Title African Canadian Leadership
Subtitle Continuity, Transition, and Transformation
Author Tamari Kitossa, Erica S. Lawson, Philip S.S. Howard
ISBN 9781487523664
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Challenging the myth of African Canadian leadership “in crisis,” this book opens a broad vista of inquiry into the many and dynamic ways leadership practices occur in Black Canadian communities. Exploring topics including Black women’s contributions to African Canadian communities, the Black Lives Matter movement, Black LGBTQ, HIV/AIDS advocacy, motherhood and grieving, mentoring, and anti-racism, contributors appraise the complex history and contemporary reality of blackness and leadership in Canada.

With Canada as a complex site of Black diasporas, contributors offer an account of multiple forms of leadership and suggest that through surveillance and disruption, practices of self-determined Black leadership are incompatible with, and threatening to, White “structures” of power in Canada. As a whole, African Canadian Leadership offers perspectives that are complex, non-aligned, and in critical conversation about class, gender, sexuality, and the politics of African Canadian communities.




(Cecil Foster)

Introduction: Interrogating the Notion of Crisis in African Canadian Leadership (Tamari Kitossa, Philip S.S. Howard, and Erica S. Lawson)

Part One: Models and Theories

Chapter 1. Black Leadership and White Logic: Models of Community Engagement (Carl E . James)

Chapter 2. War on Multiple Fronts: Black Leadership and Backlash Politics in the Context of Policing Controversies (Christopher J. Williams)

Chapter 3. African Canadian Leadership and the Metaphoricality of “Crisis”: Towards Theorizing, Research, and Practice (Tamari Kitossa)

Chapter 4. African Canadian Leadership: Pan-Africanism, Transnationality, and Community Organizing (Amoaba Gooden)


Part Two: Women and Leadership

Chapter 5. To Commit and to Lead: Black Women Organizing across Communities in Montreal (Rosalind Hampton and Désirée Rochat)

Chapter 6. Standing Firm on Uneven Ground: A Letter to Black Women on Academic Leadership (Annette Henry)

Chapter 7. Mercy for Their Children: A Feminist Reading of Black Women’s Maternal Activism and Leadership Practices (Erica S . Lawson)


Part Three: Organizing and Mobilizing

Chapter 8. Forging Fortuity, Asserting Humanity: The Emotional Labour and Resistance of Black Racial Equity Leaders in Predominantly White Institutions (Philip S.S. Howard)

Chapter 9. “Movin’ On Up” in the Age of Neo-liberalism: Reflections on Black Middle-Class Consciousness and the Implications for Black Unity, Leadership, and Activism (Kevin Gosine)

Chapter 10. Building Capacity and Making History: African Canadian Leadership in Ontario’s HIV/ AIDS Sector (Shamara Baidoobonso)


Part Four: The Politics of Black Ways of Life

Chapter 11. Black Consciousness and the Heteronormative Sexual Politics of Black Leadership in Toronto: A Commentary (Wesley Crichlow)

Chapter 12. “Is There No Balm in Gilead?”: The Search for Radical Leadership in the Black Church of the Twenty-First Century (Paul Banahene Adjei)


Part Five: Black Intellectuals

Chapter 13. An Indigenous Africentric Perspective on Black Leadership (George J. Sefa Dei)

Chapter 14. Just Below the Threshold: A Conversation with David Austin on Black Leadership (Sam Tecle and David Austin)




About the Editors

Tamari Kitossa is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at Brock University.

Erica S. Lawson is an associate professor in the Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research at The University of Western Ontario.

Philip S.S. Howard is an assistant professor in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University.

Target Audience:

People interested in political science and sociology.

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