Title Independent Living with Autism
Subtitle Your Roadmap to Success
Author Wendela Whitcomb Marsh
ISBN 9781949177046
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 278
Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2020
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Independent Living with Autism is a guide for young adults with autism leaving the shelter of school and looking for guidance in the important tasks of adult life. It is also for the more mature adult who has long struggled with the feeling different from the rest of the world, misunderstanding social cues and being misunderstood, who is finally diagnosed with (or suspects) an autism spectrum disorder. This book will help ASD adults find practical, easy to follow guidance in the most important aspects of successful adult life.


Part I. Solutions: Navigating the Road Trip of Your Life

Chapter 1. Intro to Adulting (Unfolding the Road Map)

Chapter 2. Intro to Communication (He Said, She Said)

Chapter 3. Intro to Social Navigation (Avoiding the Road Blocks)

Chapter 4. Intro to Sensory Challenges (When You Just. Cant. Even)

Chapter 5. Intro to Interests and Behavior Patterns (Honoring Geek Culture)

Chapter 6. Intro to Mannerisms (Celebrating Quintessential Quirks)


Part II. Housing: A Plane of Your Own

Chapter 7. Leaving the Nest (You Can Fly!)

Chapter 8. Living Alone (The Ruler of All You Survey)

Chapter 9. Living With Others (A New Family of Housemates)


Part III. Independence: The Holy Grail of Adulting

Chapter 10. Time Management (Conquer the Clock)

Chapter 11. Transportation Management (Go Where You Want to Go)

Chapter 12. Money Management (Be Your Own Banker)

Chapter 13. Self-Management (Stop the Nagging)

Chapter 14. Self-Advocacy (Speak Your Truth)

Chanter 15. Disclosure (To Tell or Not to Tell?)


Part IV. Recreation: Sometimes It Is All Fun and Games

Chapter 16. Clubs and Groups (Playing Well With Others)

Chapter 17. Solitary Pursuits (Who Says Fun Has to Be a Team Sport?)

Chapter 18. Friendship (The Rules of Friending)

Chapter 19. Dating and Romance (It’s Not Like the Movies)


Part VI. Employability: Bringing Home the Bucks

Chapter 20. Ready to Work (Everybody Wants Somebody with Skills)

Chapter 21. Interview Skills (Talk the Talk)

Chapter 22. You’re Hired! Now What? (How to Succeed in Business)


Part VI: The Big Picture: Bringing It All Together

Chapter 23. One Last Pep Talk (You’re Ready!)


Atlas: A Collection of Maps to Show the Way

About the Author:

Dr. Wendela Whitcomb Marsh, MA, BCBA, RSD, has been a special education teacher, school psychologist, autism specialist, speaker, writer, counselor, university instructor, and board-certified behavior analyst. She is the mother of two awesome individuals with autism, and was married for twenty-seven years to an amazing man with Asperger’s syndrome. People on the spectrum, and the dedicated teachers who work with them, are among her favorite people in the world. Dr. Marsh lives in Salem, Oregon with her three children.

Target Audience:

This book will help autism spectrum disorder adults find practical, easy to follow guidance in the most important aspects of successful adult life.


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