Title Driving Performance Through Learning
Subtitle Develop Employees Through Effective Workplace Learning
Author Andy Lancaster
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“In a world of fast-changing work, Andy shows how L&D can strategically align and integrate learning into work to drive performance.”

Mark Reilly, Head of Learning Content Design, Global Learning & Development, McDonald’s Global Franchising Limited


“Few practitioners have walked the talk like Andy. Consequently, this book is bursting with ideas which challenge all in L&D to consider what we’re doing to lead learning.”

Michelle Parry-Slater, Learning and Development Director, Kairos Modern Learning


“This book is hugely helpful thanks to the focus on learning making a real impact on performance. I’d recommend it for anyone looking to redefine their organization’s learning approach.”

Gemma Critchley, Head of Technology and Innovation for Learning, Aviva


“Meticulously researched, this book is packed full of useful checklists and tips that will make it the go-to guide for both new and experienced learning professionals dedicated to making an impact in the changing world of work.”

Laura Overton, Award winning learning industry analyst and founder of Towards Maturity


“Andy has crafted the way we mesh learning and performance in one supercharged effort. You don’t have to be in L&D to gain from this excellent book. But if you are, this is you on turbo!”

Perry Timms, Founder and Chief Energy Officer, People and Transformational HR


“This important book details the case for change in learning and development. A must-read for anybody in learning needing a sense-check of where we are, where we’re headed and what this means to them.”

David James, Chief Learning Officer, Looop Learning


“If you are a learning practitioner and deeply care about being a ‘value creator’, then this book is a must-read.”

Barbara Thompson, Learning Strategist and Architect, GP Strategies


“Andy sets out a bold and ambitious manifesto for the L&D profession. This is a book that encourages us to build the future today. It is both practical and inspirational.”

Dr. Paul Taylor-Pitt, Assistant Director, Organisational Development, NHS Employers


“A great manual for anyone seeking to transform their function in order to drive business performance in the modern world. If you’re an L&D practitioner grappling with what’s required for the next iteration of corporate learning then read this book!”

Stuart Evans, Head of Leadership & Learning, Rolls Royce



Driving Performance through Learning is not only a book, but an inspiration. This book gives insight and guidance for changing the face of your L&D function.”

Martin Baker, CEO, Charity Learning Consortium


Learning and Development (L&D) professionals are uniquely placed in an organization to improve both individual employee performance as well as the overall performance of the business. To maximise the impact of learning, activities must be aligned with the goals of the organization and delivered in the flow of work so that performance improvement is continuous. The course can no longer be the default learning option and creative workplace solutions are now vital. Driving Performance through Learning shows L&D professionals how to identify business needs and leverage learning that drives performance improvement to enable an organization to achieve its objectives.

Beginning with an exploration of the fast-changing organizational learning landscape Driving Performance through Learning covers everything from how to diagnose needs through performance consulting conversations, using data and metrics and tracking impact to designing agile solutions by leveraging technology, facilitating social collaboration and vibrant learning communities. There is also expert guidance on curating content, embedding coaching, valuing mistakes and adopting a more self-directed learning approach. This book also defines the key characteristics of the new learning organization and the emerging roles of the future-focussed L&D team and whether these new responsibilities should be developed in-house or outsourced. This is an essential handbook for all L&D professionals seeking to transform workplace learning and drive organizational performance.


Key Features:

  • Moves from a course-based learning approach in which staff wait for development, to learning delivered in the workplace, in the flow of work
  • Leverages performance consulting conversations, data and insights to deliver and track the impact of learning
  • Uses an agile, responsive approach to designing organizational learning using minimum viable propositions and iterative improvements driven by feedback
  • Facilitates workplace learning through learning communities, curated content, self-direction, coaching and valuing mistakes
  • Establishes the need to transform learning roles and leverage digital tools to revolutionize learning


Introduction: Keys to unlock the book • Welcome... and insight as to why I’ve written this book • Understanding that our model of change matters • The structure of the book • Getting the most from the book • References


PART ONE: Understanding Emerging Landscapes

Chapter 1: Redefining workplace learning • Where are we heading? • The emerging organizational landscape • Redefining the new learning organization • ‘Work is learning, learning is work’ - learning happens while we work • Embedding learning ‘in-the-flow’ of work • Moving beyond the numbers of 70:20:10 • It’s time to establish a new learning philosophy • The need to unlearn • Summary and performance pointers • References


PART TWO: Laying Essential Foundations

Chapter 2: Diagnosing needs • Where are we heading? • Perceptions are relative • Three worldviews and three gravities: a learning scenario • It’s obvious... diagnosing learning needs is vital • The well-trodden process to define learning needs • Criticisms of learning needs analyses • Leveraging performance consulting conversations • Distilling the best of the models: 20 valuable diagnostic questions • Credible performance consultants align learning with the business • Targeted learning solutions enhance the credibility of L&D • Summary and performance pointers • References

