhibit Hall: Comic Retailing and the San Diego Comic-Con (Erin Hanna)

Chapter 13: The Changing Scales of Diasporic Media Retail (Evan Elkins)

Chapter 14: Delivering Media: The Convenience Store as Media Mix Hub (Marc Steinberg)

Chapter 15: Retail Wizardry: Constructing Media Fantasies from the Point of Sale (Derek Johnson)


Notes on Contributors

About the Editors:

Daniel Herbert is an associate professor in the department of film, television, and media at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is the author of Videoland: Movie Culture at the American Video Store and Film Remakes and Franchises.

Derek Johnson is professor of media and cultural studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is the author of Media Franchising: Creative License and Collaboration in the Culture Industries and Transgenerational Media Industries: Adults, Children, and the Reproduction of Culture.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in media retail & media studies and communications.

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