Title Heidegger on Truth
Subtitle Its Essence and Its Fate
Author Graeme Nicholson
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“Graeme Nicholson’s Heidegger on Truth provides a careful and most insightful reading of Heidegger’s pivotal work, ‘On the Essence of Truth.’”

Jean Grondin, President of the Academy of Arts and Humanities of Canada


Heidegger on Truth offers a guiding commentary on how Heidegger uses and deals with the concept of truth and its Greek and medieval linguistic antecedents. It also offers a textual treatment of Heidegger’s writing that guides the reader through key passages which serves as a helpful pedagogical tool for reading the original text.”

Nicholas Wernecki, Dean, Delaware Community College, Drew


 “What is truth?” This much-pondered question received a novel answer from Martin Heidegger, who was guided by the methods of phenomenology. Heidegger’s 1930 address “On the Essence of Truth” takes us on a pathway of thinking that starts from the standard “correspondence theory of truth” and moves into larger discussions on truth, along the way drawing in such timeless issues as the freedom of human conduct and choices. 

Heidegger on Truth is a close reading of this address, and of the essay that Heidegger published under the same title years later – first in 1943, and then in 1949. In Part I of this book, Nicholson explores Heidegger’s movements of thought as they are presented in the original address. In Part II, Nicholson compares this lecture with its subsequent versions, uncovering the changes and detours in Heidegger’s conceptualization of “truth.” Part II also considers Heidegger’s interpretation of Plato, scholasticism, and the tradition of modern rationalism. Accessibly written, this book provides a thorough examination of Heidegger’s thoughts on the concept of “truth.”




Key to References



Chapter 1. Truth, Untruth, and Heidegger

Chapter 2. Heidegger’s Texts on Truth


Part I: The Early Pathway of Thinking: Freiburg, December 1930

Chapter 1. Heidegger’s Introduction: Questioning and the Public

Chapter 2. Accordance of Statement and Thing: Section I(a)

Chapter 3. Truth Prior to the Statement: Section I(b)

Chapter 4. Freedom as Spontaneity: Section I(c)

Chapter 5. Freedom as Letting-Be: Section II(a) (i)

Chapter 6. Truth as Unconcealedness — The Greek Beginning: Section II(a) (ii)

Chapter 7. Da-sein the Human Essence: Section II(a) (iii)

Chapter 8. Truth and Concealedness — Attunement: Section II (b) (i)

Chapter 9. Concealment: Section II(b) (ii)

Chapter 10. Erring: Section II (b) (iii)

Chapter 11. The End of the Pathway

(A) From Erring to Philosophy: A Fourth Arc

(B) Philosophy and the Academic Disciplines


Intermission: Political Storms


Part II: Later Work: The Pathway Rectified

(A) Unconcealedness and Correctness

Chapter 1. The Plato Lectures

Chapter 2. The Phenomenology of 1949: Experience in WW2

Chapter 3. The Standard and the Directive: WW2.4-3.1

Chapter 4. Presence and Being: WW2.2

Chapter 5. Freedom and Letting-Be: WW4.1-4.4

Chapter 6. Unconcealedness in the Later Heidegger: WW4.3-4.5

(B) Governance and Certainty

Chapter 7. Medieval Philosophy and Its Continuing Influence: WW1.5-1.6

Chapter 8. The Rational World-Order

Chapter 9. Attunement in WW5

(C) The Present Age: En-owning and Mystery

Chapter 10. A Reversal of Thinking

Chapter 11. The Concealment of Aletheia: WW6.1

Chapter 12. The Truth of Being: The Clearing for Its Concealment — WW8 and 9

Chapter 13. Philosophy among the Disciplines

Conclusion: Against Self-Expression



About the Author:

Graeme Nicholson is a professor emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Toronto

Target Audience:

People interested in Philosophy.


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