Title Fast Facts to Loving Your Research Project
Subtitle A Stress-free Guide for Novice Researchers in Nursing and Healthcare
Author Brenda Marshall
ISBN 9780826146366
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Publishing year 2020
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Makes research accessible—even enjoyable—to all nursing students!

While often greeted with trepidation, the importance of a research project—how it is conducted and its significance to practice—is an essential aspect of nursing and other healthcare arenas. This innovative resource is a user-friendly introduction to evidence-based practice and other types of research-based initiatives that improve patient outcomes. Using a method formed through years of teaching experience, Brenda Marshall translates the difficult and sometimes confusing language of research into everyday vocabulary, linking complicated concepts with easily understood scenarios.

Written in quick-access Fast Facts style, the book presents knowledge in a consistent, step-by-step format characterized by bite-sized information. Each chapter opens with learning objectives that unfold into new concepts, followed by everyday life examples. Fast Facts boxes, systematized tables, and new vocabulary reinforce learning and highlight key concepts. This application-based approach helps students question their preconceived notions about research and then engage in it with a newfound confidence.

Key Features:

  • Translates complex research concepts into straightforward language
  • Demonstrates clear, step-by-step methods that facilitate successful attainment of research goals
  • Helps students to construct an argument, build a theory, and critically explore a belief
  • Includes “Tickling Your Research Brain,” presenting easily understandable research experiences
  • Promotes self-sufficiency in lifelong learning and achievement
  • Written by an instructor whose classes have propelled many successful research careers





Part I: Define, Clarify, Search, Prepare

Chapter 1. Introduction to Research

Chapter 2. Finding the BIG PROBLEM

Chapter 3. From Hypothesis to Aim/Purpose

Chapter 4. Why We Review the Literature

Chapter 5. The Theoretical Framework

Chapter 6. Research Design (Tom Heinzen)

Part II: Starting the Actual Project

Chapter 7. Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Research Designs

Chapter 8. Methods of Data Collection

Chapter 9. Reliability and Validity (Katherine Roberts)

Chapter 10. From Population to Sample

Chapter 11. Impact of the Outside World: Legal and Ethical Considerations in Research


Part III: Test, Analyze, Discuss

Chapter 12. Conducting the Research

Chapter 13. Data Analysis (Katherine Roberts)

Chapter 14. Results: What Did the Project Discover? Why Is It Important?

Chapter 15. The Conclusion of the Thesis, Project, or Dissertation: Writing the Discussion, Conclusion, and Abstract

Chapter 16. The Beginning: Sharing What Was Learned With the Greater Community



About the Author:

Brenda Marshall, EdD, APRN, ANEF, is a full professor and director of the College of Science and Health’s Center for Research at William Paterson University (WPU) in Wayne, New Jersey. She was the coordinator of the DNP program at WPU (2011–2016) prior to becoming a Fulbright Scholar Specialist in mental health. Dr. Marshall is the author of Becoming You: An Owner’s Manual for Creating Personal Happiness, Fast Facts for Managing Patients With a Psychiatric Disorder (Springer Publishing Company), and Fast Facts About Substance Use Disorders (Springer Publishing Company), and she has published articles and chapters for nursing and psychology textbooks. She has been recognized by multiple organizations for innovative teaching methods in research and was awarded the National Excellence in Research Award (2018) by the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. Her three decades of experience in research and nursing have won her international respect from her colleagues in education, nursing, and psychology.

Target Audience:

Useful for novice researchers in nursing and healthcare.

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