Title Different Patients, Different Therapies
Subtitle Optimizing Treatment Using Differential Psychotherapeutics
Author Deborah L. Cabaniss, Yael Holoshitz
ISBN 9780393713428
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“This single-source comprehensive volume describing the range of effective psychotherapies complements similar volumes dedicated to psychotropic drugs, and will greatly assist clinicians in making informed treatment selections. Different Patients, Different Therapies is an academic tour de force that will be an invaluable resource for mental health professionals and an essential contribution to the psychiatric canon.”

Jeffrey Lieberman, Professor and Chair of Psychiatry at Columbia University and New York Presbyterian Hospital, past President of the American Psychiatric Association and the author of Shrinks: The Un


“This book offers a well-articulated strategy for assessing and treating patients. The authors name their approach ‘differential psychotherapeutics,’ delineating the steps of learning, thinking, matching, and discussing, and then explicating 23 treatment options, such as in CBT, psychodynamic, interpersonal, family, and strength/values-based therapies. Next, experts from these various perspectives are invited to comment on how they would work with patients who have a wide range of psychopathologies. All clinicians—from those early in training to the most senior—who wish to deepen their comparative understanding should read this book. There is no other book that I know of which is as helpful in envisioning the future direction of the field of psychotherapy.”

Elliot Jurist, Professor of Psychology and Philosophy, The City College of New York, and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York


“Efforts to advance the science of psychiatric practice have for decades primarily focused on psychopharmacology. What about that same rigor for the psychotherapies? This book provides guidance about which psychotherapies to choose for which conditions, which patients, why, and even a primer on how. Through differential psychotherapeutics, every patient can be uniquely considered by an active, informed process of ‘learning, thinking, matching, and discussing.’ Dr. Cabaniss and Dr. Holoshitz show us that therapy is not just an art, it’s a science.”

Lloyd I. Sederer, M.D., Distinguished Psychiatrist Advisor, NYS Office of Mental Health, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University School of Public Health, Director, Columbia Psychiatry Media


Optimizing treatment choice through understanding more than twenty popular types of therapy.

Different Patients, Different Therapies is a guide to choosing among the many psychotherapeutic options available to patients and therapists today. Offering a systematic approach, Deborah L. Cabaniss and Yael Holoshitz outline more than twenty different types of therapy, including psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, MI, and ACT. At the heart of the book are vignettes of typical clinical situations, accompanied by commentary about treatment choice from more than thirty psychotherapy experts.

Written in accessible, jargon- free language, this book is as suitable for an introductory class on psychotherapy for any mental- health training program as it is for a seasoned therapist or someone considering psychotherapeutic treatment. Chapters include exercises to help readers think through new ways of helping patients to optimize treatment decisions.





Part I: Differential Psychotherapeutics
Chapter 1. The DP Cycle
Chapter 2. Learning
Chapter 3. Thinking
Chapter 4. Matching
Chapter 5. Discussing


Part II: Psychotherapeutic Options
Chapter 6. Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies
Chapter 7. Psychodynamic and Supportive Psychotherapies
Chapter 8. Interpersonal Psychotherapies
Chapter 9. Family Therapies
Chapter 10. Value-Based and Strength-Based Therapies


Part III: Differential Psychotherapeutics in Practice
Substance Use (Sarah Oreck)
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (Beth Brodsky)
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Kenneth M. Carpenter and Joshua King)
Motivational Interviewing (Edward Nunes)

Depression (Daniel Shalev)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Michael J. Devlin)
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Shirali Patel and Adam Brenner)
Interpersonal Psychotherapy (Myrna M. Weissman)

Obsessions and Compulsions (Reilly Kayser)
Couples Therapy (Mary Brewster)
Exposure and Response (or Ritual) Prevention (Marina Gershkovich)
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Michael Twohig and Julie Petersen)

Parenting (Alison Lenet)
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Pamela Meersand)
Couples Therapy (Henry Spitz)
Parent–Child Interaction Therapy (Stephanie Wagner)


Psychosis (Lauren Havel)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (Page Burkholder)
Family Therapy (Alex Crumbley)
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (Anne Lutz)


Depression and Medical Illness (Ryan Lawrence)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Jesse H. Wright)
Supportive Psychotherapy (Erin Crocker)
Psychodynamic Life Narrative (Jon Levenson)



Trauma (Obianuju Berry)
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (Robin Gibbs)
Prolonged Exposure Therapy (Barbara Rothbaum)
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Anna Schwartz)


Panic (Louisa Steinberg)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Deborah Glasofer)
Supportive Psychotherapy (Kristin Leight)
Panic-Focused Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Larry Sandberg)


Late-Life Depression and Grief (Mimi Levine)
Supportive Psychotherapy (Carolyn Douglas)
Complicated Grief Therapy (M. Katherine Shear)
Family Therapy (Henry Spitz and Susan Spitz)

Affect Dysregulation (Yael Holoshitz)
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Deborah L. Cabaniss)
Transference-Focused Psychotherapy (Richard Hersh)
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (Beth Brodsky)


Postpartum Depression (Kimberly Mangla)
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy  (Ruth Graver)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Danielle Kaplan)
Interpersonal Psychotherapy (Margaret Spinelli)


Low Self-Esteem (Diana Moga)
Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy (Alan Barasch)
Schema Therapy (Steven Rudin)
Psychoanalysis  (Susan C. Vaughan)


Educators’ Guide To Teaching Differential Psychotherapeutics

Using What You’ve Learned (With Worksheet)




Recommended Reading


About the Authors:

Deborah L. Cabaniss, MD, is Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Associate Director of Residency Training in the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry. A psychoanalyst and psychodynamic psychotherapist, she teaches and writes about psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and psychotherapy education. She lives in Manhattan.

Yael Holoshitz, MD, is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Assistant Director of the Psychiatric Institute Residents’ Clinic at the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry. She supervises and teaches clinicians in psychotherapy and implementation of best practices. She lives in Manhattan.

Target Audience:

This book is as suitable for an introductory class on psychotherapy for any mental- health training program as it is for a seasoned therapist or someone considering psychotherapeutic treatment.


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