Title Contemporary Product Development
Subtitle A Focus on Innovation
Author Keith Edmund Ferguson, John Sztykiel, Moss Ingram
ISBN 9781516524464
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Contemporary Product Development: A Focus on Innovation engages learners with a proven framework to design, develop, and go to market with innovative products that solve consumer problems while also supporting the mission, values, and brand of the company which created them.

The book’s framework, the Go-To-Market Aura Plan (GT-MAP), emphasizes two key practices for innovative product development—speed and creating aura. This dual approach includes an overview of critical concepts in neuroscience, sustainability, and product design methods, as well as a demystification of the step-by-step, iterative processes critical to introducing a high-performing product to market as quickly and effectively as possible. Simultaneously, the approach builds interest among consumers with proven techniques that gain attention, foster excitement, and then convert consumer excitement into demand well before a product is launched.

The text describes how to inspire designers and developers to create innovative, high-performance products that consumers crave through exceptional communication, team building, presentation and validation, and prediction of a product’s performance, pre- and post-launch, to ensure its success.

Designed to inspire innovation, Contemporary Product Development is an ideal resource for courses in business, especially those with focus on product development.



Introduction to the Text


Section I: Leveraging Emotions in Product Development

Chapter 1. Discovering Contemporary Product Development through the Lens of Innovation

Chapter 2. Go-To Market Aura Plan (GT-MAP)

Chapter 3. Why is Speed Essential to Gain Momentum?

Chapter 4. Just Who Exactly is Us?


Section II: Understanding the Dynamics of Consumer Behavior

Chapter 5. How Do We Rate Talent, Community, and Innovators?

Chapter 6. The Art of Disruption and How We Select the Best Stakeholders

Chapter 7. Why are the Consumer and the Market so Important?

Chapter 8. How Does Innovation Add Value to Society?


Section III: Thinking through the Details before Launch

Chapter 9. What Do “Intuitive-Wise” and “Data-Informed” Mean?

Chapter 10. Data, Trends, and How We Innovate Using Insights

Chapter 11. What Affects the Ability of Companies to be Decision Driven?

Chapter 12. Why is it Essential to Revise the Business Plan?


Section IV: Disciplined preparation : Communication, Presentation, and Validation

Chapter 13. Storytelling and the Art of the Presentation

Chapter 14. What is the Product Validation Process and How Does it Affect Innovation?

Chapter 15. What is a New Product Development and Timeline Approach?

Chapter 16. The Art of Exciting the Customer


Section V: Launch

Chapter 17 Time to Go Live!


Section VI: Assessing the Product’s Performance and Applying Adjustments to Increase Success

Chapter 18 What’s Working, What’s Not, and What We Missed

Chapter 19 Are We on Track? What Did We Learn?

Chapter 20 What’s Next and What Decisions Must Be Evaluated?

Chapter 21 Why is R&R (Reflect and Review) Important?


About the Authors:

Keith Edmund Ferguson holds a D.B.A. from Kennesaw State University. He serves as a faculty member in the Department of Marketing and entrepreneur-in-residence at Florida State University.

John Sztykiel is the CEO of Created to C, a company that creates and accelerates transformational initiatives and businesses. He previously served as the president and CEO of Spartan Motors Inc.

Moss Ingram is an associate professor at Grand Rapids Community College and a co-recipient of an Edison Award for Innovation. He holds an M.F.A. from Queens University of Charlotte.

Target Audience:

This textbook is an ideal resource for designers and developers especially those with focus on product development.

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