Title Short-Term Financial Management, Newly Revised 5/e
Author John Zietlow, Matthew Hill, Terry Maness
ISBN 9781793511812
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Publishing year 2020
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Written to support courses that focus on short-term financial management, working capital, and treasury management, the newly revised fifth edition of Short-Term Financial Management provides a comprehensive overview of vital topics within the discipline of corporate finance.

The opening chapter provides a review of time value of money applied to short-term cash flows, as well as the basics of financial statement analysis, highlighting the calculation of operating cash flow. This edition emphasizes benchmarking the cash conversion cycle and the cycle’s connection to firm value. It features a revised discussion of bank relationship management and expansion of content on account analysis statements. There is new material on float neutrality and the application of statistical tools through the use of Excel. The chapters on short-term investing and borrowing are revised to emphasize the calculation and interpretation of yields and borrowing costs.

Throughout, “Focus on Practice” sections introduce students to real-world articles and case studies. New “Test Your Understanding” boxes reinforce critical topics from select chapters, and enhanced end-of-chapter problems encourage critical thinking.

Introducing many of the topics covered by the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) certification, Short-Term Financial Management is suitable for courses in intermediate financial management and advanced corporate finance.




Unit 1: Introduction to Liquidity

Chapter 1. Introduction to Short-Term Financial Management

Chapter 2. Analysis of Working Capital Management

Chapter 3. Cash Holdings


Unit 2: Management of Working Capital

Chapter 4. Inventory Management

Chapter 5. Accounts Receivable Management

Chapter 6. Credit Policy and Collections

Chapter 7. Managing Supplier Financing


Unit 3: Corporate Cash Management

Chapter 8. Payment Methods and Banking Relationships

Chapter 9. Cash Collection and Concentration Systems

Chapter 10. Cash Disbursement Systems

Chapter 11. Cash Flow Forecasting


Unit 4: Short-Term Investment and Financing

Chapter 12. Short-Term Investing

Appendix 12-A

Appendix 12-B

Chapter 13. Short-Term Borrowing

Unit 5: Special Topics

Chapter 14. Managing Multinational Cash Flows

Chapter 15. Managing Financial Risk

Appendix A: List of Equations



About the Authors:

John Zietlow earned his D.B.A at the University of Memphis. A former financial analyst for Ford Motor Company, Dr. Zietlow is a professor of finance at Southwest Baptist University.

Matthew Hill holds a Ph.D. in business administration from Mississippi State University. Dr. Hill is a finance professor and director of the Arkansas State University’s Center for Treasury and Financial Analytics.

Terry Maness earned his D.B.A at Indiana University, Bloomington. Dr. Maness is the dean of the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University

Target Audience:

This textbook is appropriate for students who have completed an introductory corporate-finance course and it is suitable for an MBA-level course in corporate finance or financial management. It is also suitable for courses in intermediate financial management and advanced corporate finance.



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