Title Viva ICSE Social Studies - 4
Subtitle Based on the Latest ClSCE Curriculum
Author Anupa Banerjee
ISBN 9789389401967
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 164
Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2020
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About the book


Viva Social Studies is a series of three books for classes 3 to 5. It is completely in adherence to the latest curriculum of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE).

As envisaged in the curriculum, the learners are introduced to various aspects and concerns of the present times through a wide range of contents drawn from the disciplines of History, Civics and Geography. The series aspires to inculcate a sense of appreciation for our past heritage; facilitate an understanding of the changes that have taken place in governance and to have a better understanding of the world and the pressing environmental concerns.

This series has been designed to present the concepts in a simple yet engaging manner. Each chapter has embedded exercises and activities that would make learning more meaningful and enable the learners to make connections with the wider world.


Key Features of the Series:

  • We will learn: states the learning objectives of the lesson
  • Warm Up: a lead-in task or discussion that is connected to the topic to be discussed
  • Let’s Do: in-text activities related to the topic being discussed
  • Let’s Discuss: in-text discussions based on the topic being covered
  • Fact Corner: information based on the topic but beyond the syllabus, presented in boxes
  • Now I Know: recapitulation of all the important topics covered in each lesson
  • Exercises: varied types of questions ranging from choosing the right option, fill in the blanks, completing the flow charts and mind maps, choosing true or false sentences, think and answer, and answering questions in detail
  • Life Skills: topics integrating various skills as delineated in the syllabus
  • Creative Corner: activities to aid the learners to express the concepts learnt creatively
  • Beyond Textbook: integrates activities to reinforce the topic learnt while connecting it with the surroundings
  • Words to Know: meanings of some new words used in the lessons
  • Quick Check: a compilation of questions based on each lesson for evaluation

Teacher’s Support
- Download Support Material from www.vivadigital.in


Theme 1: The Story of the Past

Chapter 1. What is History?

Chapter 2. Sources of History


Theme 2: Almanac

Chapter 3. Timeline and Calendars


Theme 3: Responsibilities of a Good Citizen

Chapter 4. Understanding Civics

Chapter 5. Our Responsibilities


Theme 4: The Earth—Its Movements and Forms

Chapter 6. The Earth and Its Movements

Chapter 7. The Four Domains and Major Landforms

Chapter 8. Understanding Maps


Theme 5: Our State

Our Country: India

Chapter 9. The Himalayan Region

Chapter 10. The Northern Plains

Chapter 11. Western and Central India

Chapter 12. Southern India


Theme 6: India—Unity in Diversity

Chapter 13. The Physical Divisions of India

Chapter 14. The People of India


Theme 7: Pollution—Its impact on the Environment

Chapter 15. Pollution: Causes, Effects and Prevention

Chapter 16. Waste Disposal

Quick Check

About the Author:

Anupa Banerjee, M.A. B.Ed., has a teaching experience of twenty years. She has been affiliated with CBSE and ICSE schools. She is currently with The Heritage School, Kolkata.

Target Audience:

Students of ICSE Class 4.


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