Title Athens and Jerusalem
Subtitle God, Humans, and Nature
Author David Novak
ISBN 9781487524159
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Publishing year 2019
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“The erudition of the volume is extremely impressive, with David Novak demonstrating a magisterial grasp of the primary texts.”

—Tom Angier, Philosophy, University of Cape Town


Athens and Jerusalem is something of a philosophical tour de force. In a time when our thought tends to be as fragmented as it is specialized, it holds promise of reviving a more wholesome and robust debate about the nature of things. Professor Novak handles his subject in sophisticated fashion, engaging both primary and secondary sources on the level of a master, while providing his readers a broad education in ‘the hermeneutics of Nature.’”

—Douglas Farrow, School of Religious Studies, McGill University


What is the relation of philosophy and theology? This question has been a matter of perennial concern in the history of Western thought. Written by one of the premier philosophers in the areas of Jewish ethics and interfaith issues between Judaism and Christianity, Athens and Jerusalem contends that philosophy and theology are not mutually exclusive.

Based on the Gifford Lectures David Novak delivered at the University of Aberdeen in 2017, this book explores the commonalities and common concerns that exist between philosophy and theology on metaphysical, epistemological, and ethical questions. Where are they different and where are they the same? And, how can they speak to one another?



Chapter 1. Philosophy and Theology

Chapter 2. Gods, Humans, and Nature

Chapter 3. Humans and Nature

Chapter 4. Philo and Plato

Chapter 5. Maimonides and Aristotle

Chapter 6. Kant’s Challenge to Theology




About the Author:

David Novak is the J. Richard and Dorothy Shiff professor of Jewish Studies and Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

Target Audience:

People interested in philosophy and theology.

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