Title English Language & Literature for the IB Diploma
Author Lindsay Tandy, Alice Gibbons, Joseph Koszary
ISBN 9781510463226
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Publishing year 2019
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Everything you need to deliver a rich, concept-based approach for the new IB Diploma English Language and Literature course.

  • Navigate seamlessly through all aspects of the syllabus with in-depth coverage of the key concepts underpinning the new course structure and content
  • Investigate the three areas of exploration in detail and engage with global issues to help students become flexible, critical readers
  • Provide a variety of texts with a breadth of reading material and forms from a diverse pool of authors
  • Engaging activities are provided to test understanding of each topic and develop skills - guiding answers are available to check your responses
  • Identify opportunities to make connections across the syllabus, with explicit reference to TOK, EE and CAS



Section 1: Readers, writers and texts • Why and how do we study language and literature? • How are we affected by texts in various ways? • In what ways is meaning discovered, constructed and expressed? • How does language use vary amongst text types? • How does the structure or style of a text affect meaning? • How do texts both offer insights and challenges?

Section 2: Time and Space • How important is cultural context to the production and reception of a text? • How do we approach texts from different times and cultures to our own? • To what extent do texts offer insight into another culture? • How does the meaning and impact of a work change over time? • How do texts engage with local and global issues? • How does language represent social distinctions and identities?

Section 3: Intertextuality: Connecting texts • How do texts adhere to and deviate from conventions associated with genre or text type? • How do conventions evolve over time? • In what ways can diverse texts share points of similarity? • How valid is the notion of a ‘classic’ work? • How can texts offer multiple perspectives of a single issue, topic or theme? • In what ways can comparison and interpretation be transformative?



Target Audience:

For IB Diploma English Literature students.


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