Title Einstein’s Year of Miracles
Subtitle E=mc2, The Light Quantum & Special Theory of Relativity
Author Ajoy Ghatak
ISBN 9789389662009
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About the book

Special Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory are considered as the two major revolutions of the 20th century. Roger Penrose wrote “Albert Einstein had such extra-ordinary deep perceptions of the workings of Nature that he laid foundation stones for both of these twentieth century revolutions in the single year of 1905”. The year 1905 was Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis (Year of Miracles) when he was working, in almost total isolation, in the Swiss Patent Office. In this small book, the author - Ajoy Ghatak gives the basic physics and consequences of his revolutionary contributions in his Year of Miracles: E=mc
2, The Light Quantum & Special Theory of Relativity.



Albert Einstein: A Photo Gallery

Chapter 1. Albert Einstein: Person of the Century

Chapter 2. Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis

Chapter 3. The Mass Energy Relation: E = mc2 • Introduction • Simple Examples to Understand the Equation E = mc2 • Simple Derivation of the Equation E = mc2Problems

Chapter 4. Fusion and Fission: Energy from our Sun and from the Atomic Bomb • Introduction • Energy Emitted by our Sun • How was the Sun Created? • Energy Released in a Fission Process • A Bit of History

Chapter 5. Einstein’s Light Quantum • Introduction • The Corpuscular Model of Light • The Wave Model • Thomas Young’s Famous Interference Experiment • Maxwell’s Electromagnetic Waves • The Concept of Polarization • Einstein’s Light Quantum • De Broglie’s Hypothesis • Diffraction by a Single Slit • The Double Slit Interference Pattern • The Beam Splitter Experiment • The Polarization of a Photon

Chapter 6. Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity I: Time Dilation and Length Contraction • Introduction • Speed of Light for a Moving Source • Time Dilation • The Mu Meson Experiment • The Length Contraction • Understanding the Mu-Meson Experiment via Length Contraction • Length Contraction of a Moving Train • Simultaneity of Two Events • The Twin Paradox • The Michelson Morley Experiment • Brief Historical Remarks • Problems

Chapter 7. Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity II: Lorentz Transformations • Introduction • The Lorentz Transformations • Transformation Laws for the Components of the Momentum Vector • Addition of Velocities • Problems

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About the Author:

Ajoy Ghatak was Professor of Physics at IIT Delhi; he is currently Professor Meghnad Saha Fellow of NASI (The National Academy of Sciences, India). He received his B.Sc. from Agra College, M.Sc. from Delhi University and Ph.D. from Cornell University. He was a Research Associate at Brookhaven National Laboratory for about a year and a half and then he was with Delhi University for about 1 year after which he joined IIT Delhi in 1966 where he became a Professor in 1974.

Professor Ghatak has research interests in Fiber Optics and Quantum Mechanics. He has authored several books including his undergraduate text on OPTICS which has been translated to Chinese and Persian. His other books include Fiber Optics, Optical Electronics and Lasers (all 3 co-authored with Prof. K. Thyagarajan), Quantum Mechanics (co-authored with Prof. S. Lokanathan), Mathematical Physics (co-authored with Prof. I. C. Goyal and Prof. S. J. Chua) and a popular book Albert Einstein: The Story of a Genius. He is recipient of the 2008 SPIE Educator award in recognition of “his unparalleled global contributions to the field of fiber optics research, and his tireless dedication to optics education worldwide..”; the 2003 Esther Hoffman Beller Award (instituted by The Optical Society of America) in recognition of his  “outstanding  contributions to optics education …” ; International Commission for Optics 1998 Galileo Galilei Award and also the  CSIR 1979 S.S. Bhatnagar Award for “outstanding contributions in physical sciences”. He received D.Sc. (Honoris Causa) from University of Burdwan in 2007.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for students of schools and colleges and for all undergraduate curricula students of physics and engineering.


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