Chapter 3: Tracking impact • Where are we heading? • The lie of the land • Why is tracking impact such an issue? • Moving on impact models: L&D as a ‘one trick’ pony • Moving on: widening our repertoire • Other learning evaluation and impact models to consider • Using richer tactics: pooling the best practice from the models • How can you design and deliver for learning transfer? • Chasing the elusive ROI and ROE • The role of data and analytics in tracking impact • Fifteen learning data-related questions that are vital to ask • Assigning impact activities to roles: key questions to be answered • Summary and performance pointers • References

Chapter 4: Designing responsively • Where are we heading? • Responding to the pace of change • Learning and the curse of sluggish solutions • What is ‘agile’ learning? • Reassessing old learning models: the Training Cycle and ADDIE • Moving to a more responsive design solution: SAM • Changing mindsets • Tips on gathering a multidisciplinary design team • Tips on gaining feedback to support iterative improvement • Summary and performance pointers • References


PART THREE: Transforming Learning Approaches

Chapter 5: Leveraging digital • Where are we heading? • Digital solutions are transforming our lives • What factors make digital learning solutions transformational? • The big question: why leverage digital solutions for learning? • Beware of fads, look for trends • Digital transformation: learning lessons from others • The typical digital learning landscape • Philosophies underpinning our choice of digital learning solutions • Transforming digital connections for learning in-the-flow of work • Transforming digital content for learning in-the-flow of work • Five keys in implementing digital solutions for learning • Summary and performance pointers • References

Chapter 6: Facilitating communities • Where are we heading? • Socialized solutions • Nothing new under the sun • The re-emergence of social learning: what the research tells us • Harnessing the benefits of social learning and overcoming challenges • Ensuring online social spaces aren’t desolate • Keys to facilitating successful learning communities • Learning communities must face outwards • Twelve development ideas for learning communities • Summary and performance pointers • References

Chapter 7: Curating content • Where are we heading? • A passion for curation • What is content curation? • Why is the curation of learning resources increasingly compelling? • What does the research reveal about learning curation? • How does curation support learning and performance? • A curation process for content to drive performance • Curation as part of wider knowledge management • Summary and performance pointers • References

Chapter 8: Supporting self-direction • Where are we heading? • Self-direction drives motivation • Our choice-driven world should be reflected in learning What does research reveal about learner choice and self-direction? • Time for a shift in learning language and philosophy • How does self-direction drive performance improvement? • The progression to self-direction • Five tactics to facilitate self-directed learning • Wrapped up in a living personal development plan • Summary and performance pointers • References

Chapter 9: Embedding coaching • Where we are heading? • Looking to others • The multiple facets of workplace coaching • Coaching in-the-flow of work: culture not calendar • The power of coaching in the moment • Coaching in-the-flow of work through leaders and managers • Coaching in-the-flow of work through peers • Coaching in-the-flow of work through chatbots and virtual assistants • Communications technology for coaching in-the-flow of work • Talking the same language • Forty questions to draw on for coaching in-the-flow of work • Summary and performance pointers • References

Chapter 10: Valuing mistakes • Where are we heading? • Mistakes: the doorway to success • How we respond to mistakes matters • Mistakes: common causes and outstanding outcomes • What does the research reveal about mistake-based learning? • Defining risk: the key to leverage learning from mistakes • Ways to harness mistakes for learning and performance improvement • Mistakes can be made precious • Summary and performance pointers • References


PART FOUR: Redefining the L&D Function

Chapter 11: Transforming roles • Where we are heading? • The future is... uncertain • Redefining L&D roles: six pillars of the performance-focused L&D function • The new L&D team: in-house or outsource? • Transformation: driven by a reality check • Transformed L&D alongside HR and OD • The role of managers in the evolved L&D function • Thinking about our future evolution... • Key transformational trends: artificial intelligence • Summary and performance pointers • References

Chapter 12: Transforming mindsets • Where we are heading? • Our need for a compelling vision • Recap and round-off • A manifesto for effective workplace learning • Closing thoughts


About the Author:

Andy Lancaster leads the vision for learning for the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the creation of innovative learning solutions to support the people profession worldwide. He has more than 30 years’ experience in learning and organizational development in commercial, technological and not-for-profit organizations and has a research Masters’ degree in instructional design. He brings a skilled and creative mix to the design and delivery of strategic learning solutions, regularly speaks at conferences, writes articles and contributes to research papers. In 2018, he was listed in the top 50 Corporate eLearning Movers and Shakers and was the TYTO number one UK influencer in educational technology.


Target Audience:

This is an essential handbook for all Learning and Development professionals seeking to transform workplace learning and drive organizational performance.

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