Title The Impact of Risk Communication on Consumption and Consumer Well-Being
Subtitle Foundations and Trends® in Marketing
Author Ingrid M. Martin, David W. Stewart
ISBN 9781680835724
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The Impact of Risk Communication on Consumption and Consumer Well-Being aims to understand how consumers think about and respond to risk through their consumption behaviors. Risky consumption poses societal risks leading to regulatory decisions such as bans on smoking, the use of seatbelts and motorcycle helmets, and so on. In the end, the goal of risk communication is consumer well-being by mitigating the harm of risky consumption.

The authors synthesize the literature on risk, risky consumption behaviors, risk communication, and consumer well-being. They extend prior reviews through an explicit discussion of the philosophical foundations of risk communication and management and the implications of specific foundations for communication and policy decisions. In addition, the monograph explores the implications of the multidimensional context in which individuals confront risks and make trade-offs with respect to risks and benefits in specific situations.

The authors discuss various examples of risk-related products and behaviors throughout the monograph to illustrate the issues that arise when addressing risk in a multidimensional context where scientific information is incomplete and/or ambiguous and there are economic and social costs and benefits associated with any policy related to communicating and managing risk. These examples are intended to provide a context for the complex issues that are the focus of this monograph.


Chapter 1. How Do We Define Risk? • Philosophical Foundation for Policy Development • Cost–Benefit Analysis and Different Philosophical• Perspectives

Chapter 2. Dimensions of Risk • How Do Risk, Harm, and Hazards Differ? • Likelihood and Severity of Risk • Communicating Risk Through Warnings, Disclosures, and Other Media • Risk is not Static; it Changes Over Time

Chapter 3. What are Risky Consumption Behaviors? • Remedies with Unintended Consequences • Gun Ownership as a Defense Against Risk or a Promoter of Risk • Technology Use as a Risky Consumption Behavior • Do E-Cigarettes Cause more or Fewer People to Smoke?

Chapter 4. Meta-Analyses in Risk Communication Research

Chapter 5. Accounting for Individual Differences • Gender Differences and Risk Communication • Age Differences and Risk Communication •  Involvement and Commitment to Risky Consumption •  Message Framing and Risk Communication •  Knowledge of and Experience with Risky Consumption

Behavior • Social Influence

Chapter 6. How People Process Risk Information: Lessons From Warning Labels • The Problem of Attention to Risk Communication • Personal Relevance of Risk Information • Familiarity and the Role of Prior Knowledge • Impact of Risk Communication on Compliance Behavior • Desensitization: When is Too Much Information Bad? • Examples of Risk Communication

Chapter 7. Normative Implications for Risk Communication • The Design of Warnings • Copy Testing

Chapter 8. False Alarms • Real Versus Apparent False Alarms • Summary of Effects of Risk Communication

Chapter 9. Measuring the Effects of Communication  Public Policy and Risk Communication • Philosophical Perspectives and Type I and Type II Errors • Types of Errors in the Identification of Hazards

Chapter 10. The Context of Risk  Alternatives and Complements to Risk Communication

Chapter 11. Risk Communication and Consumer Well-Being     The “Risk Industry”

Chapter 12. Future Research

Chapter 13. Policy Implications


Target Audience:

The book is useful for people interested in sales, marketing, literature on risk, risky consumption behaviors, risk communication, and consumer well-being.


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