Title The Idea of a Colony
Subtitle Cross-culturalism in Modern Poetry
Author Edward Marx
ISBN 9781487524944
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In The Idea of a Colony, Edward Marx provides a comprehensive approach to the question of cross-culturalism in modern poetry. He situates the work of canonical British and American modernist poets - Eliot, Pound, Stevens, Brooke, Kipling, and Flecker - in dialogue with the work of non-Western, colonial, and minority poets - Tagore, Naidu, Violet Nicolson - and brings into the discussion the poets of the Harlem Renaissance.

Drawing on psychological and cultural theory, Marx argues that primitivism and exoticism were the main forms of cross-culturalism in the modern period, and that these forms were organized around repression of the unconscious and irrational. To the psychological scene of the primitive/exotic poem and its reception, which is explored through substantial archival research, Marx brings an array of approaches including the theories of Freud, Jung, Lacan, Said, Foucault, Bhabha, Fanon, and others. The result is a series of powerful new readings of canonical modernists and a welcome expansion of the field of modern poetry into the age of multiculturalism and postcoloniality.




Chapter 1. The Spell of Far Arabia: James Elroy Flecker’s Islamic Near East

Chapter 2. The Ends of the Earth: Rudyard Kipling’s Afghanistan

Chapter 3. The Exotic Transgressions of ‘Laurence Hope’

Chapter 4. Everybody’s Anima: Sarojini Naidu as Nightingale and Nationalist

Chapter 5. The Tagore Era

Chapter 6. The Childhood That Never Was: Rupert Brooke’s Primitive Paradise

Chapter 7. The Infant Gargantua on the Wet, Black Bough: Ezra Pound’s Chinese Object Relations

Chapter 8. The Red Man in the Drawing Room: T.S. Eliot and the Nativists

Chapter 9. The Last Nostalgia: Wallace Stevens in the Shadow of the Other

Chapter 10. Forgotten Jungle Songs: Ambivalent Primitivisms of the Harlem Renaissance




About the Author:

Edward Marx is an independent scholar who has taught literature at the City University of New York, the University of Minnesota, and Kyoto University.

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Useful for people interested in english literature and poetry.

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