Title Semiconductors and Modern Electronics
Author Chuck Winrich
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Semiconductors and Modern Electronics is a brief introduction to the physics behind semiconductor technologies. Chuck Winrich, a physics professor at Babson College, explores the topic of semiconductors from a qualitative approach to understanding the theories and models used to explain semiconductor devices. Applications of semiconductors are explored and understood through the models developed in the book. The qualitative approach in this book is intended to bring the advanced ideas behind semiconductors to the broader audience of students who will not major in physics.

Much of the inspiration for this book comes from Dr. Winrich’s experience teaching a general electronics course to students majoring in business. The goal of that class, and this book, is to bring forward the science behind semiconductors, and then to look at how that science affects the lives of people.




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Chapter 1. Introduction • References

Chapter 2. Conductors, insulators, and electric circuits • Conductors versus insulators • Electric circuits: voltage and current • Electrical resistance, current, and Ohm’s law • Summary • References

Chapter 3. Early developments in semiconductors • Changes with temperature and light • Rectifiers • Developments towards a theory • References

Chapter 4. Band theory and impurities in semiconductors • The band theory of solids • Impurities • Donor impurities • Acceptor impurities • Summary • References

Chapter 5. Diodes and solar cells • Diodes • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) • Solar cells • Summary • References • Semiconductors and Modern Electronics

Chapter 6. Transistors and logic circuits • Junction transistors • Field-effect transistors • Logic gates • Logic circuits • Summary • References

Chapter 7. Development of semiconductors to modern devices • References

About the Author:

Chuck Winrich teaches Physics and Astronomy at Babson College. He earned a BS in Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, an MS in Astrophysics from Iowa State University, and an EdD in Curriculum and Teaching, focused on Physics Education, from Boston University. He has presented his work at National Science Teaching Association meetings and at the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) meetings. He is a member of AAPT’s Committee on History and Philosophy of Physics.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested physics & electronics.


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