Title Prostate Cancer
Subtitle Thriving Through Treatment to Recovery
Author Lisa A. Price
ISBN 9780826148551
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No of pages 106
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Publishing year 2019
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Written by a naturopathic physician specializing in complementary cancer care, Prostate Cancer: Thriving Through Treatment to Recovery provides solutions for maintaining health and improving quality of life during conventional cancer treatment. With diet, exercise, and mental health plans tailored to treatment protocol and cancer type, this valuable guide offers safe and effective tools and practices to support patients through every phase and protocol. Organized into six easy chapters, the book summarizes the effects of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and hormone therapy; catalogs potential side effects; and includes recipes, exercise programs, , and mental health therapy suggestions based on symptoms and predictable side effect risks to build strength, promote healing, and improve outcomes.

  • This essential resource will help prostate cancer patients reduce short- and long-term effects during and after treatment and includes:
  • Scientifically-proven practices to support physical and emotional health using nutrition, exercise, and mind body therapies
  • Concise explanation of how specific cancer therapies work and their effects on the immune system
  • Exercises to build strength with an array of low-to-high-impact cardiovascular and weight bearing exercises
  • Quick and delicious recipes designed to include daily protein, fiber, and carbohydrate needs for patients in recovery
  • Psychological health and well-being promoted therapies that address patient concerns



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Chapter 1. Understanding Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation, and Hormone Therapy

Chapter 2. Emotional Aftermath and Effects on the Immune System

Chapter 3. Nurturing Through Nutrients: Easy, Flavorful Recipes

Chapter 4. Getting Stronger: Exercise for Patients With Prostate Cancer

Chapter 5. Finding Emotional Balance: Mind–Body Therapies for Patients With Prostate Cancer

Chapter 6. Seeking Resiliency and Balance: Tying It All Together


   Cancer Support Organizations

   Counseling and Therapy Associations

   Exercise Associations and Institutions


Target Audience:

This book provides solutions for maintaining health and improving quality of life during conventional prostate cancer treatment. It is helpful for prostate cancer patients.

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