Title Viva NCERT Practice Workbook - Social Science, Class 7
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Amazing Facts


NCERT Textbook Questions

Practice Questions

Mind Maps

Viva Social Science Workbooks for classes 6 to 8 are strictly based on the contents of the revised and updated NCERT textbooks. The three books have been developed to help students prepare for evaluation, and for additional practice and self-assessment. Nemerous questions have been included in each book to provide a comprehensive revision of the entire syllabus.


Key Features

  • Each chapter starts with a Gist or Summary of the NCERT Course Content for the chapter, in an easy and  comprehensible bullet-point format.
  • High-resolution Pictures are given in almost every chapter to support the content.
  • Amazing Fact! in each chapter contains interesting and useful information related to the concepts taught in that chapter.
  • Keywords given in each chapter includes important terms and their meanings.
  • NCERT Textbook Questions (Chapter-end Questions) are given in each chapter.
  • Practice Questions in each chapter have been presented in an easy-to-understand and concise manner, to reinforce the concepts learnt. These questions consist of different sets of text-based questions framed as per the CBSE guidelines, including

              Objective Type Questions (MCQs, ‘Fill in the Blanks’ Type, ‘True or False’ Type, ‘Match the Columns’  Type)

              Very Short Answer Type Questions

              Short Answer Type Questions

               Long Answer Questions

  • Mind Maps help students to visually organise information.



Chapter 1. Tracing Changes through a Thousand Years

Chapter 2. New Kings and Kingdoms

Chapter 3. The Delhi Sultans

Chapter 4. The Mughal Empire

Chapter 5. Rulers and Buildings

Chapter 6. Towns, Traders and Craftspersons

Chapter 7. Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities

Chapter 8. Devotional Paths to the Divine

Chapter 9. The Making of Regional Cultures

Chapter 10. Eighteenth-Century Political Formations


Chapter 1. Environment

Chapter 2. Inside Our Earth

Chapter 3. Our Changing Earth

Chapter 4. Air

Chapter 5. Water

Chapter 6. Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

Chapter 7. Human Environment – Settlement, Transport and Communication

Chapter 8. Human Environment Interactions (The Tropical and the Subtropical Region)

Chapter 9. Life in the Deserts


Chapter 1. On Equality

Chapter 2. Role of the Government in Health

Chapter 3. How the State Government Works

Chapter 4. Growing up as Boys and Girls

Chapter 5. Women Change the World

Chapter 6. Understanding Media

Chapter 7. Markets Around Us

Chapter 8. A Shirt in the Market

Chapter 9. Struggles for Equality

Target Audience:

Useful for the CBSE students of class 7.


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