Title Integrating Blockchain into Supply Chain Management
Subtitle A Toolkit for Practical Implementation
Author Matthew A Waller, Remko van Hoek, Marat Davletshin
ISBN 9780749498269
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Blockchain provides a secure ledger of transactions, programmable smart contracts, and real-time trustworthy visibility and insight into the supply chain process. For all the promises it offers to supply chain professionals, however, there’s very little guidance available on how organizations should begin evaluating and using it. Integrating Blockchain into Supply Chain Management provides that much needed step by step guidance.

Integrating Blockchain into Supply Chain Management is a very practical book of tools, frameworks and case studies. It will help students and supply chain managers to evaluate the value proposition blockchain brings. It will then guide them through essential processes for making informed, practical, timely, and business-savvy decisions for using blockchain as an effective supply chain tool. It includes a valuable benchmark survey of the state of play in blockchain in supply chain management, including organisations such as Tyson Foods, IBM and Coca Cola, as well as downloadable frameworks and tools. Online supporting resources include PowerPoints of lesson plans.


Key Features:

  • Demystifies blockchain technology and its intrinsic relationship to supply chain management.
  • Provides multiple case studies of how a variety of businesses are using blockchain in the supply chain, including companies such as Walmart, Coca-Cola and Microsoft
  • Offers practical tips, frameworks, and tools so readers can assess the business case for using blockchain and implement it within their supply chain
  • Includes an invaluable benchmark survey on the state of play of blockchain in supply chain management


About the authors




Chapter 1: Pain of the chain


PART I: Linking blockchain to supply networks

Chapter 2: Blocked and loaded • The chain of events • Using blockchain to show your roots • Where can I buy some blocks?

Chapter 3: The power of hype • Just a database • From hype to concrete

Chapter 4: Barriers to adopting blockchain • Identifying hurdles • Summarizing the barriers • The digital divide • Burgers and barriers • Unanswered questions


PART II: Supply ecosystems

Chapter 5: Networking supply chains • Embedding new ideas • Evolving dynamics • Enabling versatile information flows • Finding structural holes

Chapter 6: Sustainable supply chain management

Chapter 7: Inventory management

Chapter 8: Demand management

Chapter 9: Supply management

Chapter 10: Transportation management


PART III: What’s the use case for blockchain?

Chapter 11: Lerning from RFID

Chapter 12: Make the case • Before the business case

Chapter 13: Load up the bus • Internal players • Business or supply chain partners • Consultants

Chapter 14: Get the party started • Stay out of the weeds • Then what?

Chapter 15: Enter the learning loop • Kill it • Change it • Implement it • Scale it

Chapter 16: Off the chain • Where to begin? • Functional improvements • What’s next?

Appendix: Where’s your highlighter?

About the Authors:

Matthew A. Waller is the Dean of the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas, where he also serves as the Sam M. Walton Leadership Chair and a Professor of Supply Chain Management.

Remko van Hoek is Professor at the Supply Chain Management Department of the University of Arkansas, Sam M. Walton College of Business. He is also an independent advisor to several companies on sourcing and procurement. Previously he was chief procurement officer at the Walt Disney Company, with responsibility for $15bn in external spend. He also held procurement and supply chain executive roles in both the USA and Europe with several companies, including Nike, Cofely (GDF SUEZ) and PwC. Remko serves on the Board of Directors of the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals, is a visiting Professor at the Cranfield School of Management, has published widely including in the Harvard Business Review and is a fellow of CIPS and CILT.

Marat Davletshin was formerly an Operations Manager with Amazon and is currently at the University of Arkansas.

Brian Fugate is the Oren Harris Chair in Transportation, Chair of the Department of Supply Chain Management at the University of Arkansas, and MIT Fulbright Senior Research Scholar.


Target Audience:

This book will help students and supply chain managers to evaluate the value proposition blockchain brings.

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