Title McLean EMG Guide, 2/e
Author Samuel K. Chu, Prakash Jayabalan, Christopher J. Visco
ISBN 9780826172129
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Revised, updated, and expanded second edition of the premier learning guide for residents, McLean EMG Guide emphasizes skills and concepts required for success in mastering basic electrodiagnostic techniques. This step-by-step approach to performing and interpreting EMG and nerve conduction studies will prepare trainees, fellows, and attendings to meet the challenges encountered in daily practice with confidence.

The book is broken into short formatted chapters covering instrumentation, basic nerve conduction and needle EMG techniques, interpretation, applications for common clinical problems, and a new chapter on ultrasound. The procedures are laid out as illustrated tables with specifics for lead placement, stimulation, sample waveforms, and photographs to guide electrodiagnostic set-ups. Clinical presentation, anatomy, recommended studies, normal values, pearls and tips, and key findings are presented throughout in bulleted text for a thorough, more focused guidebook. Multiple choice questions and answers with rationales reinforce learning for those wishing to review concepts through self-guided assessment.


Key Features

  • Updates to all chapters with new figures and diagrams and more multiple-choice questions with answers
  • Brand new chapter on the use of ultrasound with electrodiagnosis
  • Checklists with key steps and takeaways for each study
  • Clear, easy-to-understand tables and photos illustrate each set-up and study
  • Codifies what you need to know to make a diagnosis in the EMG laboratory
  • Print purchase includes on-line access to the full contents for mobile or desktop use




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Section I. Introduction

Chapter 1. Introduction to Electrodiagnostics (Gautam Malhotra)

Chapter 2. Instrumentation (Gautam Malhotra)

Chapter 3. Systematic Approach to Learning and Performing Nerve Conduction Studies (Gautam Malhotra, Jason Bitterman, and Chae K. Im)


Section II. Nerve Conduction Studies

Chapter 4. Upper Limb Motor Studies  (Matthew C. Oswald and Khushboo Doshi)

Chapter 5. Upper Limb Sensory Studies (Byron J. Schneider and David J. Kennedy)

Chapter 6. Lower Limb Motor Studies (Berdale Colorado)

Chapter 7. Lower Limb Sensory Studies (Jacqueline Neal and Nida Gleveckas-Martens)

Chapter 8. F-Waves (Solomon Rojhani and Akhil Chhatre)

Chapter 9. H-Reflexes (Leslie Rydberg)

Section III. Needle EMG

Chapter 10. Basic EMG Technique(Christian M. Custodio)

Chapter 11. Basic Approach to EMG Waveform Recognition (Gautam Malhotra and Chae K. Im)

Chapter 12. Motor Unit Action Potential Analysis (Anirudh Gupta, Kasser Saba, and W. David Arnold)

Chapter 13. Recruitment (Monal Desai and W. David Arnold)


Section IV. Important Concepts For Interpreting Studies

Chapter 14. Orthodromic and Antidromic Nerve Conduction Studies (Daniel A. Goodman)

Chapter 15. Temporal Dispersion and Phase Cancellation (Mary Ann Miknevich and Jenna Meriggi)

Chapter 16. Interpreting Studies (Joelle Gabet and Wendy M. Helkowski)

Chapter 17. Common Anomalies (Nabela Enam and Nigel Shenoy)


Section V. Common Clinical Entities

Chapter 18. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Leslie Rydberg)

Chapter 19. Ulnar Neuropathy at the Elbow (Akinpelumi Beckley and Susie S. Kwon)

Chapter 20. Radial Neuropathy (Jonathan S. Kirschner and Carlo Milani)

Chapter 21. Anterior Interosseous Nerve Lesions (Patrick J. Barrett)

Chapter 22. Fibular (Peroneal) Neuropathy (Rohini Sweta Rao and Aaron Jay Yang)

Chapter 23. Tibial Neuropathy (Brian F. White)

Chapter 24. Femoral Neuropathy (Dan Cushman)

Chapter 25. Lumbosacral Radiculopathy (Nathan P. Olafsen and Daniel T. Probst)

Chapter 26. Cervical Radiculopathy (Ryan Doyel and Monica E. Rho)

Chapter 27. Facial Nerve and Blink Studies (Kevin Carneiro and William Filer)

Chapter 28. Repetitive Stimulation and Neuromuscular Junction Disorders (Trevor Gessel and Nassim Rad)

Chapter 29. Peripheral Neuropathy (Michael Mallow)

Chapter 30. Brachial Plexopathy (Christopher J. Visco and Idris Amin)

Chapter 31. Motor Neuron Disease (Dena Abdelshahed, Ankita Dutta, Chae K. Im, and James F. Wyss)

Chapter 32. Myopathy (Gautam Malhotra)

Chapter 33. The Use of Ultrasound With Electrodiagnosis (Jeffrey A. Strakowski)


Section VI. Checklists And Answers

Chapter 34. Checklists

Chapter 35. Answers to Multiple-Choice Questions



About the Editors:

Samuel K. Chu, MD, Assistant Professor; Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine; Attending Physician; Shirley Ryan AbilityLab; Chicago, Illinois

Prakash Jayabalan, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor; Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine; Attending Physician Scientist; Shirley Ryan AbilityLab; Chicago, Illinois

Christopher J. Visco, MD, Ursula Corning Associate Professor; Sports Medicine Fellowship Director; Residency Program Director; Vice-Chair of Education; Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine; Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons; New York-Presbyterian Hospital; New York, New York

Target Audience:

Useful for trainees and fellows studying electrodiagnostic techniques. People pursuing neurology and physical medicine & rehabilitation will find it of immense help.


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