Title Social Media Entertainment
Subtitle The New Intersection of Hollywood and Silicon Valley
Author Stuart Cunningham, David Craig
ISBN 9781479846894
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Publishing year 2019
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“This is a bold, important book full of thoughtfully researched arguments about how to move the field of media studies forward to address the forms and delivery systems of today.”

Ellen Seiter, author of The Creative Artist’s Legal Guide


“Provides a remarkably broad, detailed, and necessary guide to these new organizations, economies, and personalities that rival the mass media. This book will guide the future of Media Studies.”

Nancy Baym, author of Playing to the Crowd


“A seminal book that captures and contextualizes the rapid emergence of an evolutionary media form by connecting the past with the present, while successfully arguing for the legitimacy of Social Media Entertainment as a foundation of our future.”

Jordan Levin, Former CEO of Awesomeness and The WB television network


“Its easy to say & everythings changed. But its monumental to actually develop a map of the changing economic and cultural dynamics of entertainment production in the age of social media. Cunningham and Craigs masterful book will be foundational for scholars and students for years to come.”

Tarleton Gillespie, author of Custodians of the Internet


“If you really want to understand the convergence between Silicon Valley and Hollywood, read this book. Stuart Cunningham and David Craig have written a superb book on the global transition towards online screen culture.”

José van Dijck, author of The Culture of Connectivity and The Platform Society


How the transformation of social media platforms and user-experience have redefined the entertainment industry

In a little over a decade, competing social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, have given rise to a new creative industry: social media entertainment. Operating at the intersection of the entertainment and interactivity, communication and content industries, social media entertainment creators have harnessed these platforms to generate new kinds of content separate from the century-long model of intellectual property control in the traditional entertainment industry.

Social media entertainment has expanded rapidly and the traditional entertainment industry has been forced to cede significant power and influence to content creators, their fans, and subscribers. Digital platforms have created a natural market for embedded advertising, changing the worlds of marketing and communication in their wake. Combined, these factors have produced new, radically shifting demands on the entertainment industry, posing new challenges for screen regimes, media scholars, industry professionals, content creators, and audiences alike.

Stuart Cunningham and David Craig chronicle the rise of social media entertainment and its impact on media consumption and production. A massive, industry-defining study with insight from over 100 industry insiders, Social Media Entertainment explores the latest transformations in the entertainment industry in this time of digital disruption.


List of Figures and Tables


Chapter 1. Platform Strategy

Chapter 2. Creator Labor

Chapter 3. Social Media Entertainment Intermediaries

Chapter 4. Authenticity, Community, and Brand Culture

Chapter 5. Cultural Politics of Social Media Entertainment

Chapter 6. Globalizing Social Media Entertainment






About the Authors

About the Authors:

Stuart Cunningham is Distinguished Professor of Media and Communication, Queensland University of Technology. His most recent books include Media Economics (with Terry Flew and Adam Swift, 2015), Screen Distribution and the New King Kongs of the Online World (with Jon Silver, 2013), and Hidden Innovation: Policy, Industry and the Creative Sector (2013).

David Craig is Clinical Associate Professor at USC Annenberg’s School for Communication and Journalism and a Fellow at the Peabody Media Center. Craig is also a veteran media producer and executive nominated for many Emmy Awards and responsible for over thirty critically-acclaimed films, TV programs, and stage productions.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in media studies, social media entertainment and internet entertainment industry.

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